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    My sister never got her period back until about a month or so after her children are completely weaned. Some of you are just lucky not to have to deal with it until after a long time. I got it back when Kekoa was 8 or 9 months.



    I haven’ gotten mine back yet and son is 11 months old. It really just depends on each person. My sis got hers back at 6 months, my mom not till she completely weaned. Some women get it back right away. Your body will eventually get back to normal 😉



    Ugh, AF has returned. I went 19 months without a cycle, I guess I should be thankful it stayed away as long as it did…



    My son is 19 months and nursing strong. Still no period. It has been awesome but I want to get pregnant in Jan 2010 when he turns 2. I dont want to wean him either. Does anyone know if it is possible to get pregnant without a period? Or better yet has it happened to anyone? Thanks!


    I had my baby almost 9 months ago and had to quit bfeeding in mid July… I still have not gotten my period back?? with my other 2 babies I had it back within a month but this time it feels like forever. I want to start trying for my 4th and FINAL baby in September but am worried that not having my period will throw my body off. Can I even get pregnant w/out having a period?? hmmm?



    My daughter just turned one on the 11th and I got my period the 21st. Yuck!! Oh well, at least I got the wonderful break for over a year!! I guess it just surprised me to see blood! I definitely wasn’t expecting it! Especially since I am still nursing at night and even 1-2 times during the day. I guess everyone is different!



    my baby girl is now 5.5months and is sleeping through the night 7 till 7 she has started solids but still has breast milk first and i want to continue BF for as long as posible however my fiance and i would really like the next baby close in age and want to start TTC again but no AF yet. when will it come? Ayla has been sleeping through for 3 weeks.



    The week I finally eased out of breast feeding, I got my period! Still, it was nice while it lasted. (BF for 10 months).



    I had my daughter back in May, breastfed strong until July but still haven’t gotten my period. Is that normal? Can I get pregnant if I’m not having a period? I’m so confused!



    ugh!!!!!! I am 7 wks postpartum with my third child and with each child I have exclusively BF and as with each of the other 2 I got AF at exactly 7 weeks! Why cant I be one of the lucky ones?? I hate that! Its just not right! LOL (not really, Im actually crying!)



    hi modelimited- you can still get pregnant because you could ovulate at any time if your bub is sleeping trough the night then that lack of a feed could induce AF. but it is normal once there are less feeds your AF will come back and slowly get it’s self back into your normal pettern. some women AF will return at 6w after they give birth i got my fisrt one 8 weeks after and i was exclusivly breast feeding for four monthsthen my bub was having his first solids. but some women won’t have one untill their baby is weened 🙂 hope this helps



    I have EBF baby since birth, she is almost 7months old. We introduced solids a little over a month ago but i would always BF first, then offer solids. She has 3 meals a day and BF around 4-5 times still and i got my period in August 🙁 I couldnt beleive it….shocked! Its not as bad as before i got pregnant, no cramps at all (??) I used to have A LOT of issues with my periods/hormones and I am honestly really scared about what it will be like when she does fully wean (not until the far future hopefully, i would like to BF for at least a year and then let her self wean). I think the only reason i’m not having issues like i used to before i was pregnant is because of the hormones from BF’ing. The only difference i notice is my supply dips down a bit when AF starts. But, it hasnt seemed to effect her at all, she’s contented as can be :o)



    My son will be eleven months on the 20th of this month, and still no period for me. And I would love to actively TTC again, so I hope it comes back soon. I know it is possible to still get pregnant, but it would be a lot easier if I was ovulating on a regular cycle!



    DD is almost 15 months and still no AF. I feed a few times a night usually one side per feed. Getting a little concerned…



    ok.. I am so confused.. Had my daughter 10 weeks ago.. breastfed for only 5 weeks.. still no period… is it possible i am pregnant?? I had some thick mucousy blood tinged tissue…. and will a pregnancy test be accurate if i test?? i am wondering about a false positive… dont wanna go back to dr. yet… any ideas??

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