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    Funny Pampers always leaked for my son and they smelled funny. I use Huggies. No leaks! I guess everyone has different experiances with brands.



    Same with us. Pampers leaked out the top of my son’s diapers. We use Huggies Supreme. The regular Huggies didn’t work either but the gentle care and then natural fit worked perfectly. I’ve come to find out that it depends on the shape of your baby. Kekoa is tall and very skinny with muscular legs. I’ve noticed that bigger tummy babies work better with Pampers but tall babies in Huggies. Whatever works!



    In this economy, and environmental climate, cloth diapers can be a great choice! Cloth has been made easy now, and I love it! I’ve already saved hundreds of dollars on diapers and wipes, and I feel like I’m doing my part to decrease waste. Think about how many diapers go into landfills from your home every month. Now multiply that times all the babies in the U.S. Yikes!! We still use Pampers at night for convenience, or in the diaper bag to go to Noni’s house, but that’s about it.



    Just have to say be careful not to leave baby on changing table…I was only reaching down to get ointment and my daughter fell off! It was horrible and I am so lucky that she only had a concussion. I felt like the worst mom ever for not buckling her in..which I am sure to do now!!



    Pampers were the best for us for both my daugter and son.. i tried lots of brands. Sometimes when they leak it may be time to go a size up.



    I’m having an issue with my son peeing….it seems he pees right out of the diaper everytime. it just runs to his back and side. I’ve been using swaddlers newborn size because he is only 6pds. 14 oz. and have been trying make sure that his pp is always pointed down but nothing seems to be working. we are going through 10 onesies a DAY!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!



    cpeake – Try a different diaper brand. For me pampers leaked so badly. Huggies weren’t better but then we tried the Huggies Supreme. The ones in the burgandy box/bag. They are awesome. I have found that diapers very in shapes. Many rounder babies do well with pampers and those like my son who are long and lean are better in Huggies. Huggies Supreme are a little more expesive but not by much. Safeway has sells on the all the time too. I love them. SInce we started using them we didn’t have a leak again. Well, except for the occassional blowout that no diaper could contain. HAHA! Pee should be easier to contain. Also, sometime moving up a size works. Because a baby could be longer and skinnier the weight for size may not be right for your baby. If you are set on Pampers then try going up a size. Either way may help you. Good Luck!


    I am pregnant with my 3rd baby and I used cloth diapers on # 2 from the time he was 3 months old. I loved them and used them when I left the house as well as when I was home. I plan on using them on the new baby as soon as we get home from the hospital.


    We use huggies as we found that pampers and our local supermarkets own brand just leaked constantly.
    We used pampers as that is what we were given at the hospital, but they leaked like crazy, then we switched to the supermarkets own brand, but they were just as bad. We then made the switch to huggies and have never looked back.


    i have the same question as babymakermachine, i would like to use cloth/washable nappies at home and was wondering what all your thoughts on them were. They’ve been trying to get more mums into using the washable/reusable ones here in england and gave me a free one to try out. when eloise was big enough but it was so bulky and i could barely get her trousers on after, it just looked rediculous. Anyone recommend any certain brand?



    Hi… we started using huggies newborn nappies until my twins were a couple of months old and we had the hang of it all ( bulk bought when I was still pregnant!). I had also bought a dozen ‘bumgenius’ OSFA pocket nappies (just buy the one size and it adjusts so you can use on newborn up till 2 years or more. Comes with 2 inserts – one small, one big.) Have found them really really good. They don’t leak, are easy to put on and do up with velcro not domes so no fiddling around at two in the morning. They dry really quickly too. I put them on a clothes rack inside quite often and they often dry over night. We have been using disposable nappies at night since they have been sleeping 12 hours plus which works well for us. I have found that huggies and pams are good brands, and that treasures leak a bit. Good luck to all.



    We have used cloth on all of our kids and will do so for the rest who are yet to come : ) We loved using cloth diapers so much, my husband started an online discount diaper store, carrying discontinued colors and factory seconds (crooked stitching). The FAQ section can answer many of your questions. The site is http://www.dapadiapers.com

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    I am practicing that now~~ lol….



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