Bronchitis and bronchiolitis

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    My 9 month old son had this at the moment and is miserable!! he also has an ear infection!



    when my son was 9mths he also had bronchiolitis–it was the sadest thing so i know what your going through–just keep your baby on lots of fluids!! And cuddle lots : )



    *PLEASE HELP* my youngest son got diagnosed by a doctor with a ‘mild’ case of bronculitus age 2 weeks old, his now 14 weeks and still has it. He gets better (but never free from it) then the temperature drops and it comes back really bad, I’m constantly at the doctors or being referred to hospital and get no advice. I have a pump for when it’s serious but I just want to know how to prevent it. I know keeping him in doors helps but I have a 4 year old too and he needs to go to nursery everyday and its affecting him as he gets jealous cos he can’t go out as my youngest son has to stay home and when my youngest is really bad i ask grandad to take him to school but he wants me but grandad wont look after a poorly baby. I’m completely miserable and at my wits end. I feel like a terrible mum for taking my youngest out but feel like a terrible mum for not taking my 4 year old to the park ever because he so wants to. I just want to be a good mum. Xx



    What do doctors do to treat these types of infections?



    I took Ava to her pedi yesterday after she developed a pretty bad cough around Christmas. He said that she had bronchiolitis and sent her home with a nebulizer. I’m supposed to give her a treatment every 4-6 hours for 5 days. So far, so good. Also, he gave me two medications that are orally administered (once a day). He said the medication was used for pneumonia. It makes me feel good to know that he got right to the problem and took the procedures necessary to know that she wouldn’t get worse.



    Noah has Bronchiolitis, wew got told that there is no medication just to see it through but take him back to Dr if it doesn’t get better after a few days, apparently it will get worst for the next day or two first. Another tip was to raise the cot matress so his head is raised when he sleeps so we’ll be trying that. It is so horrible, his breathiung sounds like he is growling and his cough sounds painful but I guess its all part and parcel of developing an immune system!!



    my LO is now 8.5 weeks old. when she was 4 wks she was showing symptoms of a cold… i took her to my gp and he told me there was nothing he could do but that if she got a fever or diahrea to contact him.. she didnt get either. 2 days later she was airlifted to the nearest facilitated hospita (300 km away) she was diagnosed with bronchiolitis and isolated for 3 days, on oqygen and fed through a tube! i advise anyone who suspects there LO has this not to wait.. when there this sick the hospital is the best place for them.



    My son got broncolitis when he was about 7 weeks old he had to have feeding tube and oxygen,he was in hospital for 8 days the poor little guy.He’s fine now although he always gets chest infections.



    my second son was born with it, but I don’t understand after reading about this. was he born with it or did he catch it in the hospital? If it is viral and I was fine how did I give it to him?



    My 8 month old just recovered from bronchiolitus…I just thought it was a cold at first and didn’t take it too seriously at first because his temp was normal. When I took him to the ped, he got a nebulizer to take home and I had to give him treatments. The loud noise scared him but he would calm down after a litte while and just sit calmly for me to hold the mask on his face. A tip is to cover the machine with a bunch of towels so it muffles the noise, that helped. Also raise your baby’s crib mattress by putting a pillow under one end and run a humidifier on high where your baby sleeps. I also put terrry cloth bibs on my LO for the constant nose wiping. The mucus is appalling. Make sure your LO gets extra water (if old enough) to stay hydrated. I am so sorry if your baby gets this sick…it is awful!



    My daughter had this at 10 months old and it was the sadest scariest thing ever. There is nothing they can do besides give albuterol through the nebulizer. Also run a cool mist humidifier…steam up your bathroom and sit in there for about 10 minutes then suck out the babies nose. Try rubbing baby vicks on the baby at night…also on the bottom of the feet and cover with socks. It took my daughter over 3 weeks to fully recover from this.



    i’m getting so scared for my LO. She is almost 4 months now and has had bronculitis for at least 2 month and the doctor wont do anything. he just keeps saying keep her on her nebulizer. any suggestions????



    My son is 11 month old and he is not comfortable in his cot and I am going buy king size bed plus mattress. Could anyone help which brand is recommended here in Brisbane Australia. For mattress I got and these are good to go. What you say?



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