My son is very naughty…

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    Hi folks,
    I am new to this forum. I am happy that I am pregnant for the second time. My son is 3 years old. He is very naughty. Last week he drew on the walls and windows with his crayons. He is going to a daycare near our home. But, after coming from the daycare he used to play, roam around and always makes things messed up. As I am physically not healthy, the doctor had advised me to take rest. Since I cannot manage everything on my own, my hubby helps me in doing the household works after his job. But cleaning the home is still a tedious task. So I am thinking to hire some residential cleaning services on a regular schedule. What do you guys think about this decision? Please share your valuable suggestions. Thanks in advance.



    Treasure those little moments for long time into the future.



    Hello, this is very common and interesting topic. All most, all kids are naughty. They are actually unable to understand things. They are just enjoining their life. You just need to take care and concentration on your kids because naughty kids do unacceptable things that even you can’t imagine. In my opinion, if you are not able to do all household work that you need to hire some professional and some experienced residential cleaning services. Also, this service is easily available near your house. There are different types of cleaning services in the market, you choose services that you need the most, and also these services are affordable. The main thing is if you hire such type services, then you able to take care of your children or kids the most because, at this age, you must spend more time with your kids as possible as you can. If you spend more time with your kids, then it really helps you to make strong bond or a good relationship with your child. So just enjoy this moment and support your kids.

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