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    scarlet-boy are you going to have your hands full a lot sooner tan most! she’s a cutie pie though!



    my son is 11 days old and i EBF. he is so attached to me, he wont sleepin his bassinett anymore. he screams so hard like he is hurt, yet when i pick him up, he stops right away and falls asleep… my husband and i agreed to NOT allow the baby to sleep with us after his cousin rolled over on their 28 day old baby last month. so im scared to death to have him in bed with us but what else can i do?


    I tried, didnt help. Today seems better though. If I turn my nipple higher, he latches. So we’ll just go with the flow.


    it would seem it hurts more women than it doesnt seeing that there are so many products out to help and heal sore nipples.



    expecting-2b-patient – I think we all make those types of jokes. When I was pregnant with Alex we couldn’t get me to go into labor. It sucked! He was happy as a clam in there. I kept saying that I didn’t want to be filling out his college applications while he’s still in there! HAHA!



    explo-i think that would be fine. i agree alternanting vetween breast and formula would confuse me too. half the time i can’t remember which breast i used last nevermind if i feed a bottle or breast.



    Hi Ladies, I’m feeling a little out of sorts as my milk supply has dried up as my boy has now self weaned, he’s 20 months now so I knew it wouldn’t last forever but I’m kinda sad its come to an end. Loved BF and all those wonderful bonding moments, it was the best experience.



    HannahKay – Do you have a slow letdown? She might be getting frustrated with the lack of milk at the first suck? Have you tried compression nursing to get milk coming quicker?



    mileysmommy- that’s really up to you. it depends on if you want to build a freezer supply. are you going to be going back to work and you’ll need milk stored up? then i’d probably pump the excess out. but if you’re not and you want to stop producing so much, you’ll want to stop pumping. Milk is by supply and demand. So the more you pump or nurse, the more your body thinks you need the milk. So every time you pump your body thinks your baby is needing the milk then. So if you have no reason to have stored milk, then stop pumping. And don’t worry, i’m pretty sure every one of us here hates pumping too!



    One more comment and then Ill shut up lol. I hate that I cant breastfeed in public. Im so uncomfortable with men gawkin and children and other women. I dont like that sociaty has turned breast into this sexual thing that women even chose to inhance with bags of poisen! So sad. I’ve never been more proud of my body.


    Ah, i saw a comment on dha/ara… I will try and find a link to the conicopia institues report. It is illegally added to organic formula which really upsets me because I know moms who choose to pay more for organic formula think they are doing better for their babies but the dha/ara added to formula is derived from genetically altered algae with the use of hexane gas. Genetically altered additives and toxic gases are prohibitted from being used in certified organic products. disgusts me…


    Sorry for typos, nursing ds right now too…



    We use the preemie prefolds on our little ones in the beginning. Mine babies do come early, so it makes getting the smaller prefolds worth it. By the time they can’t wear those any longer, they fit into the regular prefolds pretty well. We adjust the way we fold the diapers too. When they are smaller we fold differently so that there isn’t a bunch of bulk between the legs. Works for us and our budget! 🙂



    lauuraoct – My sister was on depo and it made her gain about 15 lbs. She is normally quite thin and it immediately packed on the lbs. As soon as she went off it she shed the weight again though. Side effects prob vary for everyone, but just letting you know her experience with it.



    momofcash – She’s ok but she will be EP’ing until a year. Lawson just is away too long during the day that she no longer prefers the breast. It’s sad but Leslie can do it. She’s strong.

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