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    TinaLouise- I had something somewhat similar happen. This is what happened. My SO’s aunt and uncle who are more like his father and mother had just taken us for dinner. I have been family to them for a few years. Well, out of nowhere his aunt told my SO that this girl she has been talking to is really really cute and etc. I still have no idea what her intentions were, however I nipped it in the bud. I nipped it in the bud by showing how much I did not care. I told my SO with humor and like I did not care ‘Well, when you and this girl runaway together, please take our very cranky child with you’ (of course I would not in real life I LOVE my son LOL) Of course me and SO laughed and made his aunt feel pretty awkward. His aunt seemed a little defensive and said ‘Well, she really is cute!’ The thing is to act like it does not bother you. When they get it in their heads that they cannot bother you it will bother them a lot or they will just back off completely. She wants to get a rise out of you. So if she says something to you about it make some humor or a joke about it when you would rather slap her.



    amanda thats awful..i mean i too could care less if i got something or not, but its just the thought that she would buy for your hubby and kids and not you? thats wrong..she wouldnt have these grandkids to buy for if it werent for both YOU and your hubby. and your hubby should stick up for you and tell her that although he appreciates the gift, he cant accept it because she didnt include you and you are his wife.



    stick to your guns and you are going to have to mentally work on getting it out of your mind when it is over. we mothers don’t take chances with mental illness and unexplainable ‘pranks’



    Is it bad that Im almost 11 weeks pregnant and have zero desire to tell my in-laws? I dont want them to know because I am almost positive they will be negative. They have led me to believe no other way. It bums me out but at the same time they have not seen my 2 kids for 5+ months and we live in the same small town and live 10miles away and their parents live 1 house down? It upsets me. They make all the time in the world for the other grandkids. Its not fair to mine. Grrr.



    My MIL is a sweetheart but I am confused at what I should do about her overeagerness about the baby. She and her DH have been trying to have a child together for years and she continues to have miscarriages. She miscarried again about 2 months ago. The baby was 5 months along. She has no kids by this guy and he has always wanted a baby (he has no kids of his own). They finally decided to stop trying to conceive. They are planning on decorating a room in their house for my baby. Her DH even wanted to go to my u/s even though MIL had to work and my DH had to work as well. Am I overreacted or should I worry that they are hoping to live the life they wanted with their child through my child?!



    jenna82- Sometimes the best way to deal with that is blame it on yourself….’I really appreciate the offer, but I’M really not ready to leave her with anyone. I know, I’m a nervous mommy. I’ll let you know if I need you though. Thanks for offering.’ Obviously you won’t be using her if she’s got mental issues, but putting it on yourself is a good way to deflect 🙂 It may not work, but it’s worth a try!


    Wow! Didn’t know we had a page for mother inlaws.. Anyones partner a complete MUMMYS BOY?!?! I know family comes first and everything but Iam carrying his child and we plan to get hitched soon after.. But he ALWAYS listens to what his mum says. She tutted at me for spending Â50 on a carseat because she said if I waited a bit longer I could find a cheaper one on eBay (no thanks) and when I complain about people smoking around me and when I’m tierd she calls me a moaner and says pregnancy isn’t an illness. Then when I want to go for a romantic walk with my man she says I should be walking ill go into f***ing labour and should be taking it easy! Bloody mother inlaws hey!! Hope everyones good and enjoying pregnancy, only 5 weeks to go for me x



    my MIL watched my kids tonight while DH and i finished our shopping and when we got back my oldest told me that i didnt have a gift under the tree, nosy kids, and i of course am not surprised by it at all but what really got me was that my MIL had the nerve to tell my oldest that i didnt have a gift because i was bad and no one loved me,i laughed it off but what kind of person says that to a child? my daughter actually stood up for me and looked at her grandma and said ‘thats not true i love my mommy and so does daddy and everyone else’ then she told me i could have her gift which was sweet but i told her it was for her but it was sweet to offer. I so cant wait till the hellidays (i’ve resorted to renaming it) are over. Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Holidays



    ROFLMAO I just sent facebook invites to my email address book before I realized MIL is in my address book. we dont speak to her at all so wont she be surprised lol



    Ugh why does she have to be so …….like she is !! The in laws live no more than 7 miles away and they dont come to see the kids on Christmas. It had been 7 months since the fil even laid eyes on my boys and when HE comes over he doesnt say a word to me. I swear I am NOT the horrible person they label me as and make me feel. I am so tired of trying its so exhausting. My fiance says ‘just dont worry about it’ but how can I not. I want to fix it but I dont know how. When I try they always come up with a he said she said scenario. I say nothing to no one and always feel SUPER defensive. Oh what to do?? Wooosah 🙂



    thats out of order what did ur fella say to his mum?

    god i dont lnow how u didnt punch her in the face n give her reason to dislike you lol xxx



    yeah just ignore baby sitting stuff, mine says it all the time and I don’t say anything. She even says how she’ll take her to get piercings and tattos, yeah, I’ll never leave my kid alone with you and it’s a wonder my husband and his siblings are still alive after being under her care…she’s 110% nuts.



    I got to know this site when my son’s girlfriend was pregnant. Every now and then I look through to see the new stages that my granddaughter is going to hit. It is sad to see how many of you that have a bad relationship with yout mother-in-laws. I have a great relationship with mine and with having two sons, I do try to make a great effort to get along with that special person that THEY choose to be with. The only advice that I have to the new and young moms is, charma is a funny thing. Be careful how you treat your MIL’s because you will be one some day. By the way, I love my son’s girlfriend. We have a wonderful friendship that I hope continues for many years. She has given me the greatest gift in the world.



    my DH does what he does everytime her and i have an issue, nothing. he only steps in if the sittuation gets bad, in front of my kids though i acted as if she were kidding since it is the holiday season. my newest thing is to just wait till she says something worse than that. the only thing i did was get pregnant 3 times before marriage and shes hated me ever since


    I would never let my mil see my daughter. she is so crazy and pops pills and then when her speech is mess up she blames on the RA(rheumatoid arthritis). sorry lady but I think its the somas you are taking. I am so glad I don’t talk to her anymore. She caused so many problems between her sons b/c of her lies. In my opinion, a mother does not do crazy things like that. she lies so much its not even funny. I am so less stressed these last 6 months her being out of our lives then I have been in 5 years… Good ridden. My daughter has my mom and sister and me and her daddy and that is all she needs. They treat her the way she should be treated. Good Luck ladies with your mil.

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