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    My husband and I both work at the same plant (me in the office day shift, him 2nd shift on the production end) and yesterday they closed at noon because of bad weather.

    Raynor took advantage of the extra time with me to nurse all afternoon, and it was so nice to have time with both my baby AND my husband at the same time. I don’t have to go in until 11 am today, so I get a Raynor should only need one bottle today!

    I pump at work either in my office, or sometimes in the changing room for our work’s gym. I find most women are just curious, and the men actually seem to know more about it than the women. I think many of them have wives who have breastfed.

    I am not a great pumper (I get 3.5 to 5 oz each session) but three times at work, and once at night before I go to bed, and I have more than kept up with him. He only takes three 4.5 oz bottles during the day.



    You sound like you are walking in my footsteps. Kekoa was a shock. I was on the pill for over 10years with no problems. Then…. We just bought a house too. We are closing on the 2nd and moving in March. It’s a good thing I didn’t get pregnant back in September as well. We don’t have room where we are now and probably would have rushed into a house we wouldn’t be happy in. Now, I am getting my house AND I’m going to be staying home with Kekoa. Once we are settled into that routine then we will be ready for more kids. I also want Kekoa to be a little older. He’s such an active little boy that I want to be able to sit down and nurse the new one without worrying where he’s gone off to.



    I second the pump in style! I love it and have used it for 8 months now. Although my bag is starting to ripe a bit, but the pump works great!



    anniemarie I was thinking that too being a good amount per session but started wondering if that is all she does is pump the twice a day or if there is nursing going on too. If nursing is going on then thats a great amount but if not and its just 2 pumps in a 24 hr period then its not so good and going to get worse.
    Lovely216 if you aren’t pumping or nursing 8-10 times a day your supply will just keep dropping. Milk is made by supply and demand so the more you nurse or pump the more you make for the most part that is.
    anniemarie I just wanted to mention I am not trying to contradict anything you are saying just trying to stop a possible confusion about whats a good amount per session vs. a whole 24 hours.



    sunshine-way to go! It’s such a great feeling everytime you hit a milestone and look back at the struggles you overcame!
    Tiff- are you eating anything that could be causing an upset tummy? Sometimes if I eat certain things it doesn’t sit well and lo spits up for a few feedings. Maybe try doing a really bland diet…just a thought Also, you aren’t starving your baby! No matter what, you have done a great job bf, it’s not easy!



    Vitahudson- please don’t give up! Try and breastfeed your baby as often as you can. The more your baby sucks, the more milk you produce. You are not a failure, it’s awful that you couldn’t breastfeed for 5 days. I really feel for you! It’s good that your baby latches on. If your baby carries on sucking regularly, you will produce milk! Don’t give up hun, keep on trying! xx



    i get the carnation malted milk, you just add 3 tbsp to one cup of milk. That is what is says on the package. It is really good to me, well the drink i haven’t had the malt balls. I started about 2 days ago and this morning i got about 2 oz more than normal. i drink one glass in the am and one in the pm. good luck!



    That’s funny, angie2008. Poops on Mondays! LOL.



    I’m sorry Kym that the meds are making you sad. Have you called your doctor about it and what is the best road to take? When I stopped I just stopped cold turkey. I couldn’t take it any longer and needed to get the drugs out of my system immediately. Your doctor may want you to do it slowly or cold turkey. Good Luck and be happy! I know from experience that that’s easier said then done but good luck! You have many things to be thankful for, depression shouldn’t override them.



    my babies are 9 weeks and i just love nursing them. Its amazing how they communicate with me while nrsing i just love it



    My son turned 1 year on July, 6. I have been pumping since he stpped taking a breast at 2 weeks. I needed to supplement the whole time though. When he was little, I never dreamed about going with pumping that long; now I feel reluctant to stop. My whole family think me crazy, they are tired of needing to give me an hour a day just for that. I pump twice a day now and make about 12 oz total. Of course, all pro-breastfeeding sources recommend going on and on. I do not know if it is worth the trouble to go longer, and how long. My son is pretty healthy, not immunized, and last saw his Dr when he was 1 month old. He looks like a poster for baby food add. I consider myself very lucky in that regard. I must be doing something right. But he is very stubborn about eating nutritious food, always hated baby food and totally suspicious of other foods. He would eat small pieces here and there but never enough to count a meal. He still loves his bottle with milk and formula. Am I making things worse by not getting him off BM and formula? I know babies won’t starve themselves, but I can’t keep him on cheerios all his life. (he loves them a lot!)



    so i have been eating oatmeal pretty regularly but i have not heard to soak it first, does this help more than just heating immediatly?



    JamieGarcia – Awesome! I tried doing that for a bit too but found the lactation aid difficult to use so I pumped and bottle fed. BIG mistake! Keep up the good work! I’m exclusively pumping now and really wish I never introduced the bottle. Keep thinking I may give the lactation aid a try again but he’s six months old now so I’m not sure I have much hope of him being patient enough to wait for the let down’s, he cries when I take the bottle from him to burp him!



    Hi All. Question for those who have gotten to this point already…….I have a 3 1/2 week old and we are breastfeeding every 2/3 hours. In between feeding my breasts get really full and hard…..I am nervous about when we skip a night time feeding when she starts sleep through the night (that does happen…RIGHT???haha) about getting really engorged….how does it work? Do you pump when you get up in the morning? Does the nigh time engorgement eventually go away?



    Bri- hahaha the same thing happened to me.. Ella is almost 7 months, but when she was younger I would have to remind people to hold her more carefully. They would just pick her up like nothing and I was like ‘She’s only a month old! BE CAREFUL!!!’ She was 11 lbs at 1 month, so she was smaller than yours, but still pretty big. She is now about 20 pounds and wil be 7 months on the 29th.

    Also, Ella’s colic actually ended around 3 months, so it might still be that, although it might nto be. Good luck to you, JeffsWife!

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