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    Any tips for me on breast feeding? this is my first child and i just am a little worried



    i’m still EP. god i’m so tired of it. i got lazy and started doing it 4-6 times a day instead of 8. i just CAN’T do it every 3 hours! my nipple STILL hurt and are constantly pink and irritated… and i am almost 7 weeks PP. my let down has really slowed down too. it takes a good 5 or 10 minutes before i can get streams instead of drops. also, it takes me AT LEAST 30 minutes to empty, sometimes more like an hour. i know they don’t recommend pumping that long and that is probably why my nipples are so sore, but i don’t like to leave milk in there because then my supply drops substantially. i also want to make sure to get all of the hind milk since i had a low birth weight baby. i am so desperate to quit pumping early that i think i’m going to get some Fenugreek just so i can pump MASS amounts of milk and freeze it for later use…. and i mean TONS of milk… like 10 – 12 oz a pump session.



    ermsmom – My son is almost 13months. He still breastfeeds full time plus three meals and two snacks a day. I guess I am very pro breastfeeding for at least a year. I understand wanting to wean. 7 months is hard. Their world becomes a lot more fun. Breastfeeding may be boring for them but they get over it and it gets so much better. I plan on weaning around 18months. As for having your boobs back, I understand you reason but you’re pregnant. You body is already not going to be ‘yours’. I don’t know. I know there are moms that say their babies self weaned before a year but that is rare or they took other signs as weaning. When Kekoa started biting me I had a doctor tell me it was time to wean, instead I told him no and it took about two weeks and he hasn’t done it since. I guess my ‘rant’ is, babies don’t self wean for a reason. You have already made it seven months, what is another five? After a year you can start adding in cow’s milk. Breastfeeding is an unique experience. I’d hate for you to cut it short because your baby is going to have baby brother or sister. Of course it is your choice but I’d think it through some more. Good Luck and Congrats! I can’t wait to have another. We are in the middle of looking for a new house so it really isn’t the time to get pregnant. Maybe next summer or fall?



    Tried the WIC route..I work for myself so I can take care of my boys. They see everything as income they wont use my expenses as deductions. I am over the limit by $28 dollars…lmao…I’ll check the consignment shops after I get back to work. Bad cycle to be in…need the pump before I go back to work. Need to go back to work to get the pump…lol



    tiffsept15- Its natural for one breast to produce more milk than the other. My greater producer happens to be my larger breast, although I know size has nothing to do with it. Babies also sometimes prefer one breast over the other. Just make sure you are pumping and/or having baby feed equally off of both breasts. Size and a difference in milk production is sometimes because of the preference of one boob over the other (by mom or baby)



    i recently found out i am pregnant, was not expecting it, was using birth control. anyways i haven’t weened my son yet was hoping to talk to some moms about weening or tandem nursing?????



    I need advice!! (or maybe just reassurance, lol) My daughter is 8 days old, she was born @ 36 weeks weighing only 4lbs 15.5oz . b/c she is so small she NEEDS to eat every 2-3 hours but b/c of her jaundice and small size she is super sleepy and not very hungry and i’m concerned she isn’t eating/getting enough. she has the normal amount of wet/dirty diapers a day but her urine is a little dark and i have to wake her up to eat and in the middle of feedings at least once and encourage her to keep going. when she is actually eating its going great and i have a good supply and have been pumping and freezing to keep it up. the LC i’ve been working with wants me to give her a couple bottles of expressed milk a day just to see how much she actually eats but she won’t take a bottle. i’ve tried like 15 different kinds and can’t afford to keep spending a ton on bottles she won’t take! pretty much the only ones i haven’t tried are breastflow and dr browns, has anyone had any luck with either of them? am i just being overly paranoid??


    momof2- im afraid of pumping and then the baby being hungry when i am out of milk too. so when i pump i just do one boob at a time lol. that way he will have at least one 🙂



    kebler- On average A breast fed baby only needs 25 oz a day. That doesn’t mean they don’t ever want more. But if you are atleast able to do that your LO will be ok. I have found that I can only pump about 1 oz per hr. I also eat soaked oats when I remember to set it up before I go to bed. Since I am a sahm I am not sure what I would be able to get out in the am because he is always attached lol so the only time I usually get the chance to pump is after he has gone to bed and before I go. So hang in there and it will get easier.



    well my son is 7 months and ive been BFing since day one and i got my !st period right after post partumn….. so if ur bleeding can you still not ovulate?



    QUESTION: When you got your period for the first time after birth, was it like a normal period? My son is 13 1/2 months old and I think I have my period, but it is SO light, and I don’t have any cramping at all. Sorry if this is TMI, but I’ve wanted my AF back so that we could TTC, and I’m a little confused. It started yesterday and was bright pink, then this morning it was bright red, and now it is dark brown….so confused. Please leave any info/or comments on my profile…thank you!!!!



    I think that many doctors give out information for too many general purposes. I believe that my doctor said that 4 months is best probably because most assume that you stop breastfeeding at 6 months and so 4 months is the general target. I swear it really does pay to do your own research and not always just listen to your doctor!



    Totally OT but I downloaded the pictures I had done today for Father’s Day. Too cute! Alex is only 5 months and the jeans he was wearing were 18months and his Aloha shirt was 24month. Crazy! He’s catching his brother very quickly.



    I just need a little encouragement myself. I have exclusivly bf my daughter who will be 6 months on the 15th, she has had maybe a total of 10oz formual in her life. Well I have to pump milk while I am away at school and while they offer pumping rooms, they are too far from my classes so I pump in the ladies room. I have the hardest time because the pump ends up making soooo much noise. I get through it, but I can’t help but wonder, what do the other girls that come in the restroom think is going on in here. I am sure that the last thing they are thinking is that I am expressing milk. Also, Jordynn is starting to bite how do I discourage this and sometimes she grabs handfulls and pounds on my chest. I try to say no sternly and take away the breast. and with the grabbing I have just been holding that hand gently.


    So a few days ago I asked about weight loss…I ended up in the hospital this weekend for an infection from my c section and while in the hospital I found out that I may have hyperthyroidism. This would explain my sudden and uncontrolable weight loss! I was so worried it was due to breastfeeding but now I know that it is due to another medical problem and thankfully I can continue breastfeeding for the time being! 🙂

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