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    Maybe we do beebee! lol. I hate when they try to tell us something, espically something outdated, and then acts like we are being the pushy ones! When my son had RSV and wouldn’t eat, she brought over jello and told me to start giving him that! What?!? No thanks, my son is not getting anything that the DR has not told me to give him. Grrr.. Good thing I love my DH or I’d be gone, lol, that’s how bad she is!


    My MIL is so annoying! she is always claiming that one of my 3 kids have some kind of illness…and they dont! Well, she came over today and my 3 yr old son and I were having rounds already because he wouldn’t listen, spitting, telling me no.. anyways- she threw a fit and insisted that he is ‘just so sick’ and that he needed some benadryl and Tylenol and that his ears were hurting when he has never once said anything about it.. REALLY?! thats odd because he hasn’t acted sick, no fever….. She then says, ‘well I know he is sick because he doesn’t act this way with me at my house.’ Hmmmmm… maybe thats because she gives him EVERYTHING he wants and he doesn’t have to do anything and NEVER gets into trouble when he goes over there. Then while I was holding my 8 week old she was sitting on the love seat starring at me out of the corner of her eye with this mean look- like she was afraid I was going to do something to him. Then I handed Luke (my 8 week old) over to his daddy so I could go put his bottle in the sink and he started to cry because he was asleep and I woke him up when I gave him to DH. My MIL threw a fit and said see thats why you dont need to let her hog the baby all of the time. EXCUSE ME LADY? Thats my baby & last time I checked he came out of ME. Well, then she gets up in Luke’s face whistling (sp) as loud as possible and he screams b.c. she scared the crap out of him. So I just came and pushed past her and took him and went back to the kitchen. DH offers her some chili that he made and she sits down at the table to eat it with my other 2 kids and she knocks the chips off the table into the floor and doesn’t even bother to clean it up! And when she left the house to go home she left her glass and bowl on the table (thats how she does it @ her house- no joke there are dirty dishes everywhere- they have a NASTY house with dog ‘mess’ all over and just step over it- but thats a whole nother story) She just really annoys me! And my husband just doesn’t see it. He thinks im just being a bitc*, but really im not trying to be. Sorry for the rant but I had to. lol



    jenna – I agree with the other ladies. The holidays are supposed to be joyous memories you make with you and your family. I know that some people don’t want to be separatists with their children and they love when their children are around cousins and other family, but should you have to have a miserable day yourself when you could be making your own happy memories with you, your DH and you child? I say plan something special that may be able to become an annual event for you and your DH and your daughter. Your MIL is the one causing the issues and you should not have to sacrifice your happiness your with your baby girl just to satisfy her ego.


    Laura, I understand where you are coming from too! I breast fed my baby for the first few months, and she was constantly making him bottles! Usually, I don’t have a problem with her coming over, as long as I’m not there and my hubby is there with her watching the baby. Well hubby had to leave because she needed to borrow money so he went to the ATM and when I came home, there was a bottle of formula. I took my son, went upstairs and called hubby to make sure she knew it was best for he just to go home. Grrr. It’s like they do things just to push our limits so they can have their little boys back!


    Stargazer – I don’t think that their birthday is the best time for them to meet. I would just make it clear to your DH that you would like to spend some time with your mom and suggest that he do the same with his and that they meet another time.



    Jenna- I agree I wouldnt go I would make new happy memories with your own little family. You wont be all stressed out and there wont be any problems and you three will have a blast. Ladies I’m very sorry to hear that your MIL’s are driving you all nuts, mine did me the same until we moved 19 hours away haha. I think we all just have to stand up for ourselfs and dont let these women run all over us, and once you stick to your guns they will know that you arent playing anymore and will hopefully change or atleast be respectful. Like I said on here before being a grandparent is a previlage, and if they cant see it as that then maybe sometimes it needs to be taken away. Good luck ladies



    Charlies Momma- WOW I can’t believe she had the nerve to do that!

    I just don’t understand why they feel the need to be superior to the woman that their son has chosen to spend their life with! They had their husbands and their babies now they should just let everyone live theirs. I’m especially sensitive to this subject right now because SHE is a royal pain in my a** and I need to start putting my foot down…at this point I don’t know what bothers me more ,me not standing up for myslef and my son? or her!



    ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh MIL I almsot hate mines shes so mean everytime me and dh gets int it she alway says leave her like im a bad persn i wa yung when i had my son and he cheated on me so manytimes not sexually but period and s i tld him i wouldnt take him back unless he was willing to do whatevr hell i he owes me that she told him theres plenty Of girls who would put up with anything get with someone eles haha bitch its als stds and AIDS CAN U BLAME HER SHES A EX CRACK HEAD THOUGH



