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    I haven’t watched the S.H clip that was posted here, but there was a big to do a couple of years ago when she did it. Don’t know if this is the same instance, or if she did it again. When the story hit then, she got a lot of crap for doing it. People were just appalled that she would nurse someone else’s baby. ‘That’s why they make formula’ and ‘that’s unsanitary’were two of the biggest comments at the time. It had to be repeated numerous times that you need clean water for formula, something that isn’t readily availble where she was, and that powdered formula is not sterile. The metal lids that they use can have rat ‘deposits’ on them, but as long as it fits within code, they can still be used. Yuck. I have pumped for friends when they have been unable, so I have shared my milk, but I have yet to actually nurse some one else’s baby. It might be weird at first, but if I was needed, I would do. I am sure that after the first couple of minutes, I would never think twice about doing it again.



    And Im wondering why is is that ff tend to feed solids so much earlier than bf’ers?



    How often is everyone having to breastfeed? My daughter is only 6 days old and she feeds for about half an hour then sleeps for about half an hour before wanting feeding again. She has a couple of longer stretches in the morning and evening where she sleeps better.


    Ollie has started to roll over, and now tries to roll whilst attached to my boob!


    I do know the name, but never met him. I think he was gone by the time I got into highschool.


    Well its my first day of oats and I just expressed 7oz easily, in the time it normally takes me to struggle to get 5oz. You can add me to the list of people it works for!



    Noah- I am the same as mega I eat all my meat pink to red lol and Dan is perfect 🙂



    Cabbage leaves in the beginning isn’t horrible because you are usually engorged so taking some the pressure off is fine but they are a natural way to dry a mom up when she weans.



    I actually think my LO would do betterat night co sleeping, but my DH won’t even consider it. He is scared stiff something bad would happen. He has even awoken from a deep sleep looking for her in the covers! Our getting up once a night has digressed since she can now free her hands from the swaddle and wake herself up. I don’t know what to do, she waking up every two hours! Could it be a growth spurt at 11 weeks?



    Im new to bfing andIve been bfing for 4 days now, any advice on what to do if its painful?



    Ok obviously i sounded like i’m against formula and i wanted to clear the air. My first 2 boys were formula fed boys…and the only thing i can say about that is the first i was young and could care less-just wanted the screaming to stop (Yes i know how it is with a child that screams 24/7) and it helped him. Then the second was 8 years later and i remembered how easy bottle feeding was and didn’t really give breastfeeding a chance after he was hospitalized a week after coming home. I thought i failed as his mother-but made sure my lil man had formula it was. NOBODY explained a thing to me on how breastfeeding works…how/when the milk is made…not a thing. My lil girl was supplemented with formula. I didn’t trust my own body to take care of my child. I spent many hours, days, now months researching all of this, talking with LC after LC after LC to make sure i’m doing what is right. I’m no genius and i don’t know everything but I do know enough and have enough breastfeeding ladies that call me constantly to help that i don’t think my advice is too far off. Mummy-I didn’t say that staying in bed with your lo is the only way to get your supply up. It was only a suggestion. In your previous post there was no mention that you had other children. I really don’t think my boys would let me do that either! Obvioulsy you tried with your dd and you said you don’t want to be back to where you were 3 years ago..i was only giving suggestions to avoid being where you were 3 years ago (according to your description). Theres many other ways to help up supply…MMT, fermented oats (if you want to know how to make it i can tell you), fenugreek (which by the way….does absolutely Nothing for me..i would have loved a 900% increase!!), up water intake, camping out on the couch with lo (when other children are sleeping). So anyway-just trying to help you get to EBF…without the supplements. Sorry to offend you if i did.



    Beegee-when I was breast feeding my daughter (she is3 now) she got a complete blockage in a bowel n had to have emergency surgery. We had to travel out of town n I was up for 48 hrs straight with little water or food n no breast pump. When the hospital finally got me a breast pump I was almost dried up. I calld my obgyn n he prescribed me a script that brought my milk rite back, it was calld reglan. Call your obgyn or gyno! They can prescribe you something so u don’t have to give up breast feeding. Good luck



    and what is the most efficient pump to use?



    I have a six month old daughter and I need to wean for health reasons and the sooner the better. My pediatrician thinks she won’t be weanable and I’ll have to go cold turkey. At the moment I am withholding the breast during the day and giving it to her at night. During the day she’ll eat cereal with breast milk twice and maybe take a couple of ounces of formula from a sippy cup if I’m lucky. She refuses all bottles! I don’t think this is enough for her and I’m worried about dehydration. I think she may have had 4 wet diapers today and one was when she woke up after 4 feedings in the night of breast milk. Any suggestions?



    I read your comment about needing a breastpump. I do not know if you qualify for WIC. If you do, they give free breastpumps Medela a top of the line brand, to mothers who are returning to work. If not – a less expensive way to go for short term is renting one. It is perfectly safe, just get new tubing! Good luck!
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