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    The Britax seats for the most part are the best you can get (hence the price!). You really need to evaluate what your needs are when you get the seat and what they will be when you no longer need the seat. The reason we went with the Regent is i was purchasing the seat for my nearly 38 lb 2 yr old who’s height had him already grown out of the alpha omega that i had already purchased. He was front facing and with the 80lb/8 yr limit on this seat, i knew i would be able to keep him in it until at least 5 yrs old! The marathon goes to 65lbs and i am not sure about the roundabout. Good luck!


    I am thinking of getting an ‘all in one system’ where you can unsnap the infant seat from the car and load it onto a stroller. Not sure what you call that……does anyone have any thoughts on those? I want something portable, lightweight and safe. I’ll switch to a larger car seat at a later time.




    since were out of budget, i bought a graco stroller and carseat with base in a yard sale , looks perfectly new with a manual too but its manufct date was 2001. i know its expired already…but, should i really buy a new one? who will check if my carseat is expired? will i get penalized by the law? will the hospital wont allow me to leave? im residing in california, riverside county. please advise…[email protected]…any inputs will be greatly appreciated. thanks



    Does any one have the maxi cosi capsual, would you suggest it for a 7 month old?



    I was told that you should never use a carseat that has been used before, especially if you were not the previous owner. You will never know if it has been in an accident or not and it could cause harm to the baby. The stroller is probably not as big of a deal.



    In New Zealand you can hire carseats from Plunket or even from some baby shops. We did that for the first 9 or 10 months and it was great!
    I think the rule for second hand seats is 10 years after manufacturing date, but you would have to check. Apparently if you take second hand seats apart to look for stress marks or cracks to see if they have been in an accident, but I think you would have to know what you are doing. Capsule carseats for newborns that go with the snap and go wheels are great for the first 6 months or so. You can tuck the baby into the seat before you leave the house, and them snap the capsule into place in the back of the car, then snap it onto the wheels if you want to quickly whiz into the shops. We had twins and found the double snap and go wheels a bit awkward but do-able, but you couldn’t lean on the frame to turn it incase it bent, etc. The capsules were great though, and I could carry two at once if I buckled the babies in and threw one handle over my shoulder and carried the other one in my other hand. Lol! They are now 14 months, and are onto the next size in carseat. My mother was able to get some motherchild/mothercare carseats that go from 9kg up to 36kg… and they were only $100NZ each on special! bargain!


    If you have a regular car then you may have trouble getting the convertible (larger ones) into your car. These seats work better in SUV’s, vans, or large vehicles… Just a word on that…


    I usually get the infant travel system,i use the car seat for about the first 4-6 mths,the stroller for as long as they i get a carseat that will last til they no longer need one..easier that way i think…once they are sitting up and more interactive they tend to like the convertible seats they can see more that way and outside of the car instead of tugging the seat around you just put em in stroller or buggy or whatever depending on where you are…anyways just me:)



    iv now got the britax evolva 123 for mt 2 yr old and its great,its now the law in England that all children under 12 and certain height have to be in suitable carseats!


    Hi guys, Ive been wondering about this infant car seats. Is this product really need it for you ? I got some product that has high price, dont know if its really usefull. But Ive been thinking if Im a single parent (or one of us have to work), and I want to having fun with my baby using car. I think I really need one. Moreover some infant car seat has multifunction, like it can be patched to a stroller.

    You can find some info right here :

    Hope you can enjoy it and find some usefull article there.
    And please have some comment, + or -, Ill be appreciate it.




    Maybe have a look at a new car seat, I found some great stroller/car seat combos on

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