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    theres a breastfeeding facebook?? lol im so outta the loop..



    I guess you could say I’m looking to go ebf sure, but I need to build the confidence that it will work for us. I have a very easy going baby this time, so I can see when he is happy. Also, he doesn’t tend to over eat – he has about 10-20 mls less than the chart says to give and he we offer him alot more than that because that’s the way the bottles make up (we offer 110mls and he has like 70mls of that). If we continue to offer more after he’s had 70mls, he does not drink it. Fenugreek may be all I need now to bring the rest of my supply up 🙂 I will let you know how I go 🙂



    Okay I have a question, I am only at my 21 weeks right now but My boyfriend wants to me to breast feed When at home and bottle/formula when out in public. Is it a good idea? and will my son take to both?



    Yep thats what I used. Loved it!



    HI guys i kind of new here… Me and my husband been ttc for 7 years now with no luck. So on the 28th of oct I was having this very weird periods that scared me to death, bc its super super heavy that I have to change tampons 3 times in an hour, and every time i move even just for a little walk to the bathroom, the blood just come out like the Niagara falls I thought i was miscarriage,so I took a prego test and its negative… cause my bff said if i am miscarriage the hormones still there. It was lasted for 5 days then it became lighter and lighter until it was gone. Now my question is why my period stopped after that its been almost 1 month. My periods is never regular anyway but I always have the symptoms every moth. Please tell me what should I do Im sad and confused… Thx guys anything would help.



    Thanks ever so much…I just have to find the time to express now!! Hope you have a great Christmas all!!! x


    Hey, My baby is turning a year old on thanksgiving day. Now Im trying to wean her off. but i have no clue where to start, how i should do it or anything. She likes to nurse at night the most and the only way i get sleep is if she sleeps next to me and nurses when she wants. some ideas would be great. thanks



    iloveyouconrad-I think my underwire nursing bra caused my mastitis the last time. But jeez— I can’t imagine these bad boys in anything but an underwire bra right now!!! I also read something about sleeping on your stomach. Anyone know if this is a bad idea while BF in relation to mastitis or milk supply?



    Jessica Austen, I never got my af back untill my babies were either weaned off bfing or over a year old, and eating lots of solid food. This is my baby #6, so that’s me. But some ladies get it back regular right away, despite bfing. It’s very individual, but may be irregular while your bfing.



    december – honestly if your baby is only 2 weeks old you are really lucky to be getting 2oz from each breast! For the first Id say 5 weeks Id only get an oz or 2 total. It took awhile of exclusively breastfeeding for me to get to what I am now.



    armymom, I would pump after the last feeding, that should help and the mothers milk tea really helped me increase my supply. It took a few days to kick in but you’ll find that pumping and drinking the tea will really start to help give it a few days. Good luck. I breastfed my daughter for a year and 2 weeks. And when she was around 3-3 1/2 mths the same thing started to happen to me. Oh yeah also drinking lots of water also could help. I used to feel like i was peeing like i was pregnant. Lol



    ok who can tell I’m bored at work at 1am?! My lil guy was so cute today…he slept a lil after I got him from daycare while I was making and eating dinner, then he woke up and gave him dinner but when I tried to give him the bottle they’d started at daycare so as to not waste it he just pursed his lips like that is not getting past these things unless u got the real thing momma!! So then I’m reading them a bedtime story and he’s sittin on his boppy on the couch next to me and he alternates from grabbing at the pages of the book to grabbing at me, the boy knows what he wants!!! Whenever I’m getting ready for work and daddy has to feed him his bottle he just stares at me the whole time like what do you think your doing, you better get your butt over here momma!



    Izzie – Don’t worry yet. I know it can happen but the liklihood is low when you haven’t had your period yet. Did you have unprotected sex? I would test several weeks after when you did have sex. Also, when I was getting my period I have cramps a few months before I actually had my period. I think it was my body jump starting itself. Don’t worry yet. I had a false alarm last September too. It was scary but once I got used to the idea I was sad when it finally came back negative. Now, I can’t wait to start trying again. I almost have Hubby convinced for this fall…



    Sorry – one more question. My LO is a baby boy & I just started progestin BC pills. I have this crazy worry that taking these pills will pass more female hormones thru my milk to my son and alter his homornal balance in some way. I might sound crazy but I gues new moms worry about everything 🙂 Any thoughts on this? Oh & on a funnier note – when my LO makes eye contact with me while breastfeeding he gives me a big beautiful smile & releases my boob, its so cute & funny because he realizes he let go & scrambles to get his boob back. Too cute – he just can’t resist smiling! Lovin those smiles 🙂



    lovely216 are you nursing as well or just pumping those 2 times a day?

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