Flat head syndrome


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    I have a baby boy, almost 10 months old. He has flat head and had torticollis. We\’ve been in phisical therapy since he was 5 months, the torticollis is gone but the flat head is just a little bit better (the flat is in the back on his right side). The craniofacial team said that he had extremely mild asimetry of the skull, but its not that bad to get a helmet.
    If anyone had a similar case please tell me what happend, thanks…



    My son is having a CT scan tomorrow. He has a flat head. Its not distorting his face at all, just the back of his head is flat….I have changed ways ive held him, and put him in his bumbo and jumperoo more than ever latley. Its getting a whole lot better, but is still flat. He HATES being on his tummy. But i just let him cry because he needs that tummy time. I end up picking him up anyways because after a while, he gets so upset he just lays there and cries like a slug. lol. Has anyone else gone through this, w/o it being really bad, and having to have surgery or something…Id rather have the helmet before surgery but, Id rather not the helmet either, but whatever will help my son, I dont care what it is…I just want him to be healthy, and live a nornal life and be normal 🙁 Im just worrying my lil head off.. His ped. only wants the ct scan because she needs to see his skull and wants to see what has closed up and what is still open…she said its nothing to worry about at all. But I still worry 🙁 Any advice?



    My 3 month old son has a flat head. It is very symmetrical from the front and back which is good. But from the side its definiltely not. It doesn’t look nearly as bad as the baby example, but it is noticable.

    My real question is…my son does NOT sleep on his back anymore, he recently discovered that he likes his sides much better. 🙂 But I am just curious if I should worry all that much. I am just REALLY hoping that his head will correct itself out as he grows…but I dont want to regret it if it doesn’t. I think I might make an appointment for a peace of mind. Any advice?



    Hi ladies, its my first time on this forum i found this site when i was 20wks pregnant with my now 19wk old son when he was diagnosed with VM. After going back for a check up on his VM the doc told us he now also has Plaiocephaly. His advice was just to try to get him to lie the other way etc and the helmet was basicly a waste of money but as ive found from the VM forum id like real peoples advice if any one could share there experiance or advice id be very greatful x



    Hi ladies! Thought I’d share my experience I had with my daughter… when she was 3 1/2 mo. the doctor sent her to physical therapy b/c she had an exteremly flat spot on her right side, and the back of her head was flat. they said she would have to go into a helmet in the next month when her neck was stronger. Our physical therapy office was so busy, they said they would call me when they could make the next appt!! We started moving her head to the other side after she fell asleep so she wasn’t always laying on the same spot… we moved the position of her swing, and how we laid her so she’d have to use turn her head the other way. We gave her tons more tummy time, and put her in a bumbo chair all the time. We tried to keep her off her back as much as possible. At any rate, when we took her in for her 6 mo appt. the doctor said she didn’t need a helmet or physical therapy… we were soooooo happy!! I think just changing so many little things really helped. Now that she’s crawling and standing her head is completly normal!! My husband and I were so againest a helmet unless it was absolutly nessessary… I am so glad we waited!!


    Gosh I never heard of this till today. My first son slept on his stomache. I didn’t even know that my second son was getting one until i read this. He is two months. I’m going to talk to the doc at his next appt. It sounds like something that as long as it’s not severe can fix itself with my help of repositioning and stuff. Any suggestions. My baby loves to sleep on his back in a wrap so I ordered one of those boppy noggin nests. Anyone else use this? I hope my baby will be alright and I don’t want to have to get a helmet unless I have to.



    Not bragging at all… Making a statement is more like it… When i had my daughter 13 years ago… my sister told me never lay her on the back of her head and ALWAYS switch from one side of the head to the other… It seemed to work because she has a perfectly round head… My son too for that matter… He is 13 months and has a perfectly round head… My hubby had to be told because he was a new daddy, but switched him from side to side. I see a lot of babies around with flat heads. I think a lot of mother are unaware of things like this happening because they don’t tell you things like this at the hospital. If more parents were educated there wouldn’t be that many… If i wasn’t told this by my sister my daughter and son could have had this problem… Than again they were spoiled and hardly ever on the floor because mommy and daddy held them a lot!!!!



