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    noah colts mommy – Not everyone feels a letdown and those that do don’t all necessarily feel it in the same way. I can feel mine when my other breast starts to burn a bit or tingle. It hurts just a little for me physically but I do get that drowsy, peaceful feeling along with it.

    Doublemama – I do feel bad that you get those negative feelings when you letdown, what a drag! And I agree with what you said as well.



    When does the pain go away. My little girl is 2 weeks old and I am breastfeeding her. I was using a guard because my nipples are kinda small and it didnt help the pain but made her latch on really easy. Now I dont want to rely on that thing everywhere I go so im weaning her off of it. She latches on fine with some work but dang this pain is killing me. She is a bitter too. She bites down with her gums if she gets frustrated and oh my goodness. Need help to ease pain!! Uhg. I really want to stick with this but i get scared everytime she wants to nurse.



    katiebear- i don’t think that’s mean. have you tried pumping to stimulate a let down and then latching LO? because sometimes babies are just so impatient. um… the SNS thing is also another option.. I also like your idea of nursing when he’s not super hungry and also while he’s sort of sleeping. Good luck to you, i really wish you the best. You’re trying really hard! Good for you.



    lawsons mom, do u not have a costco near u? they usually have a huge organic selection, both frozen and fresh. its the same way where we live, there are maybe like 5 things u can buy that r ogranic at the normal grocery store. have to go to specialty stores or costco if i want to have a variety.



    You should really talk to your partner about parenting styles before procreating with them. Learned this lesson the hard way. Although his twins are good kids, so I guess his way isn’t terrible. But he’s never been a big breastfeeding advocate (his ex didn’t). He hates the idea of me breastfeeding past a year, six months (a couple weeks away) is his preference. He hates cosleeping. He thinks babies should be weaned off of things, it helps them mature. You shouldn’t let them run the game. Blah blah blah. CIO, the works. Completely different from my natural instincts. He’s trying to be respectful (kinda) of my parenting style. The only thing we do agree on is that I’ve let the daytime get a little out of control. Meaning, I lay down with her for every nap. Nurse her to sleep. She’s dependant on me for every nap. Which is going to make it hard if I find a job. And it makes it hard for me to do anything. So I thought I’d ask anyone’s advice of how to get myself out of this hole I’m in without making her cry it out. How do I change her expectations of nap time so that I don’t have to sleep with her (which I love! lol). We take two or three long naps a day. I either watch tv, get on here, or sleep as well. But if I get up, she’s awake within five minutes. Advice? He hates the idea of Zoey being in the bed at 2 and a half, even though I keep telling him she’ll move to her own bed when she’s ready. I don’t see how that’s any worse than his daughter being BACK in his bed at 4 (he blames it on his divorce that happened almost 2 years ago. whatever) I just want Zoey to feel safe and secure. Also, he tried to tell me there were no benefits for bf’ing after a year and that he thinks, even now, that I do it more for myself than I do her. AHHHHHHHHH. Try not to hate him too much, ladies. He’s cute! lol


    I have only been pumping once a day since I go home on my lunch hour to nurse Alyssa. My pumping session is usually around 3pm and I’m lucky to get 4oz, but I am only able to pump for 15 minutes before I have to go back to work. I’m starting to pump now again at night too after Alyssa goes to bed around 8pm then again at 10pm. Last night I got a total of 3oz. So for the day I got a total of 7oz. We’ll see how it goes now after the oatmeal, which, by the way, was very hard to eat. Even with all the stuff I added. The PB added a little texture, but not enough. It was soo goopy and slimey…. blech. But if it works it’ll be so worth it. I ate 1/2 a cup this morning and I’ll be eating another 1/2 cup this afternoon/evening.


    Think it might be a bit far for me to meet up with any of you!



    So I dont know what is going on but D just wanted to be latched on ALL night was hardly eating but if I unlatched him and tried a binky he screamed! This morning I feel really empty so maybe he was eating I dont know he seems to want to eat the most at night any suggestions??


    I’m SUPER upset they say its going to rain. My family does it big every year on Lake washington. We have a big pop-up cover, but I really wanted the sun to come out and play. Booooo plus the blue angels won’t have as great a show wit hthe clouds in the way.



    Marli-Blueberry Brandy in his bottle are you serious. I guess I shouldn’t be mad about a little water then…lol



    medela does do bags and they’re nice b/c they have a little strap to wrap around the pump. my only problem with them is i did have a few of them leak. I also used the Lansinoh bags which I loved for storage but they don’t have the same strap which made them cumbersome to pump straight into, but you can pump into a bottle and then pour into the bag. All bags (that I know of) are one use only.



    illy2- I looked up the breast feeding necklaces and i agree with you, any type/bright necklace will be fine, as long as its not easily breakable 🙂 here is the website i found-
    Here’s hoping it works 🙂


    1sttimemommy, with my first son I leaked all the time and breast fed fine. With my 2nd son I never leaked when pregnant, even if I squeezed my nipples which I tested them all the time! And I am breast feeding my 2nd son fine!



    those ladies just starting to bfing, i know it seems bleak and impossible now. We’ve all felt this between the time it takes to get established and the pain and the hormones, but keep at it. it does get easier. there is a light and it is so worth it!


    My BIL thinks putting a rusk in a bottle is the first foods you introduce, its really quite scary.

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