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    redheadmama: Do you really like that baby food maker?? My mom used to work at the call center for Williams Sonoma so she gets a 40% discount until the middle of March and then it ends. She keeps trying to buy that for me, but I felt like that was too expensive and a waste of money when I already have everything I need.



    oh my gosh yeah, I LOVE the Beaba Babycook. I was making baby food using pots on the stove & my food processor, but this is soooo much easier. I don’t have to watch it nonstop, I can start it, leave it, it turns itself off, doesn’t scorch or burn… it makes a good amount — not too much, not too little. It’s perfect. So fast, so easy, so healthy. I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to make baby food. For the last two months I have made food and frozen it (pureed) in ice cube trays, then store the cubes in labled ziplocs in the freezer. Now I am starting to transition DS into eating what we eat. So when I make us chicken, potatoes, and green beans for dinner — I just toss a little plan chicken, plain potato, and beans into the Beaba — turn it on, let it cook, and there you go. Love it!!!



    mj, how much did u pay for the magic bullet?



    hi there! if you really want to know about baby food recipes you can check out for awesome recipes made just for babies… and you can also share some of your recipes too… so hope this helps!

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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