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    Kym22-Call Medela about your PIS that is not working well. They have pretty good customer service!



    judi- carb reduction does work for me to lose weight but is it safe to do while breastfeeding? I tried to ‘diet’ but lost a lot of my milk supply. I am also 5’3 and currently at 140. I was 125 prepregnancy but only a year earlier I was 118. My weight is always all over the place and the only thing I can do to lose is VERY low carbs. I am just afraid my LO won’t be getting what she needs.



    a-mum2b – It’s not a bad thing per say but long time use ‘can’ cause supply problems. If you are able to wean off of the shield I would try. I would rather be safe then sorry.

    Talitha, Kym wasn’t taking Reglan for depression, it caused it. It is for helping supply but many of us have the wonderful side effect of anxiety and depression while on it. You are correct that Zoloft is perfectly safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding. It doesn’t effect supply at all, at least not from the people I’ve talked to.



    today is maddy’s birthday! we made it a year breastfeeding with no plans of weaning in the near future & not a drop of formula (working full time)!!!!! i just wanted to say thanks to all the mamas on this forum–all the advice & ideas really helped me over the year.



    Hello to all.. I am interesting in breastfeeding this time around and was wondering if some of you ladies can provide any helpful tips to me. One question in particular that I have is how soon after birth can I begin to breastfeed. Any suggestion would be well appreciated.



    kottonkurlz: i dont know what you have for insurance but blue cross blue sheild will cover a breast pump. i got the medela pump in style for free!



    I think I should probably rephrase what I put earlier – I wish I hadn’t started using a bottle before we had breastfeeding established.



    sugar-Are you ebf??? If so, your supply should not be decreasing. I have never been engorged. I have bf baby every 2-3 hrs (sometimes more often) since birth and have never been engorged. As long as you are feeding baby on demand and not watching a clock you should be fine. Just keep putting baby to breast as much as they want, don’t worry about a schedule. You should have a nice supply.



    i just noticed this room and think this is a good place for me to visit. just a little about me i delivered my baby girl almost three weeks ago and for the first 6 days had no milk so we had to suppliment with formula. when i had come home from the hospital i bought a pump and my milk has come in but i’m not producing enough to feed my baby. i think i average about one ounce each time i pump and thats after i try to get her to take the breast on her own. she does latch on but i think she has become used to the nipple for the formula so i pretty much pump and give her that milk and then the formula. SOOOO my question is does anyone have any tips or tricks to make my breastmilk actually come in enough so that formula doesn’t really need to be used at all? i would love to have her mostly on breastmilk not formula and i’m becoming frustrated and don’t know what to do. HELP PLEASE!!! lol



    No sippy cups worked for us until we tried the Nuby ones. They are real easy to get the hang of (but they are definitely not spill proof!). Also I used the Gerber ones without the spill-proof thing on. Once he got the hang of the Nuby sippy I switched him to the harder plastic ones. Just took one good suck for him to get the hang of it. He just used a straw for the first time the other day so we are using those sippys sometimes too. When we are all at the table I try to help him use a regular cup but he is nowhere near ready to do that on his own because of the mess factor. He understands though. He is 13 months old now.



    Thanks for all the tips ladies 🙂 I will definatley give them a go!



    Aprilroseâ€I tried both the reglan & the domperidone. The reglan did nothing for me, but the domperidone more than doubled my supply (as measured by pumping output). I know many women who had success w/ the reglan, but it can have bad side effects, including depression, and it isn’t meant to be used more than 2 weeks. In the US, the domperidone isn’t FDA approve, so you have to go to a compounding pharmacy w/ a prescription, and insurance doesn’t cover it so it is about $90 for a 1 month supplyâ€also many US doctors won’t prescribe it. My LC suggested that you can order it via mail from New Zealand, but I didn’t bother trying. If I’m not mistaken, you re-latched your daughter at 4 weeks old? If you’re concerned about supply, try to nurse as much as you can on that side. You may even want to look into using an SNS to keep your baby on that breast. By the time I tried using the SNS, my daughter was 8 months old so she was aware enough to try to play with it. I truly believe if I started using it earlier when she stopped nursing (around 4or 5 months old) it would have kept her interested in nursing, and would have helped boost my supply without having to get meds. Good luck; you’re doing a great job!!



    yukstar – Every doctor I’ve talked to, article I’ve read, etc… says nursing during pregnancy is completely fine. Doctors used to think it would cause contractions to become preterm labor but they’ve since figured out that you have stronger contractions during an orgasm than from nursing. TOTALLY SAFE! And, yes, I will be tandeming! SO EXCITED!!



    My eldest has always gotten the seasonal shot. His birthday is in November so we usually do it around his birthday. He also got the H1N1 this year. I also got it while pregnant with Alex. When this fall comes around he’ll be getting it too.



    MiniOface – I know what you mean… In the first few months I was CONSTANTLY freaking out about my supply. Every little thing made me worry. But, then someone told me exactly what I said to you and it all made sense haha.

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