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    Cabbage leaves will dry you up. Not a good idea unless you want to wean.



    luv2-me and dh have the same deal. you don’t want baby in bed you figure out how to keep him in his crib w/ no cio. 15months later still co-sleeping (at least in the early mornings)

    those of you with oversupply, save as much as you can. I had a deep freezer full and by 12 month mark i used my very last bag and had just enough for his last bottle at before he turned 1. i know right now it seems impossible but trust me before too much longer you’ll be grateful for all you were able to store.


    Micaela- yes there is a breastfeeding group on facebook but I was never able to find it



    lunababy – the only tips I can offer and I started this around 4 weeks with my first (now earlier with my second) is to have milk thistle and fenugreek. I believe milk thistle is otw known as mothers milk? Also, there are brands that combine the two together! I would go for that if I had have known, because fenugreek is truly disgusting to take and repeats on you. Now, downsides are namely with fenugreek – it can cause contractions in the tummy, so maybe some pain – some people can’t take it, I thought it was ok 4 weeks pp. With fenugreek you only need to take it for a few days and your supply will be going NUTS – some people say an increase of 900%!! So, highly recommend it. With the milk thistle, you need to keep taking it for it to work properly. My supply last time went up substantially – but not to a qty where I could ebf and bubs didn’t like the flavour for me to continue to take fenugreek lol. So, anyways, I had near on no milk such as you have described by 4 weeks and low and behold, after taking the above, I was able to continue to bf for 5 months!!!! AND that was going back to work after 3 months – I couldn’t express, just didn’t work for me, had very sore boobs and lost my supply 2 months in. Wishing you the luck – also, have a look into the fermented oats such as Shiz suggests, I will be looking into that as well today.



    It can be done just wait at least 2 1/2 – 3 months so he doesn’t get nipple confusion. He may not take a bottle or drink formula after having breastmilk. My daughter wouldn’t drink formula even if I mixed it with breastmilk. So I bought goats milk from a local farmer. I breastfed my daughter at the back of Walmart on a bench many a time, just put a nursing cover on your registry. Once he sees how often they eat he will realize how thats not going to work out so well. Before the 70’s ppl ahd no problem with public breastfeeding. Just a lil tip when in public, a few minutes before needing to feed go to the bathroom first get everything unhooked and ‘arranged’. Then you won’t be struggling trying to do it under a blanket with an anxious fussy baby. Good luck.


    Me too! I use the Medela pump in style. I have 2 of the older models, and they still work like a charm! 3 more months to go and my son will be 1 year old!


    Hey ladies, Im nr=ew here.. i jus need women to talk to.. i am 20 yrs old and engaged. me and my fiance have just started ttc about 2 months ago. a couple weeks ago we have been taking fertilaid for both men and woman.. anyone used it before??



    I pump in the mornings when I have the most milk. I try to pump right before he wakes up, but usually I pump after he eats. It works best if I can pump on one breast while he is eating off the other breast, but he can get fussy like he wants all my attention and doesn’t want me pumping haha.



    Good Evening! So I took Ethan in for his 4 mth checkup today and he is up to 15 1/2 lbs! I’m so stoked, feel like I can accomplish anything now and it’s great to finally be feeling good, think I was hit pretty had with ppd but since hubby has been home and helping out and I’m getting more of a hang on this bfing thing it’s great! I love the connection we have even when it has nothing to do with feeding, and this may sound horrible and I do hate his no body loves me and I’m all alone cries but when I’m the one that can settle him in just 5 mins that makes me feel really good, especially if it’s not while feeding him! I absolutely hate pumping but since I work I have to and I’ve always been one of those women who seems to have an over supply so I’m when I see even a little dip I freak even though other women are still wishing they could get 5 oz in one session lol! Knock on wood we have not really ever had any issues with anything I eat other than if he gets a little gassy but nothing major, no mastitis or clogged ducts or anything! He was not exactly planned and with all the drama when I first found out I kind of feel like right now I’m getting a little reward for everything I’ve gone through, just waiting for the time when I’ve used up all my good tokens and just hoping that it lasts until I wean which I’m never sure when that will be, some days I’m like your done at 6 mths and others I know for sure I can go for 12 mths and then today I actually was thinking hm wonder how long we could go for past 12 mths, however I was exhausted and delusional so that’s my take on it!! But thanks to all the ladies here that help out so much and seem to know it all you are wonderful!! But now I have to get to work so I hope everyone has a great night, great rest of the week and an awesome weekend!!! Cheers!



    Okay, our newest baby is now 11 days old and it’s been 7 years since I breast fed a baby. Has anyone elses baby refused the boob at night? I always offer boob first but it’s a huge fight and she just won’t take it! So I’ve been pumping and bottle feeding her at night……… anyone have any ideas or suggestions?! Oh yeah also, hehehehe, how many poopy diapers should she be having…… I’m seriously changing around 6 orange/yellow poopy diapers a day. I feel like she’s our first baby when it comes to all of this, but she’s our third!



    tammi, my son hates my right breast he never feeds on it much. my right nipple is slightly tilting in a different way, so i have to kind of hold the nipple up so he can latch on and keep on. its a bit of a pain but now i use an xtra pillow on that side.



    Do you ladies think if I try to pump every hour when I’m not at work that it will increase my supply??



    I was wondering if anyone on here has breastfed twins? I am 23 weeks and am really trying to prepare myself to breastfeed my twins.



    Brody’s mommy: I think you should offer the breasts before anything else. If he doesn’t take it the next best thing is to give him a bottle of expressed milk. Do you have a pump? I couldn’t afford a good one so I used the Medula handpump for the longest and it seemed to work decently.. I just recently discovered I can rent a hospital grade pump for a store called Once Upon a Child. I think you can go to and find locations that offer rentals. I’m picking mine up today and it costs me $32 a month. Most hospitals will let you rent as well. If he won’t take the expressed milk then he’s rejecting your milk because of taste or something else. But if he’s taking the milk from the bottle but not the breasts then he just has a stronger preference for the bottle and you may just have to settle for exclusive pumping if your determined to BF.. my son now at 4 months has really started to perfer the bottle and I honestly like seeing how much milk he’s drinking but I still put him to the breast and give that about 10-15 minutes before I give into the bottle. He seems to only want to BF when I’m engorged.. like in the mornings or if I’ve skipped a feeding. But we’re still trying… Things you can do to get your supply back up: Increase fluids.. water, gatorade, milk… Take Fenugreek.. Soaked oats.. nurse or pump often and if he takes the breasts pump whats left over.. skin to skin contact helps like bathing together.. take your prenatal vitamin.. makes a product called More Milk Plus.. and drink Mother’s milk tea. Anyways.. I hope it all works out for you and keep trying. Mama’s milk is best.



    we kidna got carried away and andy didnt quiet manage to stop in time oops lol

    were not trying nor willw be for along long time not really financcially able to n yes were getting on loads better n were happy but not at the stage to be planning more kids lol amy came as a huge shock to us lol

    if i am tho well deal with it

    we just wanna buy a housde 1st b4 n e thin else happens lol

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