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    I am still nursing my 11 month old. I am trying to get him taking a sippy cup so that by the time he can drink cows milk I can stop giving him breastmilk.. He isn’t really taking to the cup very well.. Does anyone have any good ideas? He will not touch a bottle at all.



    Hi ladies i have a couple of qs i hope you can help me with. Since ive started bf afain bubs poo has been yellow which i have been told is a good sign, but its also seedy in texture. could anyone tell me is this normal?
    another q i have, not related to bf but its about bubs sleeping pattern. lately i have noticed he has not been wanting to nap throughout the day. how many hours should a 5 mth old have a day. what kind of routine should we be in now.? he is sleep well at night though…



    expecting – sounds like you had mastitis? I had it about 3-4 weeks ago and it was horrible. Unfortunately the doctor and pharmacist told me not to feed from that side, only the other side not affected by mastitis. They also told me that I had to pump and dump as the milk could contain puss and gunk. So for 3 days I did this, supplementing with fromula because my son wasn’t getting enough from one breast. On the 4th day I spoke to a midwife and she told me you ALWAYS continue feeding with mastitis. As soon as I started feeding him again I felt heaps better. I was so annoyed that I had lost about 500mls of precious breast milk because of INCORRECT advice. So in future I definitely know not to waste that milk. I hope you are feeling better soon, it is a terrible thing to experience.


    I hate feeling this way, but I would be okay if hubby and I never had sex. Of course he feels very differently! Our baby is 10 weeks old and we’ve had sex twice since. I just made it very clear before hand that the boobs are OFF LIMITS! I am just not comfortable using them sexually while nursing. He doesn’t like that he can’t touch, but knows he’d better just be thankful that he’s getting any. MOMMYNWIFEY: There is no harm in ‘playing’ with them while BFing. If you’re both comfortable with it, go for it. 🙂


    ok ladies I need advice I nursed my son 7 years ago and it was not the best experience at all i was sore and bleeding for 4-5 months, I nursed him for 8 months, and I didnt loose any weight till after I stopped then the weight just melted off, I’m not too keen on doing it again but my husband witch this is his first child really wants me too, I know everyone says that I should not have been bleeding unless he was latching on wrong but I had already seen the counselors and everything they said I was doing it all rite. any advice would be great were due to have him in 3 weeks and I am so torn I know what is best but honestly I would really love to drop the 50lbs I have gained and have my body back to myself. This hole pregnancy has been hard on both me and my hubby. anyone else go thur this?



    andbabymakes6 – Are you swaddling? That might help if you’re not…?



    MyBabySuprise – I haven’t seen you on here lately! I am in the same boat as you. I was a little sore for the first week or two after nursing and then was fine. 9 weeks pp, I started pumping 4 times a day and I am so sore again. I feel a little better this week than last. I started putting some breastmilk on them. A friend at work told me to use the lanolin…going to start that again tonight. I thought that was only for when you first had the baby!



    T3POandR2D2 – Ditto!!!



    All this talk about SIDS today… one of the girls in the 2 month section just lost her baby to it. She was in the same week as me during our pregnancies, and it is just so devastating. He was her first child, and only 9 days older than my son. I can’t imagine, and ever since I heard I have been going crazy watching my son. I wish I could just hold him 24/7, to know he’s alright. I just put him down to sleep in his crib (he starts out the night in there, but usually ends up in bed with me), and I have to go in constantly to check he’s still breathing. To top it all off, he’s scheduled for his immunizations tomorrow (the other little boy died 2 days after he got his), and he has a cough too. I’m calling the public health unit in the morning, I’m not so sure he should be getting his shots if he’s already sick. Sorry to off topic from BFing, but I just had to say something. I can’t stop worrying about my little boy now (and I’m usually not that bad)



    expecting-when i decide to wean from my pump at work, i figured i would pump just enough to relieve myself instead of to empty. gradually i think your supply should adjust.



    Thanks for the leads ladies, see you in a few months!!



    Ok, just read that Enfamil is now making chocolate formula. Way to go Enfamil! Let’s teach our children that they have to have chocolate in their milk!



    tiffado, it doesn’t matter how the milk is being removed from the breast. Every time milk is removed, the milk that is produced to replace it is a richer, fattier milk. 🙂


    in the uk we get a year off. But not necessarily paid for the full year. At my company its just statutory maternity pay we get which is 90% of your salary for 6 weeks then for 33 weeks its about Â122.50 a week not sure what that is in dollars. Thats the basic you get some companies offer better maternity packages. My dh’s is full pay for 6 months then 1/2 pay for 3 months.


    After reading the full report I took a walk down the formula isle, almost all formula contains dha/ara now, BUT then take a look at all the sensitive formulas, not a one of them contains dha/ara. But the sensitive formulas cost more! You pay more for a formula without a potentially harmful ingredient … just disgusting what formula companies will do to raise profits. In the full report there is an internal memo stating that while dha may have no actual benefits for infants that it would be a great marketing technique and that formula companies could now say their product was more like breastmilk. Just disgusting…

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