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    How soon after birth will I begin my menstraul cycle if I breastfeed?



    I got my period ONE month exactly having my daughter and I am exclusively breastfeeding. What in the heck!! It’s been 2 months since then and no sign of a period yet.



    Really? You can ovulate and not have your period? I have never heard of this! I am going to look into that, thanks for the glimmer of hope!






    Quick question – For those women who’s period took a while to come abck, how long did it last and was it bad? I am currently having my first period in 22 months. I feel awful. I am having to sit with heating pad just to sit and not want to be in the fetal position. Just wondering how normal this is.



    Luv – I was really scared to get the first one. HAHA! I thought it was going to be horrible. I got it back when Kekoa was 9months old. It last 1 day!! I was so excited the second one came six weeks later and it only lasted 2days. I just got done with my third one and it lasted 3days but the last day was hardly anything. I did get really moody and my supply dropped right before and during. My face broke out like I was in high school again. My lower back hurt a little but nothing too bad. Pretty much it was a lot easier then expected. I wish it would have stayed away longer. Both my sisters didn’t get theirs back until they weaned.



    Yea i am glad mine stayed away so long (Jake is nearly 13 months) but OMG.. i want to die! This is day 3 of heavy bleeding, severe cramping, nausea and a diarrea . I just want to curl up on the bathroom floor and not get up! I am hoping it ends soon and thenext one won’t be that bad. For now, b/c i do have 2 kids that need me, i have managed to stay away from the bathroom floor and curl up on the couch with a heating pad so that i can at least watch them play.



    Mine was AWFUL 🙁 I bled so heavily I soaked through my clothes more then once and wasnt able to leave the house. Took about two days to slow enough so I could go out. Doc consulted with me and said it was normal, some are worse then others. I was just sure to kee taking my vits to prevent anemia ~ (((())))



    Okay, my little one will be 7 months on Nov. 22, so in 3 days. I still haven’t had a period. I’m on the mini pill, and the only other strange thing is I cant seem to loose weight. I’ve jogged since she was 4 weeks old till mid October and lost nothing. So I quit (Hubby was in bad wreck) and I when weighed myself the other day I hadn’t gained anything either. I expected to have gained some weight. Anyone else workout and have this issue? I’m not as worried about the lack of period now that I’ve read some of you haven’t had yours in a year. Please leave comments on my page. Thanks



    I just started mine this week and my son is 3 months old. Mine REALLY sucks too, so far this is my 4th day of THE heaviest bleeding I’ve ever had of any period. I do think my milk must’ve changed in taste too because my son seems to pull away and get aggravated and not wanna nurse as much. He also is spitting up more of it than usual. I just want this to end ASAP! Aunt Flo’s a biotch!! 😉



    i am only breast feeding and my baby is a little over 2 months and im having a period. this says its much harder to get preggo while bf and i was wondering if i can have a period and not ovulate! please answer on my page thanks



    I am 6 weeks postpartum and exclusively breastfeed but I have started bleeding after my baby began sleeping for stretches of 4 to 5 hours. But it is very light, it is not even red only light pink/brown and only barely heavy enough to wear a pantyliner. I stopped bleeding from the birth over 3 weeks ago, is it possible this is my first period? It doesn’t seem to be getting darker or heavier, but I have to have a period before I can get birth control again, should I make the appt. or wait for a heavier flow?



    My daughter is 9 months old (today) and I still haven’t gotten my period. I even gave in and bought a pg test a few weeks ago, because I was starting to get paranoid. 😛 I’ve been on the mini pill for 6 months and it didn’t affect me getting my period back at all. DH and I were planning on going off the pill and TTC our third (and likely last) starting around our daughter’s first birthday. Now, I’m starting to worry that I won’t even be ovulating yet.



    I like to come on here every once and awhile and gripe about not having my period….My son will be 1 year on January 4….He still breastfeeds, and he breastfeeds quite often. I can’t help it. Sometimes it’s for nutritional reasons, or to get him to hold still for a second, or just to cuddle, or to get him to sleep….I know that if I stopped, it would come back, but that seems like a pretty selfish reason to stop. I want my cake and to be able to eat it too! In the meantime, my husband and I aren’t ‘being careful’ anymore…so if I do ovulate, maybe some little guys will be there to greet her…My midwives said a year….but they also said I’d have a short labor and that he wouldn’t be over 9 pounds, and they were wrong about that, so I suppose they could be wrong about that too….



    Shirls – I bf my son until he self weened at 15 months. He started solids at 8 months and at 12 months was getting 3 meals a day and bf 3 times a day. I got my first PP period at 13 months. It is very normal not to get it until you cut back on bf. I got mine back about 5 weeks after i stopped bf/pumping during the day. As for symptoms, From about 7 mo PP i would get a ‘fake period’. I would go through all the symptoms of period/pregnancy and then after a week it would pass and come back about a month later. I would have mild cramping, my boobs would be sore, bloated, all the fun stuff! Enjoy it being gone while you can. Those frist few are crazy!

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