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    It would be nice to have a ‘Success Stories’ forum. Either couples who have tried to conceive for years and finally got their BFP or couples who can get pregnant but have had multiple miscarriages. I’m in the latter boat and it would be nice to hear about what people did to either get their BFP or what they did to be able to carry a pregnancy to term. Just a suggestion to add to this already awesome site!



    I would love to see topic areas on:
    Tracheostomy Children
    Ventilator Dependent Children
    Children with multiple disabilities
    Infants / Children who are tube fed
    Children with optic nerve hypoplasia




    Extend the months out…..33months, 34months…etc



    can you think about maybe adding a section for moms to be able to find others that live in their area to potentially meet one another. i know one group on here did and posted pics of them and their babies. It would be so much fun to meet other moms on here if they want to as well of course!



    Perhaps on the top of the TTC forum, a diagram of how the menstrual cycle works, and how understanding your cycle can help you determine your ‘fertile period’ in the cycle… the kind that shows a graph of the different hormones involved, egg development, and the difference between the pre ovulation phase, and the post ovulation (luteal) phase.



    Heres some info on MTHFR Its something I have and what probably caused the loss of my first pregnancy at 20 weeks. Its also known to cause several miscarriages. Its very common and the most common form of it only requires heavy dosages of folic acid and a baby aspirin daily. Unfortunately many people go through several losses before they get tested for this genetic mutation. I think its something that is very important for women to be made aware of as it could explain their reoccurring pregnancy losses.



    how about a forum to vent about day care? :/



    Yes, I will add a birthday party section. Thanks for the suggestion.



    On the ovulation calendar where you can enter your cycle you need add the year 2010.


    Anyway to add an area on OPK’s. So many women on the ttc boards have questions about them and it would be easier to post them here so they don’t get lost in all the chit chat. SOme pics of what negatives look like compared to positives.

    Same maybe for HPT’s! I always have to find other websites to look at this info and it would be great to find it here.



    There needs to be a forum about Amniotic Bands in Pregnancy, and Amniotic Band syndrome after pregnancy as a birth defect topic.

    i was told i have Amniotic Band in my Amniotic sac. i would LOVE to havea forum on here to chat wtih other mothers who have been told they have it. i am terrified and there is not real site anywhere for this!



    Tips on the benefits/drawbacks of organic diets and supplements would be cool.



    ShireeT- Tech has been updating all of the calculators and I thought we had them all completed. We must have missed one. Can you please provide the URL of the page you are referencing, so that I know exactly which calendar you are needing changed? Thank you!



    why do all the polls say i have voted for them? i have not. i haven’t even been on the site in a day. perhaps this is a clitch from the site maintenance?



    Just wondering where we are as far as progress goes on the whole ‘private profile’ thing? I am frankly getting tired of having people not in my friends network adding comments to my blogs and profile when they do not know me. I would just really like the private option so that my blogs, photos and maybe my profile information could be seen by only people in my friends network.

Viewing 15 posts - 256 through 270 (of 426 total)

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