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    Quick question for all of you expert bf’ers. My dd is 6 weeks old and has been going for log streatches ‘some’ nights. Last night she made it 6.5 hours but I was up after 5 in horrible pain. What happens when they start sleeping longer. Do your breasts make less at night or should I expect this to continue forever?



    styx, with prefolds you CANNOT get the ones off the shelf at Babies’R’Us. You have to get the DSQ prefolds in order for them to work!



    Lawsons Mom – Don’t be so down on yourself! You have worked so hard on pumping day after day! You are obviously an extremely caring mom who has done everything you could to give your baby the best! Your baby has already gotten so much of your nutritious milk, you have done everything you could and she has benefited greatly because of it!



    Bri – Did Leslie delete her account? I hope not. I’ve been reading her posts about Lawson for over a year now 🙁



    LawsonsMom- glad to have you back! Sorry about what happened =[


    So I’m beyond tired and so is little John. The poor guy for the past wk wakes up every other hr at night screaming his head off for about 10 mins and he’s always still sleeping. He will only go back to sleep if the boob is in his mouth. Sometimes he’ll just scream doesn’t want it for about 10 mins then fall back to sleep. I don’t know what to do. It’s 12pm now and he woke at 10 kinda still cranky but got happy for about 30 mins then tired again and has been sleeping since.Has anyone had this happen? I don’t know could be wrong but it’s making me cranky because I get no sleep.



    seuban0 – It doesn’t sound like you’ll convince him of anything. As for sleep….I’ve always nursed my boys to sleep. Even when Chris was in daycare. Daycare people know how to handle babies. My worry would be starting daycare later on. I’ve seen it with moms that go back to work when the baby is almost a year. The babies tend to take it harder then a child starting when Chris did. He started when he was 3 months so he knew all the ladies and liked them. As for getting stuck with her while sleeping. Oh well! I take naps with the boys too. I do sneak away once they are out but I lay down with them. They do move to their beds when they are ready. Chris did before he was a year. He just now switched to a bed and goes to sleep just fine in it. Rarely does he climb into bed with us. He knows where he’s most comfortable. Alex will be the same. We’ll be getting him a bed here shortly and when he’s ready I’ll start laying him down for naps there. I look at co-sleeping as natural and beneficial to both mom and baby, especially in the early months. Baby was just expelled from you and expected to sleep alone, I don’t think so. They need to be with mom. We are the only mammal that puts their young in a different area. All other moms sleep with their young. Just how it should be done. We get more sleep cause baby is able to nurse without completely waking us. Their breathing mimics ours and in turn they sleep better, sounder and are a happier baby because of it. They are more secure and trusting in their parents. The whole nine yards. You are doing just fine. When your baby is ready she’ll surprise you. Chris sure did when he changed from a crib to bed. I was very shocked but I also trust in my instincts and we’re doing wonderfully. You will too. All he knows about parenting is what his ex does and really, there are reasons they aren’t together so you can’t trust all her styles either. Maybe he should look into the different styles and find what he believes in….not just what he knows.


    maddux – I work full time 8-5pm. I wake up an hour early and get ready for work so that I’m completely ready by 7am. That’s when Alyssa wakes up and I nurse her. If she eats really well then I still have time to play with her etc. Otherwise if she doesn’t it still gives me enough time to pump and then Daddy feeds her later. I live about a mile away from work so on my lunch hour (11am) I go home and nurse her. Daddy gives her a bottle of 5-6oz at 3pm and that’s when I pump. I store the milk in my pump bag which has a small container to fit a few bottles and an ice pack. From what I’ve read, you can store milk w/ the ice pack for up to 8 hours so that works out just fine for me. Anyway, when I get home (at 5pm) Alyssa has solids, her bath time then at 7pm she nurses again. If she wakes up after that I often nurse her back to sleep and now, as I said in my previous post, I am starting to pump at night to help build a supply. On weekends she strictly nurses. I think you can totally pull off EBF still. But if it becomes too stressful (which I totally understand) then I have heard some women will still produce at certain times of the day when it’s needed, you just have to train your body to do that. So during the day if you supplement with formula and then nurse at night, your body should get used to just producing milk around that time. I’m not too sure how all that works since I haven’t tried it, but it makes sense since we all used to nurse every 2-3 hours even at night and as babies get older they sleep longer hours and we nurse left often at night and your body adjusts. Anyway, as Bri said the toughest thing is having to leave your LO everyday. Aside from that my biggest challenge is ensuring I drink enough fluids throughout the day. I always keep a 32 ounce bottle with me. I drink 3-4 of these a day!! Not to mention what I drink at home. Anyway good luck to you! We’re all here to support whatever decision you make. 🙂 Hope this helps!! xo



    congrats mere!



    I’m so glad Zoey’s almost 6 months old! Those early days were rough! Hang in there ladies. It gets so much easier.



    nic4charls: do you give him both breasts or just one? it seems that he is grazing and not getting a full feed at that age. If it doesn’t bother yu keep doing what yu are if it does bother you and want a little more spacing i would try both breasts and see how it goes, ultimately it syour decision and do what works for the both of yu. People will always talk I learned to ignore them


    benbubby don’t worry your baby is fine. My oldest was 17 lb at 10 weeks, he is now 29lb 12 oz at 21 month, it does even out.


    Is the fish used high in omega 3! Just joking. I’m sure he’ll be fine.



    crazy-beutifulmom2 – OMG!! Just ask LawsonsMom!! She’s said those fermented oats where her savings grace! I let them ‘ferment’ over night once and ate it while getting ready for work. Then 4hrs later pumping was AMAZING! The amount I got compare to before was 2oz. Which was A LOT for me, as I was only 3oz shy a day! Lawsons Mom got WAY more. But she might be doing other things also, I know she exclusively pumps. She’s be the one to contact. An amazing woman!!! Any-whoo I only make the oats the night before I have to work. So I have them to eat while getting ready for work. Doing this is enough for me.


    Woo hoo both boys napping at same time. James refused a nap yesterday until 4.30pm where he had 15minutes. He was like a bear with a sore head all evening.

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