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    Thanks Bri I knew you would understand 😉



    so this is my third time bf and I feel like a new mom once again! my son is 3 days old today and my milk is IN! like really really in! Im swollen and ready for action but my little man isnt drinking enough to give me relief! I bought a manual hand pump (couldnt really afford anything else) to help ease but when I pump nothing really comes out. I have these HUGE breasts and no milk in them maybe? help!



    Jamie- Good job. It’s alot of work now, but if you keep it up I think you’ll be back to ebf soon. Keep it up. FYI I also have a couple blogs on my page with some suggestions to help boost supply…feel free to take a peek 🙂 Keep up the good work ladies!



    Hi Laura- My son is 7 weeks old and what I do is pump if he sleeps longer pass a feeding. I don’t know if you are wanting to build up a freezer supply but if you pump your milk when the baby is sleeping longer that milk can be put in the freezer for when you go back to work (if you work) or it can be used for a loved one to feed the baby from a bottle after the 6 week period. I would not recommend not pumping or expressing the milk because at this early stage your body is trying to build up a nice supply and several nights of being engorged might slow up your supply some.


    Special thanks to you – BRI! For introducing me to fermeted oatmeal and for all the support you offer all of us on a daily basis!!! xo



    Mg5 I have a nursing bra and nursing cami. When your talking about tops do you mean your shirt. I usually wear tshirts all the time there not tight I wear them bigger then need be. I’m going to try and nurse at like I’m in public for practice.



    miamimom2b-thx i was hoping i would get that answer



    LILLI1317: What a great story, I love it. It does make me realize that my decision to breastfeed… especially during the winter! JODY04: That did cross my mind because my right breast has been a bit sore. But if you have mastitis does it feel like the flu? I never went to the doctors as it was over the weekend. That is horrible the advice you were given! I did read in my What To Expect First Year to continue feeding also.



    if my hubs wants to play for his own sake i don’t care, but i’ve let him know that for me it’s not sexual right now. he’s not much of a boob man though and i don’t think he misses them much. oh and he knows no sucking or nipple touching. we all have our limits and both of those would make me feel uncomfortable. oh and i’ve not felt very sexual since baby either. i read a comment somewhere that said when you are bfing you get most of all the physical connection you need from your lo which makes sense to me. i just try to remember i was a wife first and my dh needs a little tlc too. i certainly want him to know i still love him and he hasn’t been replaced by a bald toothless guy. i’ve told him whenever he wants it it’s his job to let me know and i hope to get my groove back at some point.



    I will never give my son’s a flu shot. Especially not the H1N1 shot – due to the fact that it is not even fully researched. I think I would have been peeved, too. It was like he TOLD you what he was going to do and didn’t even ask you. But, it’s up to you!



    T3PO -Thank you, I just get so nervous about losing my supply. I want to nurse for as long as possible so the change kinda freaked me out.



    nena~ I am about to have my 4th child and plan on breastfeeding again. My 2nd child was very difficult with latching on and sounds similar to your situation. Try ‘shells’ to let your nipples breath. Medela makes them. The lactation consultant at the hospital gave them to me & it made a huge difference for me with my 3rd child! I plan on using them again right away.



    2ndtimemommmy – Don’t worry. Your body should adjust to the pumping. It’s good that you have a store of milk! I could never store the milk. My milk has some stupid enzyme in it. Oh well. What I pumped the day before is what he ate the next day.



    recently in my area a dad fell asleep on couch with baby and baby suffocated, a week later a baby died after parent (dont know if mom or dad) rolled over on baby in bed. this scared me soo much… but i still co sleep, i feel like i cant sleep if baby is in another room all by himself. plus, i wake to every moan he makes and havent had a problem yet except once the blanket ended up over his head and that scared me, so are more careful of this now. i have read taht when baby is newborn, co sleeping while breastfeeding is soo important as baby can hear mom breathing, heartbeat, and comfort and security.



    Is anyone thinking about trying to get pregnant again now? I still haven’t had AF return yet and stopped taking the mini-pill. I figure my chances of getting pregnant are pretty slim before my DH deploys in the beginning of June. Does anyone have any advice or am I pretty much out of luck until AF returns?

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