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    What kind of breastpump is best for my needs?



    Can someone tell me a good breastpump to buy, that isn’t too expensive? Basically anything less than $100 that actually works well! Please respond on my page.


    I have the Medela Pump In Style – it was quite a bit of money, but it has paid for itself!! Hurray! ($289) But, for me, I pump at work and need to pump as much as I can in a short amount of time – so this pump is perfect for that!



    I wanted to get a really nice breast pump but not pay too much. Keep a look out on EBAY to save money even Amazon. I got a brand new Phillips Avent ISIS DUO electric pump for $160 vs the $300 it retails for!



    Does anyone have tips/advice or some good links that can help me get better at pumping? my milk supply is not an issue, but I still only get an ounce or less when I pump. Maybe I am stressing too much? Iam using the pump-in-style.



    Any one know if the Playtex petite dual electric pump is any good? Its a lot less than other pumps, and seeing as I want to use the Playtex drop-ins milk storage system I have been considering it. However, the reviews at both Babies ‘R Us and Target are not so great….



    Grr just posted about a manual pump and the damn thing lost it! So shortened version here goes! Will be on a longish trip at end of Feb, bout 11-12 hrs away from babe and pump and looking at getting a manual pump to take with me. Looking for suggestions on which on to get, please message my page so I don’t miss a great suggestion! thanks in advance ladies you guys are the best and some of the reasons I’ve been going as long as I have been, I really want to do a year and would hate if this trip diminished my supply too much and forced me to have to supplement. Ethan is already over 18 lbs at 6 1/2 mths, he loves his milk!!



    I use Pigeon’s (Japan Brand) manual breastpumps. Its costs for IDR 300.000 (about USD 26), and it’s good thing



    i want to know how often should someone use a breast pump?



    i am not sure i understand the question. I pumped 6 times a day for the 2 bottles my son needed at daycare. But before he started daycare i never pumped.



    Anybody use ameda purely yours? thinking about buying it .Its about $150 so much cheaper than medela. I need to pump just cause my son prefer one breast and i don’t want to lose my milk supply.



    Cindy C- If you are with your baby all the time you don’t need to pump unless you want to increase your suply and then you pump in between feedings. I pump two to three times a day when at work (every time I miss a feeding with my baby).



    barunka05- I just purchased the Ameda Purely Yours with carry all. Before making my purchase I did alot of research. is the best website that I found. It gives comparision charts of all of the latest breastpumps out there and it even has reviews from women that have used them. The Ameda Purely Yours received the highest scores and the best reviews. Even above Medela. I was shocked because I was always told that Medela was the BEST pump out there so I am glad I researched before making a purchase. I have not used the pump yet because I am only 19 weeks pregnant. I was just in search of a better pump b/c the one I used when bf my son was horrible. I hope this helps :0)


    Anyone used the Lanishol electric pump?



    Hello there,

    If anyone can help me, i originally used a Avent Manual Breast pump with my first child and it was awful i could not keep up with the amount of expressing. I know at my hospital they use Madela Breast pumps and they recommended one to me when i had my first child. I am now going to concieve my second child and was wondering if anyone know what Electric Breast Pump is best considering it is not over priced at around Â80. If you know of anyone come to my page and send me a message. PLEASE HELP!!!

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