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    Is there a way to tally boys/girls/surprise for each week? Everyone keeps asking what everyone is having. Might be fun to see a ‘score card’.



    maybe something about craniosyntosis? they think my LO might have it, think it would be useful to have some info also some info on fontanelles xx


    I would love to see live chat rooms!!! I swear by this site. ( awesome job ). But I would love to be able to come and chat to others. Especially when I have questions!
    Keep up the great work



    A new forum on ovulation predictor kits has been added to the site.


    Hi I just thought it would be nice if we have a ticker just like pregnancy…the one on the page that says 14 weeks pregnant etc. for babies too…….like after delivery when u click ‘I gave birth’ and put your baby’s birthday…the page should pick up the date from there and calculate baby’s age….so for example it would say baby 2 months old and when u click 2 months it takes you to the forum page about 2 month old.



    A new forum on fundal height has been added to the site.



    I think a forum for SMA would be great to have on the birth defects page. This is the #1 genetic killer of babies. I feel like people should be aware of it.



    I would love it if you can address ‘how to properly clean your newborn baby’s tongue’. I’m clueless and would have liked to see it on here.



    I was surprised there wasn’t a discussion page for those with Preeclampsia. I would like to see it added if possible. It seems to be pretty common and very serious. Thanks for considering!



    The photo section is working again. Thanks.



    would be good to have a live chat feature so that when you have a problem you can chat to other mums instantly! 🙂 just a thought



    hi, I would like to see a forum for women who have had close pregnancies. For women who will have two children less than 12 months apart in age. This situation has a lot of it’s own issues.



    Spinal Muscular Atrophy – thats what the SMA request stands for – sorry. 🙂


    Hi, I was just wondering if there are any plans to fix the polls so that after you vote in one, it takes you back to the type of poll you just voted in, instead of being taken back to all the different poll types lumped together. Thanks! 🙂



    is there an inlaw forum or stresses that parents put on us mums to be. I sometimes need to vent about my inlaws attitude towards my pregnancy (same thing happening 2nd time round). A few ladies have posted on week by week but im not wanting to inundate, thats more about how this pg is affecting us and how we feel that day, and general pg support. Id love to hear from others who have had their 2nd, 3rd and to see how similar issues with them and their coping mechanisms…and just a damned good vent!

Viewing 15 posts - 286 through 300 (of 426 total)

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