Losing pregnancy pounds

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    i was very lucky with my 1st 2 pregnancies,with my son aged 6 i put 4 stone on and as soon as he was born it went adn i could fit my size 12 jeans the next day. with my daughter i only gained 1/2 stone as i was so ill and then as soon as i had her it went plus more, im just hopin the same will happen with this 1 im due in march and have put a stone on upto now. i dnt care wot other people say bout my weight etc they can all take a run n jump i will lose my baby weight in my time. xxxx



    I followed the diabetic diet throughout my whole pregnancy, my sugars were crazy, I thought I wasn’t doing very good on the diet. But now after having Mollie,2 weeks, I have lost 30 pounds. I only put on 16 throughout the pregnancy so I must have done better than I thought.
    I’m going to go ahead and follow the diabetic diet until it quits working for me.



    I gained 34 lbs with my baby and I have like 5-10 lbs left to lose..I used to be a size 3 now I somewhere between a 3 and a 5..people say I look healthier with my current weight (130 lbs) but my thighs feel huge to me!! I don’t know I guess it really don’t bother me all that much though, if I stay at this weight then I stay here no big deal..for those trying to lose, give yourself time and be proud of your progress!!!!



    I gave birh 13 months ago to my 3rd baby. I have 32 more pounds to lose. I really thought that when I quit breastfeeding that I would lose the rest of it. But I actually gained some. I had bounced back to my pre pregnancy weight so fast after my other babies. I did gain more weight with this baby. I gained 67 lbs. Man was I huge.



    I gained 62 lbs with my daughter. I was 116 pre pregnancy and 178 on the day of delivery. I am now about 156. Can anyone give me tips on how to lose it? I could never gain a pound before I got pregnant. Now I can’t LOSE a pound!! It’s been 7 months…..!!



    july03baby – How much have you lost so far? I had my baby on 6-17-08 and I am finally now starting to lose some inches. Granted I have been watching what I eat. But I honestly do believe that it just takes time!! One year postpartum you will look back and think ‘it did come off eventually’!! I am not one of those fortunate souls who drop the weight right of way. It took me 18 months with my first one (didn’t really try to lose weight..) and this time I am down to my pre-pregnancy weight 6 months PP. I still do wish to drop 10lbs! Best of luck and just be patient……I know it’s HARD!!!!


    Has anyone taken or heard of Meridia?? Its a weight loss pill.



    Any suggestions on how to lose weight while BF? I started to count calories and my supply dropped WAY down so I stopped. I delievered at 182, went down to 161 and for whatever reason have gained 10lbs. It’s so frustrating. I need to lose 40lbs but 20 would be amazing. Any help would be great!



    idk if its safe but i am looking into getting back on Weight Watchers after i give birth. i may increase myself a few points because of BF but just the discipline puts you in the right state of mind. i will get back here when i find out if it is safe. becuase it isn’t really a DIET so to speak



    mommyxs3 – Any diet will (for most) mess with your supply. I have lost 80lbs since giving birth (16months ago) and still loosing and breastfeeding. How I’m doing it is really simple. I look at what I’m eating. No chips, fast foods and anything with empty calories. Eat good and move more. Take baby for walks once a day. Do sit ups. I do them with a toddler on my tummy (resistance training) as he laughs at me. He thinks it’s funny while I’m turning red. HAHA! It’s a simple but hard to follow rule…eat less move more. I’ve heard weight watchers is killer on supply. I wouldn’t even risk it. Depending on how long you plan on breastfeeding then maybe you just might wait it out as well. I peaked at 70lbs and thought that I was going to have to wait until I weaned and was fine with it. Now that I’ve been better about eating and that he’s not relying on breastmilk then I’ve been able to start dropping again. Good Luck! I know it sucks. I want to lose at least 20 more pounds…if not 45 before getting pregnant again this fall. I’ve lost 8lbs in one month. If I can keep this up then I will be down to 150 in no time.



    A lot of changes occur after pregnancy like hair loss, skin discoloration, back pain, sweating, energy levels and most common stomach changes and stretch marks. During pregnancy the belly is rapidly expanding to accommodate a growing baby because of which one gets stretch marks. There are many ways through which one can reduce belly fat as well as stretch marks. Nourishing diet, regular exercise, staying hydrated and massage will help. My sister who wanted to reduce the tummy fat and also stretch marks started doing massage palper-rouler along with nourishing diet and regular exercise and within a few days her stretch marks were faded.

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