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    Nic4- My guy is 5 months and during the day he eat about every 21/2 hrs and at night even more it seems. I wish he’d go longer so we could sleep more but not so much.


    yes I would love it if my fat would turn to muscle!


    I said it before but not sure if everyone got it but is selling britax for super cheap right now. You can get a Marathon for only 199$ with free shipping.



    lil tip- totally normal! their bellies are sooo little at this point. they have to eat so often. it does get better, though. Ella used to eat every 2 hours, also. And sometimes it was hard to get her to go that long! She’s now 12 months and i miss that lol so it does get better!


    chellebob that sounds similar to what Ollie was doing. He would feed every 1hr to 1hr 1/2 at first. And every 2 hrs at night. He is 11 weeks and now is every 2-3 hrs during the day, cluster feeds most evenings. Then wakes up about twice a night!



    Ladies just starting to BF- stop using the bottles! The best way to stimulate production is to nurse! Pumping does not stimulate it as well. So just nurse whenever LO wants it. I know it may be hard, but it does get better! The bottles are a really bad habit to get into, because as someone else said the more bottles, the lest your baby nurses, the less milk you produce and you might lose your supply completely. In this early time it is really important that you nurse your baby every time. Good luck to you!


    bri- i know this is ot but there is so much drama on her today….sigh… but the way i pt my son was to let him pee outside. He loved peeing outside…. also i kept him bottomless cause when he had on the trainers i think he got confused and thought it was a diaper so he run around in just a t shirt it only took a few days before he was completely trained. he was completely pt by 20 months. i have MANY pictures of him peeing in the cute.



    deeyore486 – did you see that the lighter the color and the more cloudy the stronger the relief with the baltic amber necklaces? Interesting..i think the dark ones are prettier, but will get the light I guess…

    How did you all decide which size to get? I measured and was thinking 14 inches…but that is the biggest level for an infant! Bri, what size did you get? Your son is even bigger than my big baby!!



    Maga* sorry lol



    dollybird – Is there a medical reason why your baby is eating so early on? The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that infants start receiving complementary foods at six months (180 days) of age in addition to breast milk. Try to get somebody else to give the bottle. Your LO should associate you with the breast and somebody else with the bottle.


    I sometimes co sleep. I find Ollie just latched on all night.



    I am in the hospital with my sick preemie. He’s a week old today and they just started letting him nurse. He has yet to be successful, which is frustrating, yet understandable. My issue is that I have to leave tomorrow to go home to my kids and it is doubtful that I will get to return until he is discharged. I have been with him all week, but now my husband has to go back to work (over the road truck driver). He will have to have bottles while I’m gone. Has anyone had a preemie go home exclusively bottlefed and stI’ll be successful at breastfeeding?



    hey Ladies!! I posted a cookie recipe last week that contains brewers yeast and oatmeal…they taste pretty good and they have increased my milk supply, I was pumping 10-12 ounces a day and now I am getting 15-16. I pump during the 9 hours Im at work and nurse while I’m at home. The key ingredient is the brewers yeast, as some of you may have heard to drink a beer, but this allows you to use the yeast in pretty much anything you eat!! Hope all is well!!



    thanks braddabell!!



    they say a hospital grade one. i really liked the medela pump my hospital had, but they are like $400. i have the medela pump in style. it’s an electric dual pump… probably the most popular one. but even that is $275. i bought mine used on craigslist and just boiled all of the plactic parts.

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