Diaper rash

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    Okay girl, I know exactly where you are. My daughter is now 17 months, I BF her but when I introduced `solids` to her at about 5 months, she had this horrible diaper rash that would bleed at times. I tried every brand of diaper including cloth and the chloirne free ones, ointment, wipes, and prescription creme that the peditricion would give me. We tried letting her bottom get air time but nothing worked. At one time the doctors had me putting 5 different cremes on at every diaper change. It was just silly that they thought the last three cremes were even touching her skin. Plus the cremes burned the open bleeding sores. I kept asking them about the possibility of food allergies and they completely dismissed it. My son also has food allergies and they knew it and still dismissed the idea. She also got really bad eczema around her mouth, which they blamed on her pacifer. Finally fed up, I stopped listening to our doctors and followed my gut instinct. By eliminating foods from her diet, I discovered on my own that tomato caused the eczema around her mouth as well as a bleeding rash and pea`s and green beans caused a bleeding rash. However it did not ever completly clear up and still would bleed from time to time. Finally I took her to an allergist and had her tested. Turns out she has a long list of food allergies, including rice which explained her starting the rash when we started baby rice cereal. I have discovered that rice is in almost every baby food snack and cookie. But the majority of her allergic reactions cause a bleeding diaper rash. A few others give a bleeding rash along with other things such as a head to toe rash or rashes on other body parts. But since i have eliminated the problem foods her bottom has been fine.

    If your daughter does have a food allergy especially to milk then you will have to be very careful about reading food labels. I have many food allergies and dairy is one of mine. it can be avoided but you will have to read EVERYTHING.

    Anyway, if you think it is dairy then why not eliminate it from her diet for two weeks. If her rash clears up then I`d say you found your culprit. If not I`d highly recommend having her allergy tested. And your daughter`s doctor may not be any help or support you at all. Ours told me that I shouldn`t bother because if it was a food allergy she was likely to out gorw it anyways. But she had a rash from 5 months until I finally had her allergy tested at first at 13 months and then we didn`t find it all so we had to go back for a second round at 15 months.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask. I can give you my email address too if you want. It was such a relief after finding out the list of foods to avoid. A great burden was suddenly gone. I only wish I would have had her tested sooner.

    Oh besides the food allergies she is sensitive to diapers and wipes and rash ointments. I have found she tolerates diapers: Luvs, and the chlorine free brands (Seventh Generation and Earths Best). The only wipes we can use are the pampers sensitive, NOT the huggies sensitive apparently there is a difference. When i open a new package of wipes, i take the wipes and wash them out in the sink. You`d be surprised at how many soap bubbles come out. She also didn`t do well with desitin original or creamy. I use something called Triple Paste. It costs A LOT more, but she can tollerate it. however it doesn`t clear things up if she eats something on her list. But I think it may at least protect it from rubbing on the inside of the diaper.

    Good luck and let me know how it goes. Don`t hesitate to send me a note.



    I just use breast milk as medication to my son’s [ diaper rash. I squirt a small amount of milk then damp it on the affected area with clean fingers.



    My daughter is 7 months old and has had problems with diaper rash since she was 6 weeks old. She gets the yeast rash, which I have been treating with Canesten cream (works really well). The problem is that after the yeast rash is gone, she gets a bleeding contact rash that takes about a week to clear up, then the yeast rash comes back. I have tried everything…new diapers, changing to soy, creams etc. The soy milk seems to have made her poop more uncomfortable and the bloody rash just won’t go away. I am going to switch back to the regular formula but just don’t know what to do. I am not using wipes and stopped solids altogether to eliminate the chance of any allergies. I don’t know what to do…any suggestions?



    few things I’ve picked up that work:
    -Totally smear on the white stuff, generic desitin
    -let his butt be naked as much as possible
    -twice daily butt soaks of 10 min
    -mix lotrimin (otc athletes foot cream), and hyrodcortisone cream use on araes that look like yeast rashes (red/blotchy/circular)
    -rinse wipes out with warm water before using
    -add probiotics to bottle (natural yeast killer) but takes a few days, good prevenative though
    Just thought I’d share things that worked for me, good luck..take the diapers off!



    Aloe Vera is safe to use and can offer some relief from diaper rash. To make your own Aloe baby wipes (it’s easy, not to mention cheap) check out: http://www.aloeplant.info/aloe-for-diaper-rash-2/



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    keep the area clean all the time. remove the diaper when possible. use cortisone-free creams and moisture regularly. now I am using Coresatin pink. try and let me know about the results.



    keep the area clean all the time. remove the diaper when possible. use cortisone-free creams and moisture regularly. now I am using Coresatin pink. try and let me know about the results.



    I just called my sons pediatrician since he has a bad rash right now from his antibiotic for his ear infection and he told me to use Lotrimin then put triple paste over that 3 times a day and just use the Triple paste the other times. Let him air dry for a short bit several times a day, and to rinse his butt in the sink and not use wipes, and pat dry very well!



    I don’t know if this still is an issue for you anymore, but I would like to suggest to look into Anti Monkey butt because they have a baby butt paste that is like no other. It helps treat and prevent diaper rashes. My baby butt was really bad for about three weeks and it wasn’t anything I could do. I used all types of powders and baby butt cream, I changed to cloth diapers, nothing worked. Luckily, I found this stuff as a nearly Walgreen, my husband picked it up because it was funny. I almost made him go back to the store and get something that worked. But this product is NO joke. It’s a calamine powder or paste that is talc free so you don’t need to worry about it being made with harsh chemicals. I don’t use anything else and now I never have a issue with baby butt rashes. I hope it worked out for you.



    I used cornstarch instead of baby powder for my Son and it worked wonders.



    Here are some tips for treating diaper rash.



    Hello everybody,
    My daughter has also had a nasty rash. I have tried everything but it won’t go away. My doctor told me that I should use cloth diapers instead of dsiposable ones. I have found some baby sites and most of them also recommend using cloth diapers. You can read more about it here. What is your opinion about cloth diapers?
    Thanks 🙂



    The thing that worked for my first born was Anti Monkey Butt because it was easy, it was safe and didn’t include any talc products within the product, and wasn’t as messy as most of the creams that I was putting on before. When you are putting product on your baby butt, its important to watch your baby reactions. Most creams ended up being too bad for my little one, so a chafing powder for a butt rash always worked better for me. Some babies don’t mind the cream, but mine did. I actually use this stuff ritually between changes because of how sensitive her skin was with the disposable diapers. And while there is nothing wrong with the cloth ones, it just wasn’t for our family. This stuff works like magic. And as I said before, its also packed with cornstarch and not talcum powder, which means I don’t have to worry about ovarian cancer. Awesome stuff and good luck, A crabby baby normally means no sleep for us restless moms. Check out http://www.antimonkeybutt.com if you are interested.



    Applying coconut oil on the area will help in reducing as well as preventing rashes.

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