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    Learn ways of preventing and treating the common cold.



    My son is 2 months, has congested sinuses and blocked nose. My midwife has suggested putting a small amount of breastmilk in his nose to loosen the blockage. She says the milk has antibodies it can help reduce inflammation in the nasal/sinus area. There is no evidence to suggest that humidifiers/vaporisors have any beneficial effect whatsoever. So we’ll try the breastmilk up the nose and see how it goes.



    Well after trying putting a small amount of breastmilk in my baby’s nose to help clear congestion, I can say that it definately helps! He was very snuffly and after i put about 3 or 4 drops in he began breathing very heavy and exhaled some large green clumps of snot. Now he is breathing great.



    My daughter who is almost ten months old is having her second cold, and it has been really long. So far it has been ten days since the cold started, and she still has large amounts of snot that I have to suck out on a regular basis, although she has an excellent appetite and tends to sleep pretty well over the last couple of days. I am wondering how long this will last. She is being a good sport about the whole thing, but I would like to see an actual improvement. Does anyone PLEASE have any suggestions about making this end? I stopped breastfeeding at six months (she lost interest), so the breastmilk idea around the nostrils is no longer an option. I welcome any ideas anyone has or their experiences. We do have a pre-scheduled doctor’s appointment for next week.



    neuilly – Hopefully your baby is better now but if she isn’t then do the same thing you would with anyone else. Lots of rest (I know hard with a soon to be toddler) and lots of fluids. A humidifier in her room helps too. Another old trick that I got from my MIL was Vick’s on the feet. I also read about it in a report a few months ago. It really works. The feet absorb things better I suppose. Slather Vicks rub on the soles of the feet and cover with socks or footed pjs before bed. It helps clear the nasal passages. Good luck! The funny thing is that I’m sick right now too and I might try it on myself tonight too. HAHA!! Oh and Johnson and Johnson makes a bath wash for colds too. Same scent as Vicks. Kekoa got one of those baths before bed tonight



    sorry ladies had to vent well.. my LO had a fever on wednesday from his shots and he got better on friday and I had stayed home all week cuz my rents were sick and I didn’t wanna visit them and get my LO sick too!!! so yesterday my in laws had a mother’s day dinner and low and behold they were all sick!!!! coughing and sneezing… I was pissed last thing I wanted was my baby getting sick. And of course this morning he now is stuffed and coughing wtf!! i’m sooo mad!!! they could have told us that they were sick so we didn’t have to go there!!! now it puts more stress on me cause now he is sick again from them. ugh!!!!

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