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    I move too much to co sleep also. And I wanted 3 or 4 kids but hubby only wants 2. So guess thats me done :(! But I am only 28 I have time to persuade him!


    Trust me I’m very grateful to work here! But it’s a major bank so it’s no wonder they have the ability to provide this for us. The room used to be a ‘quiet room’ for people to use during their breaks lunches so they can go relax, take naps, etc. At some point they turned it into the nursing room. I guess it wasn’t really used by anyone other than nursing moms. So now, only we’re allowed in there. We get special badges and everything. It does make EBF a whole lot easier!!! 🙂



    dee-sorry about the loan. morgage companies are such a pain to deal with and its only gotten harder since the housing market crashed. i’m not sure but could you request a reappraisal?



    Bri: when/where is the Seattle nurse in? I would like to come across the water for that, but can’t find any information.



    jessica-I am in the same boat. Almost 5 months,feeding every 2 1/2 hrs day and night. I am exhausted I wish he would sleep more. I can even put him to bed without nursing but he still wakes up associating nightime with boobies I guess ….lol


    blueberry brandy is she mad!


    Alyssa just sat up all on her own from being on her tummy!! She’s 4 days shy of being 6 months. So proud of my little girl!



    momofcash, I had a breast reduction also, and have a low supply. There is a book that has helped me accept that I am not able to EBF. It’s called ‘Defining your own success: Breast feeding after breast reduction surgery.’ I saw it on, and bought it at amazon. My baby had jaundice and had lost too much weight so I began supplementing with formula at 3 days old. The most I have been able to pump in a day is 15 oz and now I only get about 8. It used to be discouraging to see how much other women were able to pump, but now I am ok with just being able to give her as much BM as I can. Also, I think the SNS would have been helpful to me in the beginning. If I ever have another baby, I would definitely try the SNS from the start. Best of luck to your friend.



    IAP Breastfeeding Forum —— type it in as such and it will come up on FB



    Also, you shouldn’t need the fermented oats this early on as long as you are nursing on demand, but if you want to give it a shot here is how to make it. You take a cup of old fashioned (not instant) oats with a cup of water and let it sit on the counter for at least 7 hours (overnight). When it’s done you can just prepare it however you want: sugar, cinammon, peanut butter, icecream, etc.


    My babysuprise are you getting enough rest, I heard that can affect your supply.



    I try and avoid all caffine drinks AND energy drinks. Caffine is ok but it really isn’t good for anyone. Energy drinks are sooo bad for you. I’m trying to lose weight so I’m just avoiding them all. I’m not a coffee drinker in the first place so I guess that helps. What doesn’t is that I’m a soda-holic! I need to stop that habit. I do try really and then Safeway goes and has a buy 2 get 2 free sale on it. If it’s not in the house I don’t drink it. Ugh!



    6 AM here…Zoey’s wide awake. LOL. I’d be grouchy except 1)I’m a SAHM so it doesn’t matter… 2)She’s usually an amazing sleeper… 3)She’s so darn cute! So we’ve played and read and snuggled. I think I’m going to have to make some oatmeal again though. That was our problem. After rolling around and switching sides so often she woke up and got fussy with the whole ordeal, I thawed a few ounces of the VERY SMALL supply I have in the freezer. Oh well. She’s full and happy now. Maybe we’ll try bed again soon. Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!



    My LO has had a bit of yellow gunk in her eye the last couple of days. I’ve heard several times here to squirt BM in the eye to clear it up, but I’m not sure exactly how to do this. I tried pulling her off during a letdown and letting a bit of the spray hit her eye, but she just closes it, so I’m not sure the BM is actually getting in there. Would it work better to pump a bit out and use an eyedropper? Does refrigerated BM still work ok?




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