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    jessica-my dh is great with isaac but when he was younger the crying baby always came to me. i think it made him nervous and my boob was like an ace in the pocket. it always fixed the problem. you may just need to talk to hubby and see why he can’t handle a crying baby and explain what the different cries mean. i think for mommies its more instinctual but for daddies all there cries sound the same.



    I haven’t been engorged since Alex was 3 weeks. No worries love! And, I didn’t mean you. I hear about how annoying it is all the time. I never found that. I liked it. HAHA! I know I’m weird. I would rather have my little guy eating all the time then not eating at all.


    nic4charles – I should also let you know that I would still clusterfeed in the evenings to tank her up for the night. Her evening meals were at 6pm, 8pm and 11pm. She’d go to sleep at 7pm and wake her at 8pm for that meal but I would dreamfeed her at 11pm so she’d sleep all the way from 8pm to 7am the next morning.



    She put a few drops in with his bottle, luckily I caught her and said, ‘What the hell are you doing?!’ I freaked, it was my first baby and he was a preemie. At 12 weeks he was only 7lbs



    hey ladies, its been a while! ive been pretty busy so ive just been popping in here n there on my itouch. anyway yall probably dont remember but a cpl weeks back i posted how im just not liking the feeling of breastfeeding and its all driving me nuts..well i was thinking about it and i remmeber hearing someone say that when i was breastfeeding my first child and it just made me cringe how anyone could think such a negative thoought about such a beautiful thing so i figured there must be more to this…well an ENT was checking my daughter’s mouth out for something and my daughter told him to check out her baby brother, well he looked in his mouth and turns out his lip needs to be clipped as its fused to his gums…i read up on it and that can affect the baby latching well which explains all the weird sensations i get when i breastfeed him. it was really bothering me why i felt so strange and i guess now i know why. the thing is he is already going to have a big surgery for a couple of other things so i dont want to add more to it…so im just gonna keep going the way we have been for the past eight months but at least now i know whats going on. my letdowns also give me the d-mer thing (its where the hormones from a let down create negative feelings) so its been a doozy but ill get through it to give my baby whats best.



    ama- i always notice that, too.



    1sttimemommy…..i as well am a first time mommy when i was pregnant i didnt leak either and i am breastfeeding just fine you have nothing to worry about



    Hi everyone i dont get to come on here very often to comment but its lovely to know this site is here if i do have any questions. My lo has just turned 4 months and I’m still ebf – yay!! It’s wonderful to see her growing and getting fat thanks to me! I’m so lucky she’s such a good baby and since 2 and a half months she’s been more or less sleeping through the night! She eats every three hours during the day but is often able to go from 9 or 10pm until 7 or 8 am. Occasionally she’ll wake at around 3.30 for a quick feed but will then sleep in the next morning. I really hope it lasts!!!


    Lawsons mom, thats crazy, You must be so pleased Lawson isn’t with her.



    lauraoct – Yippee!!! So happy for you!

    Not sure if I can tell if the oats are working yet or not. I have been eating them for about6 5 days, but only started pumping yesterday when I went back to work. I always have enough milk when I am at home. So far not sure I can tell, but I am going to keep at it for awhile!



    Hey ladies, it’s almost 11 here. Just got home from a birthday party. Hmmm! I was very excited. We hung out by a camp fire and ate s’mores! YUM!!! Chris has his first one. Well, the boys just went to bed so maybe they’ll sleep in in the morning. Alex did have a late nap on my lap by the fire which was nice and he slept on the ride. Home. We had lots of fun though! But now I’m ready for bed!! Hope you all are having a great weekend!



    My husband came down with a cold this weekend (sore throat, cough, sneezing, etc) how careful do we need to be with our 3 week old (we EBF)? I rely a lot on my husbands assistance…


    Hey ladies – I have a question. We are going out of town this weekend and on saturday my mom is watching my boys for about 6 hrs. My baby is 6 months old today and still BFing about every 3 hrs. He hasn’t ever had formula and won’t take a bottle. My pump broke and he nurses so much my boobs barely get to fill back up so I don’t think I could pump anyways. I have started him on solid food. If I feed him before we go do you think he will be okay if he eats something solid 3 hrs later and then be fine? He LOVES to nurse, so I’m nervous leaving him that long without me. Also he won’t take a binky. Thanks in advance!


    1b1g- First I would deffinitely see the lactation consultant to make sure ur baby is latching on correctly and ect.. Second using lansinoh cream or breastmilk on your breast after your done nursing can be very helpful. Also contrary to what pple told me with my first two Breastfeeding Does Hurt when you’re starting out for some of us. Just know it WILL get better. With my first two I only made till about four mths because of the pain, I now know they were’nt latching on good enough. With dd this time when she’d open her mouth to nurse I’d put in as much as possible to make sure she wasn’t just sucking on the tip. Dd is now nine months old and we’ve been doing great. When we were early on and she would first latch on I’d take one or two deep breaths while curling my toes from the pain and then it would get better.. Hang in there!



    staying in bed with my lo for an entire night and letting him nurse almost constantly, worked wonders with my milk supply! i lost a night of sleep but for me it was worth it because i was very commited to EBF.
    Luv2bemama – SNS didnt work too well with me, but i found it very diificult to actually do without assistance, so it was great when my midwife was there but then downhill after that.

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