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    bri- thanks for the advice. and i SO agree that he is using my breast as a pacifier alot! he only gets about 2 oz of formula a day, thats mainly when i have sat and fed him fo over an hr and he is still ‘hungry’… im trying to avoid the formula altogether.. he goes to the dr friday so im anxious to see his weight and what the dr has to say about the breastfeeding. i LOVE breastfeeding and i dont plan to quit. i just want to be able to leave the house for a bit and not have to rush home to him to feed. i guess some kind of schedule would be nice. i also stay at home and i COMMEND any woman that can BF and work! i dont think i could do it…


    it would seem it hurts more women than it doesnt seeing that there are so many products out to help and heal sore nipples.



    Yes, SIDS has nothing to do with suffication. They have recently found that the babies that have died from SIDS have had low levels of seratonum (sp?) in their brain. They believe that is why they don’t move when in deep sleep and carbon dioxide is pooling. Breastfeeding in general lowers the risk of SIDS. It’s probably has something to do with the fact that breastmilk is made for infants and helps with chemical balance but I’m not sure. Bed-sharing with a breastfeeding mom is then lowered more because most breastfeeding moms become lighter sleepers and are more in tune with Baby. I know I hear every moan, groan, snore or hiccup that comes out of Alex when we’re sleeping. But the sad thing is that you could do everything right and a baby could still sucomb to SIDS because it’s not something that can be stopped. Hopefully with this new research we’ll be able to start testing babies for their chemcal levels and find out if babies are at a higher risk. Those with a risk of it can be monitored more closely.



    Thanks. 😀 I was thinking of offering one breast til she keeps pulling away, offering second breast til she keeps pulling away. Then giving a couple of oz of formula to help bulk up my skinny minnie. I think alternate feedings would confuse me. Would that work, you think?



    Lawsons Mom – If you have them both you can use both. If the tea makes you gag then just use the tablets. In the begining I had a scare because I had low supply with Chris so I drank/swallowed both. I didn’t need them this time though. It doesn’t hurt



    Way to perservere ash! I know it’s the best feeling when things finally start going well with bf’ing! Makes you wanna jump for joy! Lol. and great idea for the bm popsicles! What a great treat in the summer, when it’s hot outside!!


    Thank you Ellasmommy23, Bre, and 2ndtimemomy! I was really worried that I was doing something wrong! You all really put my mind to rest. One more question tho.. Should I continue pumping once every four hours or stop that completely? I just have so much milk and get so uncomfortable but I really hate pumping!



    You know I dont judge the person who choses to give their child formula. This was sooo hard in the beginning I usto sit on the floor with my baby crying and screaming while i cried and it was hell. We eventually found out she has a dairy sensitivity causing extream reflux. Now i have to omit dairy completely and give her Zantac. Lets not mention my 2 yr old going through terrrible terrrible 2’s. OMy. So I never judge the formula giving mothers.



    It’s ok to take handfuls of fenugreek. It can make some babies gassy but that’s it. I think I used to take around 15. The number depends on mom, the rule of thumb is if your sweat smells like maple syrup then you are taking enough.


    Casen~ Medelamakes storage bottles too, and are you using drop-in bottles? Ifso, plsytex makes an adaptor set for pumping, you can find it onlinr at babierus.



    I am so glad you guys are talking about cloth I really want to try but I tried with my dd and used prefolds and it was a DISTASTER every one told me I needed bleach water on hand and it just wasnt fun lol. But yesterday she woke up said she had to go potty and so looks like we are done with diapers she even woke up from her 3 hour nap dry and went potty after! She is 23 months so excited. So I wanna try cloth with little man he is 8 weeks is it too early now to start?


    any suggestions on places to get cheap nursing tops



    Kelly every mom here will tell ya throw the clock out lol doesn’t matter at all how long 🙂 I couldn’t tell you the last time my 10 week old ate or for how long lol but he is cuddled up sleeping and fat and happy lol



    its ok. weight gain is more important then breastfeeding but I’m hating it that we are loosing supply.

    I’m gonna try something. I’m not going to heat the bottle and see if he prefers me over the bottle because its cold ….is that mean?


    We just bought our house in December and we have a green house. Going to grow vegetables in it next year.

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