Constipation babies

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    minibub- i had same problem when my lil boy when he was 6 weeks old u could try warm water with a sprinkle of sugar that helped, although it is normal for such a young baby not to go, if he hasnt been after 1 week i would take him to your gp xx



    My son is 7 weeks old and he is lactose intlorant, so we feed him enfamil prosobee soy formula and it makes him really constipated. The pediatrician is having us give him baby pear juice. 2 ounces 2 to 3 times a day and it works great!



    any suggestions for a 8 day old baby with constipation other than the rectal therm.?????help!!!



    For the ones that can. Apple juice is always the best for constipation. May take a few hours or so but It works. Make sure you are prepared to change many diapers, depending on how long the child has been constipated. I always keep apple juice on hand. It works the best when it is warm. Hope that helped someone.



    Also btw. For those that are not old enough for apple juice, what I did was take a rectal temp to stimulate movement and make sure the baby’s bum is well lubed as well as the temp taker. Works well. Had to do this with my baby at three months.



    My child is 14 moths old. Recently I realized she was having constipation and I did some research online. Some are giving advise tat she should consume more fiber ad drink plenty of water. I suspected its the milk powder that causes her to have constipation. Maybe I should try another brand. Any recommendation?


    tips for all you mommies if your baby is constipated i have tried prune juice or even prune fruit
    my baby was about 5 months at that time while consuming soy formulas he couldn’t shit and he would cry and cry and cry and he seems really cranky and gets agitated and after my baby took prune juice he just filled 5 diapers
    it is definitely not good to be constipated for a week and half because the stool will be poisonous even for adults
    some of you also can try herbal remedies, medicines or even fruits will do



    does prune juice really helps? can get it from supermarket? or it must be fresh? Hope this remedy could help my son. He’s been having constipation for almost a week.



    I’ve tried so many traditional remedy including feeding with prunes and fruit juices to my LO when he was still 2 years old back then. My MIL even tried some chinese traditional herbs on my kid and ended up my kid kept vomiting, got admitted in hospital for 3 days! Never let my MIL to take care of my LO anymore after that incident, forever listening to her friends one. Whatever also feed my LO. Not every kid is the same one lor. My advice is don’t simply try any remedies without any proper diagnosis and pls just give ur kids with proven remedies, u dont wanna ended up like me!



    many people told apple juice is good.. can try.. I think my kid prefer dragon fuirt….



    My son cry almost everyday for his bowel movement. I think his stool is too hard an he felt the pain. I tried many natural remedies and it doesn’t work. I even changed his diet plan by avoiding solid food as much as i can. He really gives me a headache for his constipation problem. Then i try to search online for other solutions and some mothers mention about the formula problem might be the cause for child’s constipation. Then i recalled back that my child had been drinking the same milk powder since he was born. Maybe changing formula would be a good suggestion. I came across this Mamil milk powder that does not contain sucrose and highest level of DHA. The result was good, my DS was very happy after his bowel movement now. Maybe u can give a try for 7 days and see how it goes.



    What causes constipation and how can you treat it?



    Hello everybody,
    My six-month-old son has had ongoing problems with constipation. Are there any dietary tips that can help prevent this? I have read something about brown sugar but I am not sure about it. What do you think about it? I have also found a great article about constipation in babies. They said that fruit juice and lots of water will solve this problem. I am not sure what to do? Help me please!

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