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    Hi ladies. Pleasy weasy share your wisdom with me. My son was exclusively breastfed from birth until he was 4 months old. I returned to work when he was 2 mo, and would express milk for him to have while I was at work. A day after he turned 4mo, I started feeding him rie cereal (mixed with breast milk to form a porrige). I am currently working, but only mon – fri. I struggle with supply levels when pumpingon sunday night/mond morn. When home on the weekend I do not even look at the pump…could this be the reason for my low quantity? What can I do to up my levels?



    illy2, it usually takes about 2-3 hours for your meals to make it into your milk. 🙂



    aci – Some babies will drink it cold. You don’t have to warm it but if you do then warm it in either a bottle warmer or under warm water in the sink. Microwaving it kills a lot of the properties that make breastmilk sooo good. Alex doesn’t drink for a bottle but Chris did. We did warm it for him but then he started a sippy. We were still warming it but then started giving it to him cold and he liked it that way. Sooo even now when he gets pumped milk I just put it in a glass for him. I’ve done a sippy with breastmilk for Alex too and I don’t warm it. He likes the different tempertures and textures in his food. HAHA! Just do what works for your baby. Just remember, the less you do with the milk the better it is. It’s like shaking vs. stirring. To get the fat back into the milk you want to lightly swish it rather then shaking it. Besides the air bubbles that shaking creates it knocks all the good stuff around and makes it not as good. Kind of like shaking a soda, you shake it hard enough and it goes flat. HAHA! Ok, not the best example but shaking is bad. Microwave is bad. Warm water is good. HAHA!



    Noah, it should be fine. Worst case, you come down with food poisoning and your supply takes a dip. Chances are that nothing will happen, esp if you ate that little. Take a deep breath and go relax/cuddle with that little one!



    oh i was never told that about the cabbage leaves! u learn something new everyday! i only suggested it beacuase thats what our nurses tell us when we first start breastfeeding. i never used them but i did use the lanolin cream when i bf my first. it was good.



    I didn’t say pumping was a horrible thing. I said it’s a horrible way to tell how much one’s LO is getting when they nurse as baby is more efficient at getting the milk out than a pump.


    Mayy08–If you are exclusively breastfeeding, it is unlikely that you will have a period for 6 months or so. That being said, every woman is different. Lots of women have accidents b/c they erroneously believe they can’t get pregnant while breastfeeding and some women have their period return early even while breastfeeding. Odds are, it won’t happen, but it’s not impossible.



    domonique, so glad to hear you say you got there! yeh my boy has only started on formula because he had hypoglycemia and yeh i had no milk, but might have been able to try harder if he didn’t urgently need the sugar. i had milk thistle there and was prepared to stay up all night (and did anyway even tho he was a great baby) to ebf while in the hospital and of course i have my hubby home atm, he would have supported me… trub is, start down one path and hubs is a little reluctant to change him to ebf seeing how happy he is and how happy i am. he can’t see the point of ruining a good thing! oh well, anyway, will try what you did i think 🙂 just so glad to hear that over time it will work.


    Kbrown- my son is 4 days old and has a hard time breast feeding. Sonetimes he won’t even try. It’s very discouraging but he does take both, he just likes it through a bottle better.



    hello, i am wondering if i am exclusively pumping how many ounces should i be getting at a time (i am 3 weeks postpartum) i pump every time she eats. i plan on going back to breastfeeding how ever circumstances have it that i am pumping for the next week.



    Since a woman releases an egg 12-16 days before her expected period, it is possible for women to get pregnant without having periods. Women who are not menstruating due to a certain condition (i.e.…low body weight, breastfeeding, perimenopause) risk the chance of ovulating at any point. For those who want to conceive, the lack of periods could make it more difficult to know the timing of ovulation if you are not charting temperature and cervical fluid changes. Read more on



    Hi ladies new to this portion of the web site. My baby was born 10/27/08. This week has been kind of crazy this week but my biggest concern is my breastfeeding!! I want to keep breastfeeding even though I am going back to work. I need to find me a good pump but I’m broke



    lillyans momma – My son just turned one. I started to plan my weaning although I haven’t begun. From everything I’ve read do it slowly, especially since your baby loves it so much. So does mine! My son still feeds every couple of hours. Because I work I pump during the day. Around 15months I plan on dropping one pump, then two. By 16months I plan to not be pumping during the day and offering cow’s milk during the weekend during these times. I will still feed in the morning, lunch and night. Around 18months is when I plan to really wean. I plan to stop the lunch feeding then and work down the morning feed. The before bed feed is going to be our hardest. Kekoa still wakes at night and wants to feed then too but I’m hoping by then he won’t be. I plan on doing this super slow but if are wanting to do this faster then maybe cut out one feeding a week or two until there aren’t anymore. This is easier on your baby AND on your boobs. By weaning slowly then you don’t get engorged which really helps. Good Luck!


    I am 20 weeks preggo and I plan on BF this baby for at least a year. It will be a challenge for me, seeing as though I only breast fed both of my other children for about 2 months. I am going to try many different things with this baby so it really feels as if I am a first time mom again. lol. Any ideas on how to keep breast feeding for at least a year?



    bigmuma – I have the opposite problem. My boobs are all Kekoa’s. My poor husband will try to touch them and I feel weird about it. I’ve been nursing for almost 14months now so I don’t know what to tell you.

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