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    thankyou for your advice. its very helpful and nice to know other woman know how i feel.
    as my moods go up and down im very worried about just snapping and saying exctly how i feel. but im doing my best and ur advice helps me very much. thankyou



    for those of you spending christmas with multiple families in one day, i hope it goes well for you. im starting to like the idea of just having peaceful holidays with only hubby and



    My in-law’s are the same way….now my mil is thinking of getting off work and living on her and fil’s disability checks….I don’t see that happening for long and we’re waiting for the money calls to start coming in. I refuse to feel bad because I have a job that is steady(military) and pays decent. I chose my path and you chose yours so live with it!



    My mother-in-law is a lovely lady however my sister-in-law is the one who is an absolute nightmare. She has done so many nasty things, all behind my back, bitching and running me down. She pretended to my friend and basically did me over. Now everytime I see her I just want to slap her senseless and I just have to sit there and smile and pretend I care about her. I have no intention of making others, especially her mum feeling uncomfortable but even thinking of her makes my blood boil. How the best way to deal with her? Now she has all this drama going on, which I think is her karma and I’m trying hard to be kind towards her but she’s toxic and I’ve not forgotten how she’s treated me, argghhh, rant over!



    i want it just with me n andy but his mum wouldnt let that happen shed come round as would his dad n interfeer n i really cant be beothered with them!

    i went to town yday to see santa with amy and my friend n her little girl jess and i bumped in to fr richard from church n was talking to him n all of a sudden andtys mum appeared n told my friend n my priest i was to take amy home now as she looked tired and i was an awful mother:(



    my m-i-l is also only about herself and always wants to borrow money. I’ve come to start complaining how we don’t have enough each month now, when they start asking start asking back and saying, well, since we don’t have any left after buying diapers and formula, can we borrow from you? Throw the ball back in their court and hold to it. If she complains she doesn’t have it, then say you dont’ either. pathetic to take money when your grandkids need it…scum of the earth these m-i-l beggars are!



    KJ0406 ive got one of those in my husbands family as well.real pain on my arse and she is very very nasty and sneaky. However ive learned after a while that she is doing those things cos she id insecure and jeleous. she trys to make hersedl to feel better by hurting you, cos she just is not happy with her life and herself. dont step down to her level , but also have a bit if dystance. at the end of the day ure not mother teresa! she can deal with her problems by herself. xxx



    Izzie: I hope u just ignored her and continued with ure conversation! Who is she to tell anyone what kind of mother u r? Just ignore her, like she isn’t their when she is like that, eventually she will take the hint…that or tell her just to piss off.



    Im a complete nervous wreck. first i dreamt that MIl showed up here in florida for a surprise visit, then my DH dreams that she came to florida. Now every time the doorbell rings I just cringe, lol. to top it off DH is going on a small deployment soon so he’ll be gone for about a month, so if she does show its just me and kids here.



    Just feel like venting…I agree with Marti…I wont stoop to the level of my SIL, I know she is bitter and unhappy with her life….after 16 years of thinking we couldnt have children me and my hubby now have a 2 year old son and are expecting a daughter in December……..Im 8 1/2 months pregnant…on the night of our daughters diaper shower (last weekend)….my SIL thought it was a good idea to send my husband pictures of her friend, they were at a costume party, with messages through out the night that this girl wanted to know what he was doing and wanted him to get out of the house and meet her…..then she explains it by saying she wasnt thinking and didnt consider the drama that it would cause in our home……..REALLY????? It didnt cause drama in our home….my husband showed me the pics and texts right when they were coming in…I was pissed off but more with my SIL than anyone…honestly I cant even say I know for certain the girl in the pic knew my SIL was sending her pic and those messages….part of me wants to beat some sense into the SIL, but what good would it do??? I love my husband and no matter what she will always be his sister and I respect my mother in law and that will always be her daughter…..Its just so hard sometimes…I have been a part of my husbands life and family for nearly 20 years now….i have always known what kind of person she is and kept my distance…..she would introduce me to her friends act like they are the BFF’s and as soon as they turn and walk away she would be telling all their business and talking bad about them…my thought was always geeze if she talks like that about her friends what does she say about me??? I feel pretty hormonal and angry right now….I havent seen her since the shower….she was pretty drunk that night…I dont think I am ready to see her…I have somethings I need to say to her but dont feel like i can say them ‘maturely’ or with self restraint……



    izzie: Speaking of big moo cows! What the hell! Bek, your MIL also sounds like a cow! What is up with in-laws that think its their right to say something like that. Don’t worry, it’s them that looks horrible when they do that, not you. Just look apologetic to the people that they said that in front of and say something like ‘Sorry about that, that’s my mother in law, she can be a little…. (awkward/testy/something totally understated).’ then move on with your conversation. Always be civil in front of whomever you are with. Next time ask the priest to pray for you for patience to deal with difficult people.



    4th – Scary dreams! LOL! 1 month till mine arrives. Got a call from FIL the other day. Wants to come for a visit (they are divorced – ugly divorce) so I told hubby to tell him that MIL will be here and the dates. And that she’ll be here for LOs b-day. He might come the same time now. This will either be okay, but stressful, or REALLY BAD and REALLY stressful. BUT maybe he’ll stay at a hotel and give her a hard time about staying with us for extended periods without renting a car.



    Ladies, you don’t have to put up with mean MILs! They should have to treat others respectfully just like everyone else, no free passes just bc they are someones mother. If they continue to do things, it will make you resent your husband. I haven’t seen my MIL in almost 2 years! And she will never be around my children… the cycle of abuse and control ends here!



    Gotta love the MIL at christmastime (not)…we were visiting with her the other day and she actually told me that she’s only gotten a present for my DH and then proceeded to ask me what my kids wanted…She didnt even ask me what i wanted so i’ll probably be the one who gets nothing this year after i made a fuss that she didnt get my kids anything last year but as long as my kids get something from her after she ignores us most of the time is a good thing so i have no sore feeling at the possibility of getting nothing i’m pretty used to it since i hardly get anything from my own family anyway….oh did i mention my DH is an only child so our family is all she has to buy for. and we got her a beautiful decoration for her home that was a pretty penny…after our last fight though i’ve been tempted to have my husband take a picture of me flipping her off…(i wont but its so temptine.)



    Anyone having a problem with a mother-in-law incessantly asking to babysit after your repetitively decline? My baby is now 18 months old. My MIL having been fighting since her birth over her pushiness and she has not been allowed to see her for the past 6 months for being hateful to me. I allowed her to visit once last week and all of a sudden she is calling me and asking me to babysit. When I tell her no…she says ‘there is plenty of time for that’. Any advice on how I can get this out of my head. It’s driving me nuts that she thinks it’s only a matter of time before I hand my child over to her. A little background…history of mental illness, faking illnesses, and her other grandchildren always become ill when visiting her. You can’t tel a crazy person that they are crazy…but I’m ready to fly off at the mouth next time I hear her make an inference about babysitting my child. Comments anyone?

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