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    Hi I am Melisa from the United States of America. I got my first child easily and then I went for second child. As the first was easy I thought the second will easy too. But everything went wrong and I diagnosed with the infertility.
    I did many several tests and I know that it is not easy to have several tests one by one. It was so depressing and annoying process. Even sometime I was feeling like giving up. It took lot of years and lot of the things to get pregnant again.
    I don’t know how I will face it but I have to face it.



    Hello Melisa, welcome to this forum and I hope you will find good solution for your problem with good advice at this forum. I can really understand your problem that you are unable to conceive again. It is a good thing that you got your first child easily and now you can plan for another one. It is normal for many ladies to face such problem during second time and you should not worry about it. I can understand that you are going through very hard time of your life and you want a good solution for it. When it comes to facing the time of infertility, it is always one of the sad and hard times of your life. But believe me; you can also get help to find treatment solution for it. Infertility is very common problem these days and many couples are facing this issue all over the world. You should not lose hope and happiness due to this problem because treatment solutions are also available. I know that you tried many tests and diagnosis in clinics for this issue. If you want good treatment solution, I will recommend you to visit any certified and trusted infertility clinic where you can get help of professionals. I also faced infertility problem and I visited Ukraine to get treatment solution. In Ukraine, you can easily find many good and certified infertility clinics where you can get treatment solution for this problem. It is very important for you to be positive and hopeful towards life to get good treatment solution. I hope it will work for you and you will be able to conceive your second baby. Best of luck for your future my dear.

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