Cytomegalovirus cmv

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    my boy was born with cmv. we didnt know till like day 3 in the nicu. was hard since that was 2 hours from our home. they have to be there 6 weeks at that!
    but my little man is now 20 months along. you wouldnt be able to tell he had it. but we are off to see a cmv dr this next month for a check up. my boy hardly eats and he throws up alot. its alot to take in when you find out they have this specially when your dr tells you everything is fine the whole time! as for your lip deal. i have heard that its honestly really not good. that babies have died from being around cold sores. i have heard that you would need to wear like a face mask. silly but safe. specailly being the mom.



    SO I had a cold sore and my 5 month old baby keeps throwing her hands up into my face and touching my blister. I have tried everything, bandaid over my lip.. I wash her hands really really good after and then put a little mit on it.. I am so worried about contaminating her! You think she will be ok? Should I not be so over paranoid



    hi just a question ( could u please reply to my site) i was told 3 years ago that i had CMV and the dr made me take 6months off work..i miscaryd 2 time in that time…if i was tolld thn that i have it, could i still have it now?..



    How can my unborn baby be affected by CMV?

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