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    kym22: If you can get Motilium then definately get some. I have yaken it since Emi was about 2 months old. She is 1 next week. I have just started to cut back on the midday tablets to wean her.
    It has no side effects and works a treat with supply.
    It is actually a bowel medication used to smooth the lining of the bowel to help keep it working well. The side effect if it is to produce breastmilk. Perfect. Im sure it can be bought online from mexico? I would be happy to send you what i have left once i wean over the next couple of weeks ( each tablet is sealed in foil) but im not sure if you can post medication overseas???? Dont want to get myself arrested! 😉
    Let me know if you want me to look into it.



    I’m in the beer drinking club, one really boosts my supply as well. Hollysmum-keep trying with the bottle, have someone else give it. Eventually she should take it. Have you used Lansinoh cream on your nipples?



    I have been following this thread now for several weeks. You all give great advice and I am so excited. I just had my son on Monday July 20th (we’re still in the hospital) and I am so glad to finally be bf’ing him. I have not had issues yet I except that my nipples are getting sore. But I know that he has been latching great. I think they just have to get tough,lol. We are going home tomorrow and I believe my milk is coming in. This is my 3rd time bf’ing but I am still excited like it is the first time. Well just stopping by to say hi, I’m sure I will have my share of questions soon!!!


    mskitty–Congratulations! That nurse is nuts…talk to your doctor, a lactation consultant, or contact the La Leche League. Also, I’m sure Bri will pop by this forum soon and she’s still nursing her baby and is almost half way through her second pregnancy right now. It is technically possible for nipple stimulation to make you contract, but it takes a TON of stimulation for that to happen (like sitting around tuggin on your nippies for several hours a day).



    There are actually milkbanks, you can look them up on line and print out information for the skeptics. We were going to donated but since I’m going back to work I want to wait and see how supplying daycare goes. As far as eating solids, I started my LO at around four and half months because she was staring at me eating like a hawk watches it’s prey!! I don’t think you can say every baby is the same developmentally.



    horseygal – That is funny! I had a similar thing happen to me. I was in my office. I had a note on the door that said DND. I got a knock and I yelled Busy. Of course the door opens. It was my maintenance manager wanting to give me a check from a customer. I dove so fast under the my desk. HAHA! He has a daughter and knew what I was doing though. We laughed over it. He said the next DND he sees he’ll just move on. Yeah! HAHA! So after saying that nice story. Can you put a note of the door. Maybe not Keep out I’m pumping but similar to DND only more clear.



    2nd = I think shes colic too. I don’t understand why the gas only bothers her at night and not during the day.



    Ladies- – I have a question. My LO is 8 months old… I have been on here with supply issues the past 2 months, but things have dropped continuously no matter what and I am pumping barely 1oz total from my 3 pumping sessions away from baby while at work during the day… I still feed her in the morning when she wakes up, at night when I get home, and then right before she goes to bed. In the morning when she wakes up, and when I get home, she is not always terribly interested – she turns her head away and I cannot get her to nurse about 50% of the time. Before bed 90% of the time, she nurses just perfectly. So – I am not getting as much stimulation from her, pumping does not seem to be working, so overall my guess is supply is dwindling. I am trying to go by her cues, and for the most part, she seems not to want to nurse except before bed. Pumping is a big drain on me, as I know many of you understand, and I am thinking about stopping, but am worried about drying up completely and not being able to nurse at night when she wants it. On the other hand, I feel like I am only putting out 1oz on days she doesn’t eat, to maybe 4 oz during the day when she does… Do you think if I stop pumping my milk will dry up? Last night, I tried giving her a bottle before bed to test out her attachment, and then she rolls towards me to nurse so it is obvious she still wants it then.



    momof3-I have a cosleeping 7 month old, and I hope she stays in the bed forever! She also uses me as a paci. But, what I have found works best is: I give her 5 ounces of pumped milk in a bottle right at bedtime. This gives her a full belly, so when she wakes up for a snack, she only nurses for a minute. We went through a couple of weeks where she was up like every two hours. It sucked, but now she is back to waking up only two or three times. I’ve also adjusted my attitude, and learned to savor those quiet midnight feedings when it is just her and I. I know I won’t be able to nourish her forever, I’m embracing it. And stop comparing your baby to everyone elses. When people ask me if she is sleeping through the night I just laugh. When they ask me how long she will be in the bed I tell them until she’s 21! Also, using us as a paci will support our milk supply. There is a reason why they do it:)



    lub2bamama, yeh i know… thankyou! i just really wanted it to work and work well this time 🙁 i thought my supply was increasing, but hrmm… it did this last time too, just at a later date – i had tried prescription meds though before the fenugreek and milk thistle. this time round the herbs don’t appear to have done much. starting to wonder if supply ‘came in’ yesterday and is on its way out today!? also, i’ve come across connections about rh negative women having trouble feeding our babies… it’s complicated, but basically the theory is that because we see the pos baby as a foreign entity that we just don’t produce (some women don’t lactate at all!!!). IS THERE ANYONE ELSE HERE HAVING TROUBLE FEEDING BUBS THAT IS RH NEGATIVE?



    Oh, I am SO nervous to feed in public!! Even around family I go to another room- unless they’re all women. I remember when DJ just came home and he had to feed my Mother-in-Law told my Father-in-law to go to another room because I had to feed. So I know she doesn’t want me doing it around him and I said I’d leave. I’ve only been out a few times with him in public and I feed in the back seat of the car. Also I did get a pamphlet in the mail that it is a law in my state (Connecticut) to feed your baby anytime, anywhere. So if I were in a public place and they told me to leave it’s my right to stay. Even at work. Also a law to pump at work and your employer has to give you a private place to do it. Is it this way in every state??


    HELP ME! My little guy is EBF (well he isn’t little he is 17lbs at 12 weeks!)…but for some reason he has started refusing my left breast…he does fine on the right. The only way he’ll breastfeed now on the left breast is if I do the football hold…any thoughts?



    horseygal – We always said Chris fell into a Milk Coma. His brother doesn’t fall asleep as quickly but he does become a Milk Zombie…



    What are good vitamins to take while breastfeeding? My LO is 5 months old now and for the past month, my hair is been falling out like crazy! Not in clumps or anything but it’s definitely a significant amount.



    I have a question- my baby is exculisvely breast fed – he is 2weeks 4 days old. He has bright red sore on his bum (in the crack). His poop turned green today from nice yellow.

    I don’t have any breast pains, no white spots on either of us….could it be thrush? Why is his poop changing colour?
    ************************COSOMOMMA – I had the same problem with my son – I just keep the nipple shield handy – it seems to help retrain him to latch on….do you have one? Its been a LIFE SAVER for me!

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