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    I was told by my Ped Dr to give my daughter Milk of Mag in her bottle. I usually do a tablespoon of it in a 4oz bottle and they said that its just like giving her veggies…She goes everyday by using it


    My daughter is almost 4 months old and she seems to be pooping fine about 2 times a day and they look like healthy bowelmovements but my issue is that she is starting to grunt and strech her body out as she makes those noises and they are loud. She does it over and over again. It looks like she is constipated but she is pooping. They I thought maybe she is just gassy and give her gas drops, but she still does the grunting. She doesnt normally cry while grunting but if she does it for a while, she gets aggravated and starts fussing. Any advice on what this could be or what I could do??



    Question – How often is too often when giving prune juice?



    So my son will be 1 month on saturday and he has been having MAJOR issues with constipation.His bowel movements are so hard and grunts and fusses all day.He went to the doctors last week and they adviced me to give him 1 ounce of white grape juice 3 times a day and that seems to make it worst.So i called today and the doctor told me to put on Tbsp of mineral oil in his 4 oz bottle.Has anyone ever heard of doing that?Does any of you ladies have any recommendations of what worked best for your childs constipation? Plz let me know thanks a bunch ladies



    My daughter is now 2 years old she has problems with constipation since she was 4 months old she started getting better and pooping on the potty but it got bad again and she is now scared to death to even poop at all she holds it as long as she can screams and grabs her bum everytime she has to go its terrible she has been on mirilax for about a month we are still trying to find the right dose for her



    Apple juice Apple juice…. My son who is 6 months has been battling constipattopm since he was 3 months old. Apple juice has worked wonders…



    To jenn…most definately yhat the dark green bm is caused by the iron. My 1 year old son takes iron drops and his bm is dark green too. Every thing is fine. My son also is constipated. He been constipated since 6 months. When he was 6-10 months prune juice worked great. Now that he’s older I have to give him like 8 onces instead of 4 onces. I think its because he’s getting older. I also use laxatives..they work in just minutes! If u use laxatives be sure to put that diapwr back on really fast.


    Hey everyone, my son is 5 months, and he has had constipation since the day he was born. After trying about everything, the doctor said to try 1 oz. of juice in the morning and 1 oz. at night. We used apple prune juice and he is doing good! Once it gets off it, though, he goes right back to being constipated. But the doctor just said to keep doing it if it’s working. If your child is a little older, you can give them more than 2 oz. a day, but he told me not over like 3 or 4 oz. a day and that was at 4 months.



    if my daughter has any apples or too much apple juice she actually gets worse i remember when she was an infant we would be putting a spoonfull og karo syrup in her bottles but now she has been on miralax for 2 months and sometimes shes fine then others she goes 4 or even 5 days with out going then i have to give her a supposotory its terrible shes still not going on the potty at all either



    For those who are breastfeeding… My son is 2 1/2 months old and he is easily constipated. His pediatrician said this can be do to the fact that he is also drinking formula. I use gripe water for gas and gentle ease formula. but when its really bad I give him one ounce of water and I take a stool softener and breastfeed him. Always works!


    HELP my two month old had formula two days ago and is constipated. i have tried everything i know. any help would be great



    mommy2mylesNchace – Formula does tend to make babies a little more constipated but not always. I’m sorry your little one is. There are a few things that you can try. Pump your babies legs and give a tummy massage. Start at the top near the chest and firmly but softly rub down and along the sides. My son loved it. He got massages even though he wasn’t constipated. If that doesn’t work you can stimulate his bum with a cotton swab and vasaline. Be very careful. Don’t put it far up inside. Just around the sides. If that doesn’t work then I’d talk to your doctor. They may want you to give juice or a depository.



    HELP my lil girl is only 6 days old and has not pooed for about 30hrs now. How long can I let it go before I should go to the doctor?



    Everyone seem to think that apple juice is best but what if the child doesn’t like juice at all. He’s 9 1/2 months.



    geo – try brown sugar dissolved in some warm water – like a fairly strong solution – see if that goes down?

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