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    my baby will be 5 days old and her jaundice level is 16.5. She has a machine that she lays in and it’s supposed to help. I am very scared that it won;t help. If you believe in prayer please pray for my baby alexandria nichole.



    ((())) My first son was a 16. We had him under the lights for 4 days and were in hospital for 6. I was a mess but nurses kept saying he would be fine and he was 🙂 I did have to give him formula from a bottle because they said it was very important they know how many oz he is taking in. We took him for blood work the week after we got home and he was fine. We also kept his cradle near the window so he got sun light too 🙂 Hugs, I know how hard it is, your LO should be fine as long as she is getting light therapy 🙂


    Does anyone know if babies can get jaundice later? My baby had it at first but now he’s 8.5 months and has taken on a yellow tint to his skin. His eyes are not yellow though and he’s certainly not acting as though anything’s wrong. My hubby wants me to call the doctor but I just don’t think it’s a big deal. I think it’s just b/c I give him lots of yellow veggies (and not enough green). Thoughts, anyone?



    Sun- If his color doesn’t go back to normal in the next day or so i would definatly call the doc. Jaundice is caused by the liver not working. So if he is becoming jaundice again.. it is cause for concern. Though i agree, to much of one color food can effect things, i am just not sure it spreads to the skin, def the poop, but not sure on the skin. It never hurts to call and ask a professional opinion.


    My sons jaundice levels were 19.0 when we found out a week after birth he had it. He was under bili lights for 2 weeks and his levels were 13.1. He is now 4 weeks old tomorrow and his levels are 12.6. I hope he gets better soon.



    My son had jaundice also and it went away in just 1 week he is now 24 days old and pinkish white lol



    My baby is yellow, how come?



    Jundice is very common factor in new born, i guess parents needs to calm down and understand that the child has to be in jaundice part for few days after birth.

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