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    linzi50 ~ There are two parts to language Receptive and expressive ~ so pointing, understanding, gesturing etc wonderfully doesnt mean that there isnt a language delay and it doesnt mean there is but one shouldnt only use those as markers in indicating that all is fine 🙂 My son has a few in his class that have only speech delays and no other concerns so having a speech delay doenst mean there is a bigger dx.. I have a post further down so will copy it and paste in case you hadnt seen it ~ it may help you ((hugs)) ‘I was just talking to my coordinator for Hunters therapy about moms who are concerned about their tots and who they ask for advice and we all agreed that while chats/boards etc like this online are an amazing tool to many parents (myself included) a parent who has a concern should only rely on the advice of a professional, not just other parents. I made the statement ‘for peace of mind let a pro tell you they are fine’ and they both said that should be a moto for all parents. So with that said you will have some here say your LO is normal and some say she is showing concerns so I say call early intervention and let them do an eval and then tell you one way or another so you know for sure what really is the case. We were hesitant in calling for my son and I guarantee that if I had posted about it many would have said he is fine and will catch up so give him time .. but I didnt, I called… he has a diagnosis and I thank my lucky stars every day for calling Early Intervention!! big hugs, I know it is scary to worry about a concern but it is always best to let someone who really knows what is normal tell you. The County can connect you with EI. they will come and listen to your concerns (its all free) they will do an evaluation and tell you what % of a delay there is IF ANY at all (there may not be a delay 🙂 ) and what to do. You will be glad you did! big hugs, keep me posted :)’



    hello my name is mercedes and i entered my three month old daughter on a parenting magazine photo contest i want her to win more votes. i sending this email so everyone can vote for Hannah please vote. please click her link and click vote under her name thx Get your friends and family to vote too! Just forward this email to them or share the link.



    I am a first time mom and am trying to potty train my 20 month old daughter. She understands the concept but always tells me after she goes and wants to run and sit on her potty at that point. How do I get her to tell me before she goes instead of right after?



    hey ladies… my 14 month old is becoming very picky with eating lately. we are very health conscious with her and try to feed her as much organic as possible so its hard when you cant just open a can, or a premade toddler lunch. so i wondering what you all feed your little ones? any advice/tips would be great!



    andrea-nicole, it sounds as though you eat similar to our family. I am fortunate though as I do not consider my toddler a picky eater but like all toddlers he is certainly more picky than me. So I’d say variety is key. I will make him a dinner with beans (some black some lima etc), whole wheat tortilla sometimes with hummus some times with cheese, tomatoes. I will put everything on his plate separately as it appears if my son doesn’t recognize it he isn’t all that willing to try it. Tabouli (sp?) is a favorite of his too. I’ll make it with quinoa and add lots of lemon juice (squeezed right from the lemon) as my son likes sour things. When I make coconut curry for the family I will make my son’s the same without the curry and maybe add a little honey so he gets kind of a sweet coconut stir fry type dish. Also there is nothing wrong with PB and J when served on whole wheat bread and Jam that is not packed full of sugar. Put some apples slices on the side and you have a healthy tasty meal. My son also loves tomato soup with brown rice mixed in. I will also make him a smoothie with peanut butter, frozen bananas, honey (if you let the bananas get really ripe before freezing you won’t need honey), nutritional yeast (it has a nutty flavor so it works well with this smoothie), and soy, rice, almond whatever kind of milk you like. My son loves this. Okay that is all I can think of for now.



    but mines losing weight and doesnt eat but everyother day and thats if im lucky! and she only eats 1 thing..she will sit and watch me eat but wont touch it at all!



    I just found out my sons apendix is attached to his gullblader wi=hile he was forming (from the surgen) his gullblader and apendix grew together well he is now 4 year 7 months old. We are in the books for a removal. Can some one tell me to recovery time for his age and what i need to do later?


    My daughter is 26 months and she has been like that since she turned 1. I was told that it is a phase and as long as she is getting enough fluids not to worry too much she will start eating again when she is hungry.



    ok so my almost 3 year old is not eating!! we have been dealing with this since she was 18 months old she had gained 7 pounds since then but thats losing some too. from nov to jan she has lost 5 pounds! she will eat 1 thing everyother day if we are lucky! her dr is sending her to have a test ran! but everyone keeps saying its just a phase! her dr said it could still be but its been going on for along time and shes losing too much weight!!*

    What do you guys think??



    any one have a child that freaks out whith spiders or any bugs?



    Nope, my son is obsessed with bugs. He knows the names of all of them too! HAHA! Although all bugs need to be outside. He’ll see a spider and need to take it outside.



    My son is almost four years old and he is usually pretty well behaved. but for some reason here lately he has been extra whiney or have a attitude about anything. I was just wondering if anyone else experiences this, is it just a phase or a cry for attention? any comments are welcome thank you!



    I am a very proud mummy to a beautiful little girl named Jamielynn, she is 2 years old. Everybody is amazed at how well she speaks, having a conversation with her is like having a conversation with an adult 🙂 chocolate-mommy- I know exactly how you feel my daughter used to be the same when i tried telling her off! What i found that worked for me was placing her on the ‘naughty step’ when she is misbehaving, even though she screams bloody murder i refuse to let the screaming and tantrums win- at the end of the day thats all it is – a tantrum! Its just a phase I’m sure your little boy will grow out of it when he realises mommy means business 🙂 Anybody with a child of similar age please feel free to message me, its good having someone to talk to about ‘mummy things’ 🙂



    HI this is my first time writing on this forum, I am on the pregnant forum mostly. MOMOFTODDLERANDPREGNANT, about your son hitting his head on the floor. When my son was in daycare, they told me that some kids actually fall backwards on purpose to hit thier heads. The reason for this is that they are unable to express what they want and this is just a way to get out ome frustrations. They say it happens alot and it’s normal and that it is a phase that doesn’t last long. The good thing is he is being so carefull about it! Good luck, Jody



    This is my first time writing on this board. I’m curious about verbal developement of a 23 month old. I’ve found many sites that say what they should be doing at 2 years old – but my question is… according to one site – my son has the verbal developement of a 5 year old. He talks in very clear, full and complete sentences, 95% of what he says is coherent and makes sense. He can make sentences up to 8 or 9 words. He can sing songs (Ring around the rosey, Rain rain go away and a few more) in complete. He can count to 12 (but often misses the number 7). He can follow directions extremely well (ie. If we ask to put his bowl in the sink he will, then he will come to me and say ‘Mommy, I put my bowl in the sink’) – He actually follows directions better than my 7 year old does. He knows his colors and most shapes. He knows his opposites, and he can name a number of different types of animals just by seeing them in a book. I would say his vocabulary is that of well over 1000 words, you only have to say a word once and its like he instantly knows the word and how to use it properly in a sentence. Is anyone else’s child like this or my son rather advanced for 23 months?

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