Hiring a birth doula?

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    Hi folks, I am very happy to say that I am pregnant after two miscarriages in a row. On both the previous occasions I lost my baby due to hypertension. Also, I had severe bleeding and complications too. While consulting the doctor he advised me to take special care and attention. My hubby cares for me a lot, especially after those two incidents. But the problem is he need to travel around for his extensive work related issues. My mother cannot take care of me all the time since she can’t leave my father and grandparents behind.
    So my hubby is thinking of hiring a birth doula service from Toronto. One of my friends suggested me their services since it would be better for me and my baby. I am not much aware of these services. I happen to read an article about these birth doulas that:
    1)They help us in providing a safe, tension free and an enhanced birthing experience.
    2)Also, they would give support for an extensive birth plan and gives advice on some pain relief techniques like massage, breathing exercise, relaxation techniques etc for a positive safe birth.
    Are these services worth? Would it help me in this situation? Please share your valuable thoughts for the safe delivery. Waiting for your kind replies. Thanks in advance.

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