    I do love my mil but she can and does get under my skin. The only thing I’m worried about is my daughters first b-day coming up. DH only has his parents and I have a whole mess of family that will be coming not to mentioned friends and their kids. I’m just worried that something will go wrong. When I had my baby shower I was so worry about my mil and my family meeting, but nothing happened thankfully. I’m thinking of inviting some of mil and fil friends that we know too, to come to yazzy b-day so they won’t feel so out numbered. I expect at least 40 people or more to show up that day, thank goodness we are buying a house! I just hope my mom doesn’t try to buy too much for my daughter, she doesn’t have any money. My grandmother has been helping her out, even let her move into her house (my grandmother lives with my aunt). You know my own mother can’t give me money for anything, were my in-laws are help us with our down payment on our new house! She spends money she never has and then goes and gets loans from basically people who are loan sharks. In the last 6 months my grandmother has given my mom nearly 10,000 dollars to help bail her out of those loans and other money to pay her bills, and like I said let her move in her house that my grandmother was trying to sell. And my mom has gotten more loans and hasn’t told my grandmother, I told my mom I was going to have to ask my grandmother for some money to buys somethings for the new house. My mom said to ask my grandmother to take the amount out of the money she would get if my grandmother pasted but my grandmother told me that my mom has no money coming to her cause my mom spent it paying back those loans! Needless to say my grand mother still gave me about fifteen hundred dollars and I told her I would pay it back but she said she’s no worried about it. I hate what my mom is doing to her life and I don’t go over there much, plus she lets my brothers run wild! Both are into drugs and doing what they want cause my mom doesnt do anything to make them stop. There is more about my mom but I will save that for later! Sorry needed to vent


    I put my foot down today. She stayed all morning, and I like to have her gone by 2 so that i’m not away from my son too long. Well, when I screamed(probably not the best idea) at my hubby to have her leave(might have mentioned she was wearing so much perfume she smelled like a french whore, but I’m not sure), she left in ‘tears’. Give me a break, she’s a better actress than I thought. So now me and hubby are fighting. I refuse to let this happen anymore, I just can’t take it. So, I guess, if you want to stand up to her, be prepared for the long haul.



    moomyxs3 – I am expecting my first so while I cannot sympathize, you are talking about what i am dreading. My mom is already insisting on calling my little one something other than her name and i am sure this is only the beginning of many a battles. I donn’t know why people, especially mothers, cannot remember how it was for them and treat us better than they were treated. They had their kids and their chance to do things the way they wanted to and saw fit. Now it’s our turn.



    hi ladies i hate my mil she is such a f****n b****h.i need your opinion. i am 7 week pregnant and she hasn’t ask me or my husband how is my pregnancy going i hate her so much.can you tell me why?


    ive been in the hospital now for close to 3 weeks. i am now 27w 1 d today…my hubby is what u want to call a mommas boy. but not a typical one , he didnt have a father so i guess shes the only one he had..well even since weve been together shes on n off liked me for no apparent reason. he is her only son n she babies him so bad!! but ever since ive been pregnant shes hardly around.. i mean she went from stalking us EVERYDAY to not give a sh*t.. its like she doesnt even care we are having a baby, shows no intrest at all..its so weird..i tohught she would b so into her first grandchild but its the complete opppsite…i wish i can sit n tell u ladies all the stories on how crazy she was, meaning like literally stalking us, if we didnt pick up her calls she was at our door in a half hour…so crazy…its kind of annoying because i thought id have her support since i dont have much sane family…sorry to vent…but i cant talk to hubby cause all he says is she will come around…ugh pisses me off


    I am so glad I don’t have to deal with my crazy mil. Dave and are finally getting married on July 6th. and the women is not invited. She was so excited when I got pregnant b/c she would have a grandchild here around her (the other 2 are in OH) but when we found out it was a girl she changed didn’t really want anything to do with my Natalie. Barley came over to visit so I told her she not longer welcome at my house or around my child. then she tryed to act like she cared but I was so done playing her games. The only thing I ever wanted was for her to have a relationship with my daughter. She has picks though. Her 1st granddaughter is all she talks about blah blah. so its going on 4 months of her not seeing Natalie. I am thankful I got the crazy lady away from my kid. The lady is full of excuses. I have less stress in my life since she is out of it! Hallelujah.



    Hmm… It’s a long time since i’ve seen so much hurt, frustrations and anger all at ones.
    I really feel for u all, that are suffering thru family issues, and relationships that should have been a source of joy and support.
    First of all i wanna say that no… i’m not in u’r shoes, and i never will be, but could it be a possibillity that u’r mil feels ‘trapped’ in this relationship too, cause she don’t really know how to act or react around you or u’r kids? My point is that she probably has just as big of a problem with the whole thing as u do…
    PennyL…. I can’t answer why you hate u’r mil so much… the fact she hasn’t asked about u’r pregnancy doesn’t seem to be a good enough reason to hate her, so there must be something else… But i’m just thinking… have u ever told her exactly how you feel? How can she ever know how u feel unless u tell her.. Just a simple ‘ i would really appreciate it if u would show a little more interrest in our situation’ might bring her lots of relief too… I don’t know. I just know that communication has to start somewhere, and it is as much our own responsibility as anybody else. We are all grown ups!
    I also think that with more understanding, and more ‘baring-over-with’, all our relationships would improve. I’m not saying that all relationships can be wonderful… I’m just saying they can get better!
    When all this is said, I wanna say once more that i’m not in u’r situation. I have no idea what u are going thru…. I’m just saying, based on my own experiance and education, that change often has to start with oneself! No matter how hard it is, it is possible!
    At last, i will bring a little salut for my own mil… Yes, she drives me crazy from time to time, but i have decided to love and cherish her, cause she is responsible for one of the biggest gifts in my life; my husband! And we have a great relationship now….
    Me and my hubby have been close to separation many times, but we decided to stick together, and i found that decision, commitment and hard work, often comes before feel good emotins. I’ve applied that in many of my relationships, and it works!
    I’m sorry if i seem like i have control of it all… i really don’t… I just want to give hope and maybe a little advice to others that are struggling…. I hope the very best for u all!

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