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    I seriously hate my MIL…. She is absolutely ridiculous!!!



    Watch out for the MIL who is quiet!!! Mine was great through the pregnancy. Had our lil bundle on the 19th, and my MIL has been nothing but manipulative! To the point of excluding my two kids from a previous marriage in a ‘grandchild’ photo…it’s so hurtful. Good thing is my hubby agrees with me and is soooo pissed at his mom right now. Do these women not realize that acting this way is only going to force us to limit their time with us and their new grandchildren?



    ladies, do you think that the hospital would let me daughter stay with me at the hospital while having this next one? My mil has already asked DH if she can watch DD while I have my new kid and he said he doesn’t know, DH and I both agree that my mil and my mom will NOT be watching DD while Im having this baby. Neither one of their house’s are clean or able to keep children in a safe environment, and they would be both very jealous if one or the other watched DD!



    Ha, mine is WOMAN HITLER -re arrange the letters and you have mother in law…..



    What is it with the mils blaming us for their pitiful lifes, when they r the jealous ones. My mil has always favoured the younger son in life and hubby stopped talking to him because everything that hubby said to his brother, his brother would always repeat to the mother. I remember one xmas, the mil spent over $2000 on her younger son, all she bought hubby was a pack of undies, my son got a used student desk and I got nothing…lol, then she complained that we sent her broke. I have not spoken to her for 8 years and I have no intention of doing so ever again. And hows this, her and the fil have done their wills, the fil has left everything to my hubby and mil has left everything to her youngest son… now she is hoping that fil dies sometime soon as ahe will take hubby to court and win and have everything in her name so when she dies her other son gets everything….. and a few weeks ago the fil needed to go to hospital at 2am having troubles breathing, she refused to take him, so he had to go to the neighbours house who he dosen’t know ( the neighbours had just recently moved in) and asked them to take him. He came over here and asked us for our phone number so next time he can call us…so I gladly handed it to him to piss her off…hahaha.



    It might depend on the hos. but at mine some people had the whole family there… pack n plays and all



    I envy woman that have a good relationship with their mother in laws. Mine is a nightmare. We had a huge fight the day after Christmas, and we finally said everything to each other that we have wanted to say for the last 12 yrs. We have not spoken to or seen each other since, and I have no intention of speaking to her again unless I really have to. She is a mean spirited woman, and always has to be right, and is always trying to start a fight. I dont think we will ever get on, and I have made my peace with that. All I can do, is hopefully one day not make the same mistakes with my future daughter-in-laws, and make sure they know they are accepted into my family and can make their own decisions about how to raise THEIR children. I truly hope I remember that when the time comes



    Ok so were not on speaking terms with my MIL, in fact the navy issued a letter of investigation and restraining order against her( she likes to hack our bank accounts) and then out of nowhere I get 2 giant boxes on my porch from her today. I was scared to open them, but come to find out its just clothes andstuffed animals for Elora. I expected a nasty note too, but nope. Though I did notice after all the fuss she made about my kids callin them gradma and grandpa there wasnt a single thing for them



    babyg- why not suggest to both mil and mom to watch LO at your house bc it would be ‘a much easier transition for her, with the new baby coming’, plus all of her things are at the house, etc.
    AprilDawn- i have to laugh bc you live next door to your MIL! holy hell what were you two thinking when you moved in there hahaha! i couldnt do it.
    While im not fond of the name averlynn its definatly NOT a name that will ruin the child’s life LOL. your MIL is pretty nuts i think id move out of state, or country!! either that or id make sure you mention to her to be nice or she will end up in a home lol. im not trying to be stupid. i can see you care for her and that she does try to help. you shouldnt feel guilty or think you will be a bad mom. i have gone through everything from ‘the horrible name’ i choose for my daughter and how ‘its so long it will make my daughters life so hard’ to ‘you should do this or that, or thats not good enough’. while they mean well, it does get to us. finally i just had to say look, i know you all mean well, but im mommy this time, you get to be gramma now. and that was pretty much that. although occassionally things will be said to which i roll my eyes or walk away before it gets into a huge debate. btw i live litterally on the other end of the us from my MIL, and two states away from mom lol. while i do sometimes wish i were closer, i think it would be alot harder in many other ways. good luck!



    Is there a sister-in-law page for my b**** of a SIL?!? Because she takes the cake.



    I am planning not to allow my MIL or DH’s Aunt anywhere near me or the baby when she is born. After realizing DH will want to let other members of his family know about her birth, I am worried she is going to show up. I know I can tell the nurses and hospital staff that I don’t want them allowed in but I had a couple of other questions: If you go into labor and are admitted, will the hospital tell anyone who calls that you/baby are there? I would think this would be protected health information. Also, if they do just show up, they cannot go into the nursery or see the baby without permission, right? I am starting to freak out now. I don’t want them around and I definitely don’t want them seeing/holding my baby without my consent.



    I have been reading all the MIL comments and situations…ya’ll…be glad your MIL doesnt live NEXT DOOR!!!!! IM PULLIN MY HAIR OUT!



    Stargazer- Call your hospital and find out the rules, when I had my daughter they asked if anyone called what I wanted them to tell them and if I wanted them to transfer the calls to me. And most nursery’s are really strict now and won’t let anyone but the mother or father in to see the baby, they’ll have to look through windows and such. I know my nursery over here even had the baby’s ‘lojacked’ so if they went anywhere near the door the alarm would go off. But call your hospital and get it straight from them and don’t stress to much for the baby!



    AprilDawn…poor thing living next door to her! My MIL is so bad I would have to go into therapy if she lived next door to us , ha,ha! Mine also HATED our baby’s second name to the point that she yelled at my hubby and won’t tell anyone that he has a second name. We named him Daniel Keto…Keto is the phonetic spelling of the city of Quito from Ecuador…hubby wanted to maintain his family heritage in a creative way. His mom is from there. We dared be different…ooooh!
    We KNEW that she would have issues no matter what we chose so we kept the names secret till after his birth.
    I am sorry that you are having the same issue…she’ll get over it eventually…but steel yourself for the ‘dripping tap’ of complaining over and over again. I have learned to let that just go in one ear and out the other and not even respond anymore 🙂 MILS…grrrrrrr!!!!! I got saddled with a monster-in-law! Glad I found somewhere to vent about it.



    Thanks smurf – I just got done reading on my hospital’s website that they have an opt out form that I can request and complete so people can’t call and get info on me. I am planning to go pre-register tonight or Monday so I will ask them about the nursery then.

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