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    Making your baby’s food gives you full control over what you are feeding your child. By making baby food at home, you do not have to worry about preservatives, additives and other items that could be added to your child’s foods. There is no reason to add sugar, salt, butter or other flavorings to your baby’s food. One major benefit of making baby food at home is that you will be selecting which foods to use. If you prefer to use organic foods, making your own baby food makes that easier. You can also increase or decrease the texture to customize the food for your baby.

    Making baby food at home is actually cheaper! Your baby can eat what the rest of the family is eating and there is no reason to purchase jars of commercial baby food. Because your baby will be eating foods that are served to the rest of the family, the likelihood of your baby being picky about certain foods is decreased.

    When choosing foods for your baby’s food, choose fresh fruits and vegetables if possible. If fresh foods are not readily available or the quality is not optimal, frozen foods will be the next best option.

    When making baby food at home, start with a clean and sanitized work area. Wash your hands thoroughly and make sure all of the utensils you will use have been cleaned well. It is important to wash your foods well. If the foods need to be softened before pureeing, bake or boil them until soft. Puree the foods with a small amount of breastmilk, formula or water. When using rice, noodles or other types of grains, you should cook them first and then puree or grind them to reach the desired texture and consistency. Meat needs to be cooked first and all fat should be removed before being pureed or grinded.

    You can place individual size servings, based on what your child will eat, into small containers, ice cube trays or another container that works well for your family. Many parents find that using an ice-cube tray works well to put prepared baby food into. Each cube is approximately one ounce. You can safely freeze the baby food for later use. Simply cover the tray tightly with siran wrap and label with the date the food was made.



    My son has a rare genetic disorder and he can not have milk surgars or certian proteins. I was thinking about making my own baby food so I would not have to worrie about the additives in processed baby food. We are going to talk with a nutritionist tomorrow. My question is what is the best way to cook and puree the food. If anyone has any sugestions, I would love to hear.



    I just started making my own baby food a few weeks ago and loving it! I steam the food in a steamer (after peeling/coring and taking seeds out) and then I just puree it in the magic bullet. And it is done! So easy-that is the best way I have found to do it. I have made squash, green beans, pears, apples, sweet potatoes and she loves it=).



    The best advice I can give on making your own baby food is the MAGIC BULLET!
    WOW that thing is amazing and if you watch JCPenny, they have it on sale all the time! I used to use the blender and went out of town to my parents and they had one! So much easier!!! Love that thing that even now my sister in law is making her daughters baby good because I made it look so easy!



    also if your child doesnt like sweets and you are trying to give them fruits… add some rice ceral to them! My son will not eat fruit unless I add some ceral! I cant even get him to take juice becuase he HATES sweets! Guess not really a bad thing!



    I have started my 6 month old on solid foods. I am making my own this time. It is so easy and fun. Even the big sisters help make Aliyah baby food. I thought that it would be very time consuming. but its not. I just make it and freeze it plus I save so much money. i love it. I’m trying to talk my best friend to do it also.



    Ok so I have made some of my own baby food, only got strong enough to do sweet potatoes, green beans, and bananas so far, going to wait and make sure he’ll eat the other ones before I make it myself. Got a couple of questions though….so my green beans looked so much better, greener and such than the regular jarred stuff but it wasn’t the smooth consistentcy as the jar, but he seemed to like it so is that ok then???? And the bananas I did do not look like the jarred stuff either, could that be because of the age of the bananas or because i might have waited too long after cutting them to puree them?? He just started eating carrots and seems to like them so I’ll be making those probly this next weekend, and have not decided about peas yet, all I have is a blender and a hand mixer, can’t afford anything else. and then what do you do when they are getting older and need the thicker stuff?? If you can comment my page as well that’d be great thanks!!



    Just bought a book called Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron. Its an amazing book about how to make baby food. What age to feed what and how all these preparations tips, recipies and advice. Good book. Thanks for the magic bullet idea ladies.



    Ladies my son is 4 months and I want to start food at 5 months, but I have a question about how to dethaw the baby food after being frozen. Do you place it in the microwave or leave it at room temp? Has anyone found any neat storage containers for the freezer?



    I also have that book… Super Baby Food. I love it! My son is 4 1/2 months and I am so pumped to start making my own food. I am going to introduce veggies when he is 5 months and I can’t wait to start making my own baby food! I think the book said not to thaw your food out at room temp. You can put it in the fridge overnight to thaw out for the next day. Or you can microwave it slightly to thaw it.



    Oh and the book suggests freezing your food in ice cube trays. Then once it is frozen, putting the frozen cubes in ziploc freezer bags. You can put one or two cubes in each bag to make your serving size.



    Wow, I just had to leave a message here: I was given a Beaba baby food cooker/blender for my birthday this weekend and am so totally in love with it! Making my son’s baby food is now so much easier. So if you have $150 to spare, or know someone who wants to buy you a great gift… look them up. My mom got mine at Williams & Sonoma. It’s the best, & I think I’m hooked. 🙂



    I tried the ice cube tray/ziploc method but found that there was ice crystals on the food. Then I found ‘Baby Cubes’ and they are awesome. Google them and you will see them



    Here is a great website for anyone interested in making their own baby food Ice crystals are nothing to worry about when it comes to freezing baby food. The crystals are just the liquid freezing not freezer burn. It actually talks about the crystals on this website.



    I thought making your own baby food just sounded so time consuming and difficult, but after coming across the website, I was totally wrong! EXCELLENT website! Also, it’s good to hear that the Baby Cubes work well. I just ordered them yesterday. A friend gave me a baby food processor so that’s what I was going to use, until I read that the Magic Bullet works awesome! I’ve had one for years and never once used it! I think I will try using both and see what’s better.

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