Is swimming a good exercise?

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    Hi all, I am here to get some suggestions. I am 4 months pregnant. I used to spend a lot of time in the pool before since it helped me a lot to reduce stress. But now while consulting the doctor he told me that my pressure levels were high and advised me to do some exercises. While surfing online I came across this article and I found it interesting. Is it safe to swim while you are pregnant? Please chime in with some good suggestions. Also, it would be great if you could suggest some tips for reducing stress. Thanks in advance.



    I think that swimming is a great and healthy idea. When I was pregnant I was in a swimming pool 3-4 times a week and this helps me to have a better and painless birth.
    Also, to feel more comfortable when I was pregnant, I changed my bed. The old one was too old and not so comfortable. I found in this page many interesting propositions not only for my bed but and for baby furniture 🙂



    It helps in strengthening your muscles.



    Hello my dear friend, congratulations on your pregnancy and you are going through such beautiful time in your life. It is always a dream of ladies to get pregnant and to get happiness of a beautiful baby in life. I hope you are enjoying your beautiful period. Pregnancy is beautiful but it is also challenging period for any woman. Your body will go through many physical as well as hormonal changes during this time of pregnancy. I can understand that you want to live healthy and active Lifestyle. It is very important to stay active and healthy during pregnancy. If you want to use swimming during pregnancy, it will be very helpful for you. Swimming is considered as all in one exercise and it will help you to stay fit and active. It is also very helpful to reduce stress and anxiety problem that you may feel during pregnancy. If you want to go for swimming, you have to be careful and you have to take complete care of your body in it. I will suggest you consult with any health expert who can provide good information according to your Physical health and condition. It is very important for you to be careful when you are going for swimming because you will also find slippery surface at any swimming pool. You can also get help to stay fit with other relaxing exercises and yoga during pregnancy. Yoga will be very helpful for your physical as well as psychological condition during pregnancy. I hope you will be able to take care with good exercises and you will be able to give birth to healthy and beautiful baby. Best of luck for such happiness in your life my dear.



    I am here from Adelaide Australia and I am also here to share this point of swimming for relaxation and I am 4 months pregnant. I am also planning to design the nursery for my baby. Do you think that Oeuf is good one to go with like for chest of drawers and bed etc.

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