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    I went back to work last February and continued to pump until I stopped working last week. My milk doesn’t freeze or store well so I’d pump what I fed Kekoa the next day. It was stressful but it worked for us. I typically made about an ounce or two more then what I needed.



    lovely- that’s a very good amout per pumping session! are you having AF at the moment or a phantom AF (where it’s your time of the month but b/c of breastfeeding there is no period) because during menstration your supply will dip a bit. also how long between each pump? if i wait about 4-5 hrs between pumping/feeding sessions i will get about 4-6oz if i can’t pump for 8 hrs i’ll get about 8-10oz. sounds like you’re right about there. i usually only pump 3 times a day if i’m working otherwise i’m nursing all the time when i can. but a lot of us see dips in our supply during AF so that might be it.



    Way to go sunshinemaria!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is awesome!



    Well that works out about right then. An ounce per hour. Thanks girls xx



    I am definitely going to try it! do you mix with water? and how much? once a day?



    kym and duskpoo, concentrate on reducing your carb intake. I gained around 40 + pounds while pregnant and have lost all but the last 2 or 3 pounds, putting my weight at 112 lbs (I’m 5 foot 3). My little one is 8 months old. I eat a lot of green veges and meat, drink that fiber stuff – it’s called metamucil here – and when I have bread or rice it’s wholegrain wholemeal. Eat fruit in moderation (it’s high in sugar) but better than granola bars. Also, try not t eat when you’re not hungry, even if it is a meal time. For example, I don’t feel hungry in the mornings much. A couple of cups of tea (milk, no sugar) gets me through until late morning, even though I’m up at 5:30am. But in the evenings, I feel really hungry and eat a big dinner and look for a snack in the evening. Meat and wholegrains help make you feel satisfied for longer. Sugar and highly refined foods are digested quickly and the calories go straight to your thighs.



    kym22- Sorry, I’m cleaning out the closets today =) I’m sorry you are having a tough time with depression right now! I would wean yourself off the Reglan slowly…Definitely talk to your doctor first though! Trust that your body will keep up with your little girls needs. Things are very well established by now as far as your supply goes. Have the confidence that everything will be okay! One other tip, try going for a walk or getting some exercise as that can GREATLY relieve anxiety and depression, and make you feel so much better. Take care!



    I just realized (bored and looking at the calendar) that I have been back to work for six months. That has been six months of spending every break and lunch pumping…I never thought I would stick out the pumping this long, and now I have only four months left of pumping to go! (I plan on stopping pumping in November, but still breastfeeding when he wants). If I didn’t plan on having more kids, I think I would have a pump burning party when I am done!!!



    Oh and rather than taking frozen you should try to take fresh. Thawed BM has to be used so much faster than fresh. I brought bottles with an icepack as well as a backup just in case and we ended up using it. Sometimes he just likes to hold a bottle himself and at times he was a little distracted to nurse. When he was tired he did though.



    so completely unrelated to anything baby but I just got this in my e-mail and thought it was good. it’s how bp handles a coffee spill:



    Hi girls! I posted a day or so ago about bf’ing issues and thought I would update. I have been pumping like crazy (every hour or 2), increased water & food, and I’m taking more milk plus. It’s so nasty but I bought it online when I was pregnant just incase I had supply issues. I’ve also started the fermented oatmeal thing. She ran through all the milk I had frozen so we are having to supliment w/ formula *tears*.

    I’m refusing to give her a bottle because I don’t want her to get lazy. I made my own supplimental nurser and it’s great! I went to the medical supply section of a drug store and they had sitz basin baths & enemas that came with long skiny tubing. I cut a hole in the nipple of a bottle and stuck the tube into, making it look like a straw. The other end I tape just above my nipple. I leave just a tad bit hanging over the tip of my nipple.

    I carefuly put the tube/nipple in her mouth and she begins to suck as if she were nursing. She gets the milk from the bottle, and stimulates my breast at the same time. Once I feel my let down, I slip the tube out of her mouth and she continues to nurse. Once she starts to fuss I know she drank all of the milk in my breast. I slip the tube back into her mouth to keep her from getting to mad, and so she can continure to stimulate me. When the bottle is half empty I try to switch her to the other breast to stimulate the other one. I slip out the tube and quickly tape it to the other one, burp her, and swutch sides.

    Once she is done I pump for about 5 min on each side. Sometimes I have to wear her in the sling so I can be able to do it. Man it’s a lot of work!!!!! I must say that I have nursed her 3 times without having to use the tube so I think I’m getting somewhere. I hope this helps anyone who is having issues. Sorry it was so long. Ps congrats mskitty!



    Question! My LO is 1month & 2weeks old and is EBF. He totally refuses taking a paci. I have tried 3 different brands. He loves sucking on my finger and does so for at least an hour everynight so I know he has the need to just suck. Has anyone had a baby who HATES and refuses a pacifier? Any tips? My fingernail is sore lol



    cuddlebunny – Someone else already mentioned it but I thought I would as well. I’d keep trying to put your LO to breast coz although pumping is going well now, it does get harder (for most) the longer you go. Even if your returning to work I’d think having a baby who eventually will nurse well would help keep your supply up. Plus your probably going to get sick of having to pump on weekend, especially if you want to go away. I’ve e-pumped for six and a half months now and most days wish I’d kept trying longer! Good luck no matter what your decision though : )



    anyone knows if the fenugreek drops are as potent as the pills?? Also did anyone choose to take the fenugreek seeds and if so HOW did you take tea, ate them what? Thanks!



    I have an issue and its related to breastfeeding but more along the lines of older siblings. Here’s the deal….I have breastfeed my LO since birth, she is 8months old now. I have a 4yr old daughter as well. Before the baby was born I was candid and truthful with my oldest about how mommy would feed the baby. Naturally, in the beginning there was a lot of curiosity. Now, fast forward to the present and at times we STILL deal with some jealously issues (my oldest would never do anything harmful to the baby, she just grapples at me for ANY and ALL attention i will give her). And this is where the problem lies…whenever i sit down to breastfeed the baby she always has to clamor around me, be loud, bouncing around, trying to touch the baby…etc. Its getting very hard to breastfeed the baby cause she is at that age where she is EASILY distracted so she sees her big sister flitin around and she comes off the breast and laughs and its hard to get her to stay on to get a good feeding. NOW, herein lies another issue…i cannot go into another room for some quiet privacy due to the fact that my husband works 1pm-11pm so for the majority of the day, its just me and the girls. I really cannot trust my 4yr old to be alone in the other room, she is just too mischevious. Are there any of you ladies with this sort of issue?? I just feel bad cause it seems like i’m always shouting and scolding my oldest to, ‘be quiet!’ and ‘sit still’ and so on…any suggestions?

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