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    Hey ladies, my DD is 13.5 months now and still breastfeeding. it seems to have dropped off to just mornings, right before or after nap and then somewhat before bed. I’m not sure if its her cutting herself down on feedings that my supply is low, or my supply is low therefore she is going elsewhere fro nutrition. I know its not a huge deal, but even a month ago I didn’t think she would be feeding so few times a day. I’m kinda missing her needing me! Why I’m wondering about my supply is because I’ve been exercising a lot for the past week and a half (started doing p90x) and my diet has changed dramatically. Does anyone know if eating very few carbs (1 serving a day) and eating mostly lean proteins (7 3oz servings) would have that kind of effect? Or could it just be the intense workout? Since starting it, I’ve noticed that at night when I try to feed her before bedtime she could be sucking for quite a while and start to get frustrated and pull off. I don’t feel any kind of letdown, mostly on my right side I can still feel it on my left occasionally. I try to hand express some milk but can’t even do that. Does anyone have any ideas?



    Please help! I have been feezing breastmilk for when I go back to work. Tonight I tried to give Derek a bottle of breastmilk I defrosted just as a trial and he refused to take it…I tasted a drop and I don’t blame him! It tasted horrible…metallic and soapy. What can I do??? Is this the lipase stuff I’ve been hearing about? I want to give him milk when I return to work but what cab I do about this?



    okay deeyore,I had an infection due to my OB’s poor judgement of keeping me on pitocin for TWO days when my water had broken and i was not dilating Blood pressure fell to 50 and my son lost oxygen!! Apperently, he had to go thru so many tests as his APGAR score was zero on all counts.(hubs told me all this..don’t remember nothing except admitting myself into d i did produce but had to waste it..i had blood pressure issues and the blood pressure meds coupled with constant MRI’s didn’t allow me give my BM to my son till he was way into formula and not getting full, they kept uping it. Is there a reason to starving a hungry baby because of rules? Didn’t think so!! The doctors say he came out hungry!!! lol..Thats all the explanation i can give for now.Help any??



    Does anyone know what is safe to take for allergies while nursing?



    I knew Isaac had out grew his swaddle when he woke up in the middle of the night wearing it like a cape. I decided then (as much as I hated getting rid of it) that it was becoming a danger for him so we stopped. It took about a week for him to get used to sleeping without it but he did fine after that.



    Emilee, I saw that! How awful that the myth that breastfeeding ruins your breasts lives on. How is that? Don’t they realize it’s pregnancy and age that does it? Your breasts start to grow in the first trimester. Shoot, with Chris they went from B’s to DD’s within the first trimester! HAHA! I just wish people were more educated or at least use the brain that’s on their heads. HAHA!



    on the oatmeal.. it’s just old fashioned oats, not instant. i use quaker oats. you mix 1 cup oats and 1 cup water and let it sit for 7 hours or overnight. then you just heat and prepare however you want. i just added sugar. some people add icecream, some add peanut butter. i thought it tasted just fine. just like regular oatmeal.



    Bri….yah, being able to put in a ponytail is a necessity for sure. Especially in FL. That is what I always tell me cutter. The shortest layer must be long enough to still go in a pony. I work outdoors.



    lilmama- it has to be the link.. if you click Share this image and click Get Link Code there will be the code for HTML websites



    That does look painful!!!



    emilee- i hope they made you feel better!



    @ babyheart…you may also want to start pumping 10 – 15 minutes after each feeding. On top of your little one nursing the added time on the pump may stimulate your production. Even if you only get a few drops out during these pumping sessions, it is stimulates your breast so your son will get more. Have you done a feed and weigh at your ped’s office? It may surprise you to find out how much he truly gets. Also, you mentioned that your little guy cries through feedings…it could be that he isn’t hungry, but has an upset tummy. Maybe you can look into an elimination diet. My friend’s daughter was a screamer until she omitted glueten, dairy, eggs, soy, nuts and a few other items. In two days her daughter went from being one of the fussiest babies, to an angel. Either way, just try to give as much breast milk as you can. Even if you give a bit of formula, the more mommy milk he can take the better. You’re doing a great job!



    **Hisbabymama85** how old is your LO? for about the first 6 weeks I did the same thing, I finally just started putting pillows around me and propping baby up so if my arms relaxed he wasn’t going anywhere but wasn’t smooshed against me (to prevent suffocation) I was so scared that I would drop him (which he did slip one time but I woke up before he went anywhere thank goodness) or pull him against me but I could not stay awake. I had to get adjusted to not sleeping as much and so I decided just to prevent him from getting hurt. It was like the more I concentrated on not falling asleep, the more I did!!! LOL. Good Luck!! it will get better!!



    Mamadear – I plan to let her self-wean, but I hope to nurse until somewhere between 24 and 30 months. I love nursing a toddler, I find it so worry free and easy compared to when she was really little. How about yourself?


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