Losing pregnancy pounds

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    ashley- PILATES!!! You can find videos pretty much anywhere and you can do them at home. It’s great for toning up the belly and getting it back into shape.



    Hey ladies…I last made a post 43 days ago (about 8 posts down) thanks for your advice…but I STILL haven’t been able to loose the weight!! This is making me so upset! I have gone to the gym 4-5 times a week plus I do an abs video monday – friday! I still can’t get under 147 (I’ve grown to HATE that number!!!!) I dont know if I should take something to help me. Does anyone have any suggestions??? Please??



    Love for lucas, my best advise to you is to relax and don’t think too much about loosing weight. The more you think about it, the hungrier you will be. Try frecuent small meals and plenty of water. Water will help clean up you system. My mother had lost about 15 ponds drinking every night a glass a water with a tablespoon of organic apple vinager. Some people say it helps burn calories. For this to work the apple vinager must be organic. Have a lot of faith in God, you will soon loose all the extra pounds!



    you need to change your workouts up a lot too you might need to switch to a different harder video and add more weights to any lifting you are doing my DH says most weight loss stops happen because your body gets used to what you are doing



    Well I am into my 2nd pregnancy and weigh more now than I did full term with my 1st. However one thing that would have been helpful for me to know is when your breastfeeding that baby sucks all your fat out of you and I got back down to 115 easy from that alone, however I never changed diet to ween my daughter off the boob. I kept drinkin whole milk and eating cheese on everything not understanding I don’t have my little liposuction helper to keep the unwanted fat off and I def. Packed on pounds after that. This time I will have a better understanding of calorie intake! But yay for breastfeeding again.


    How do I lose the poochy belly? I’m 15lbs lighter then before I even got pregnant but can’t seem to shake the extra fat! Any advice?



    What is the best way to shed that baby weight?



    During my pregnancy I gained about 80lbs!!! I still can’t believe it! I gave birth in July 2007 but I still have about 30lbs to lose. How did everyone else lose their pregnancy weight? How did you find time to for yourself? I am trying to balance my son, my fiance, work, and getting my degree. Also, how did you get yourself motivated and stay motivated? Thank you!!!



    I just don’t get it. I lost almost all my weight a few weeks ago, but I’ve been trying to lose more. I have literally eaten nothing but CRAP, not worked out, and I’ve lost 7 pounds in like 2 weeks. I’m not getting it. haha when I TRY to lose weight, it doesn’t seem to come off. But I noticed I just haven’t been eating A LOT, I drink diet coke throughout the day but I still eat pizza and random stuff like that, but just not in the huge amount that I use to. Maybe I’m onto something here! haha or maybe I’ll just gain it all back in like a week. Who knows, my body is crazy.



    Does anyone know what happened to the yahoo support group for weightloss??



    I joined a website called ‘everydayhealth.com’ and there are forums on there with diet buddy/group threads. I joined a team and we are doing sort of a ‘lose-off’ haha to see how much weight we can all lose each month. It’s great, you should all try it!



    Hey girls~
    I recently had my 3rd baby on Nov.20th. Weight gain was always a struggle with me during pregnancy. I was 140lbs when I got pregnant, and developed severe edema. I gained almost 70lbs total–yikes! I have been breastfeeding and I swear by it!! I have lost 40lbs (in almost 3wks) so far and am continuing to lose more as the weeks go by! With my other two children I only breastfed for a minute, but being younger, got tired and frustrated with the whole process. This time around I have more patience. I will continue breastfeeding for another couple of months…I must say this has definitely helped with the rapid weight loss for me 🙂



    3rdtime – I am so happy for you! You are very lucky. I unfortunately was not one of those breastfeeding moms whos pounds just ‘melted’ off! I still breastfed for 5.5 months and just quit last week 🙁 Now it’s exercising and watching what I eat! It really sucks because I LOVE food!! I am noticing the sliming very slowly though! This is my second and I should know that it doesn’t just come off for me…..it took me a good 18 months with my first (I gained 50lbs though, only 25 this time). As much as you all hate to hear this, it takes TIME. Whether it be 2 months or 2 years :() Good luck to all of you and your ‘journeys’. I promise you will look back and think, ‘it did come off’!



    I wasn’t one either. I lost all my weight by the time Kekoa was 5 months old but I can’t seem to drop any more. My stomach still sags and it kills me. I also gained 70lbs but when you are breastfeeding you can’t diet. If you do then you risk losing supply. My son is 13months and I plan on beginning to wean at 18. At 18 months I plan on seriously dieting. I need to lose some more and get my tummy into shape. I want to lose another 25-50 before trying for my next. I’m sure I can do it once I stop breastfeeding.



    I have about 10 lbs to loose. And one size. I am happy at a size 12 and am now a solid 14 plus. I began taking AcaiBerry Burn 5 days ago and stopped drinking my 2 plus cups of coffee a day with sugar and flavored cream. I am now drinking oolong tea, no sugar added maybe a splash of creamer and lots of water throughout the day. I am aslo excersizing daily too. Combing cardio ballroom dancing and yoga. I feel only slightly less bloated (to soon to feel bigger effects yet) but also have my cycle now so that may be why, lol. So we’ll see! So anyone else trying the Oolong green Tea diets with Acaieberry of any sort? I know one person who has been successful with it so trying it myself 🙂

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