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    i work full time and use the avent purely yours. it’s under $200 (have no idea what that is in pounds). i like it but wish i had spent more $ and gotten the medela. it does the job, easy to clean, etc….but there were days when i felt like i should pump more. after i take off the pump b/c no more milk was coming out, i could hand express some more. but overall it’s a great pump that’s lower in price then the medela.



    soonmommyof2boys- I have the double electric Lansinoh breast pump, and I LOVE IT. I use it 8 times a day. It’s way cheaper than the Medela one and just as powerful, I used the Medlea one at the hospital and it was more technical. The Lansinoh is straight to the point and get’s the job done. I use all Lansionh prouducts. It’s high quality stuff.



    Hi ladies! I am breastfeeding and now decided to use the pump so my LO can get use to drinking out of the bottle. I have a Playtex and it just takes forever to pump. I was told the more I use it the more my breast will get use to it. Is this true, because going at the rate I’m going, I’m just going to give up. I will be sitting there for 30 mins and only get about an once of milk out. Seems like the pump doesn’t work on me. Help!!!



    It could be the pump you are using. I used the Medela Pump Instyle double pump and really liked it. I have also heard that some woman just can’t get very much milk out when pumping.



    So, here’s my problem. My lo will not latch on. I think it’s because of my inverted nipples. I have tried pumping first and using nipple shields. At first when we were in the hospital, he would try and sometimes succeed and then just fall asleep at the breast. Since we’ve been home, I can’t get him to latch at all. He gets really frustrated. I stay calm and talk to him but he just screams and cries. So I’ve been pumping many times a day everyday and feeding it to him through the bottle. Here’s my problem: I only have a single manual pump. (The Medela Harmoy one.) I got it at a community baby shower. I know it’s for very occassional use but I’ve been using it several times a day as I cannot afford to buy a nicer pump. Do you think if I called my OBGYN that she could write me a prescription to rent one? I really don’t mind pumping at all. I don’t even mind the fact that I’m currently using a single manual one. Butttt I know that it’s eventually going to stop working because I use it so much. I’ll probably call the doctor’s office tomorrow and ask but was just wondering about your input.


    Has anybody been getting grief for exclusively pumping? I started doing it because my baby would get really frustrated trying to latch and wasn’t peeing or pooing so I’ve been letting him decide when he wants to eat and so far it’s ever 2-3 hours and he eats 1.5 oz and falls right to sleep so I feel like I’m doing right by him but I’m getting so much crap from friends/docs…it makes me feel like a bad mommy or something


    My lactation consultant told me it is
    not uncommon to have low milk supply when you
    pump. I got down to only producin g 1/2 ounce at a time. She recommended Breastea from and it really works! I am pumping 5 to 6 ounces at a time now since I started it.



    I pump usually around 10 oz in a sitting. (Usually 6 from 1 side, 4 from the other) In the morning though if I don’t wake up and pump in the middle of the night I get closer to 15 oz. This morning was my record so far of 17. I thought this was normal but from what I am reading it sounds like it is actually a lot? I have been exclusively pumping though which I thought was more common than it seems to be too. I just find it easier on everyone in the house. Me, baby, and hubby.

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