    Redbeamer- my doctor told me to lay daizy on her back… even when her head was getting the flat spot. I asked about switching head positions but she said not too. Eventually I just moved her head to each side rotating nights, then as she started sitting up on her own, the situation fixed itself.



    I too had my babies on their sides, not a fan of back sleeping. Thankfully my kids didnt have a concern and I too feel it was from side sleeping. Every doc is different though in what they suggest. I prefer side sleeping in case of spit up ~



    My baby is 3 months old, do you think she has flat head syndrome or is it to early to tell. The back of her head is flat but not as much as the pic of the baby here, but similiar? Please let me know what you ladys think. THANKS



    HELP. I am denei, 23 years old from the Philippines, a first time mom, a single mom to my 5-month old baby (she turned 5 months last Oct. 30). I delivered via emergency CS. I am proud to say she’s beautiful, active and perfectly fine if not only because of her head. She has developed a flat head (I think it is what they call Brachycephaly). For a month I have been solving this problem alone. I have noticed it when well; she’s about 6 weeks old. I was not really worried during that time because I thought it would go back to its proper shape. I was not also aware it might cause a problem. One of my cousins told me before that my baby’s head is very big so I asked the pedia about it but she sad it’s just fine so I disregarded what my cousin have told me. Last month I was not able to bring my baby to her monthly check up.

    Day by day I noticed that her head is not really big but FLAT. I researched online and found out some advices about repositioning the baby so for almost a month now I have been placing her on her tummy (well I still end up carrying her because she always cry everytime I do that). I try to reposition her on her side during night time (she’s still learning how to roll over). I see limited changes and I am not contented. I am always hurt everytime my relatives tell me “YOUR BABY’S HEAD IS SOOOO FLAT!”.(I swear she almost looks like the baby in the pic above). Maybe because they don’t know how my heart is crying as a mother.

    I really wanna help my baby have a perfect round head. I don’t want her to blame me in the future for not doing my best to reshape her head but how can I do that when I don’t even know if that “positioning helmet” exists in the Philippines and if by chance it is, I am sure I would not be able to afford it. There isn’t that much insurance here in the Philippines. I am just a single mom and I can’t even afford to bring her to her monthly check up. Hopefully I could get back to work next month and seek for a little help from doctors but I am afraid she’d already be 7 months during that time.. (sigh..)

    I am getting worried. I am looking for any support group that can be able to advise me on what to do, or offer any financial aid. If you could give me advice, help or any assistance, could you please email me at [email protected]? I would really appreciate any assistance you could give me.

    As of now, I am still doing my best to reposition her, but I know she’ll have self-confidence if she’ll have a perfect round head. I believe positioners/helmets aren’t just for cosmetics but reconstructive. I don’t want to regret in the future. I hope you could help me. Thank you very much..


    hello ladies! .. just felt i would leave a comment here as my son who is now nealry 3 suffered from ‘flat head syndrome’ .. or plagiocephaly as its known! .. i was always told to lie him on his back when sleepin etc and for me this felt the safest way tho everybodys different! .. i noticed his head shape easnt right about 5 months old and took him to the hospital where they told me it would grow back .. or i could grow his hair if it didnt.. very unhappy with this advice i went to a private clinic and had him fitted for the starband helmet .. i cried at first!! but the helmet did not phase my little boy whatsoever he was still his happy little self and after a year his head was back to its normal shape … i am very happy with the decision i made and a hope this helps a bit!



    I need help pleas my name is senait my son head is very big it look weard to me he is 30 month now at frist his head was look normal but now is getting relly big then others kid i dont now what to do it is to late to take his to the DR dose any one had this happe on one side his head look big is this mean flat or what but he can move his head both sides any idea help thanks my e-mail is [email protected]



    My son’s head had a very noticable flat spot on the side/back. The doctor said it would go away by itself, but I did’t really believe him. He is now 26 months and his head is slowly getting better. I have hope that it will completely go away. He’s never had any treatment, but as soon as he was old enough he naturally liked sleeping on his belly and I think that helped too.



    How can doctors treat my child’s flat head?

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