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    My child is just 3 years old. He loves to play with water. Whenever he enters the bathroom he opens the tap and starts playing with the tap and water. Now the tap started to leak. Actually, don’t know is it because of the child play. But only in the bathroom in which he is playing, the tap is leaking. We have tools at home to solve the minor plumbing issues. I tried with those tools to repair it. But it didn’t turn out to be successful. Then my hubby suggested getting the help of some professional plumbers in Toronto. Till date, we haven’t availed any help from any such plumbers. Hence we don’t know which are the good, reliable plumbers in our locality. Has anyone faced this issue sometime recently? Could you please help me in getting a good and efficient plumber



    Melissacole…I dont want to be disrespectful but I dont see how does that have to do with the topic at hand? CatherineAllen is asking for advice and help. Even if her topic is not that much into the topic of parenting I dont think is correct for one to advertise another product and dont provide any kind of advice or help. On your case Catherine, your situation is quite problematic, I am sorry to say I am quite ignorant
    when it comes to this kind of knowledge. But while I agree with your husband that you need to leave this to professionals, I think that maybe you should search for other people to do the job. While you may not be sure about how good the plumbers of your neighborhood may be I think that maybe you should just ask around I mean I doubt your house is the only one who had plumbing issues. So I think that maybe you should look
    around and ask, maybe your neighbors can recommend you someone. I think is important for your to try and deal with this issue the fastest you can. Sometimes cases like this could develop into more serious damage to the house. I am not trying to scare or anything of the sort, is just a piece of advice as you know its better to be safe than sorry. The whole problem staring is quite weird to be honest, I hope it ends up not being nothing much as I mention before sometimes one doesnt know and letting it on its own could end up in a bigger issue. Wish you good luck.



    I understand your sory dear. It is not easy and I have been working really hard on the things that help you to make yourself bettter on day to day basis.

    Life is what you make it. I hope you get strenghth to face it.



    Hello Catherine, I hope you are doing well and welcome to this forum. It is common to face such challenges at your home when you have any naughty baby. Your child loves to play with tap and water and it can be a cause of water leakage in that tap. It is very important to get the help of any professional plumber to solve this issue because leaking tap can cause water damage to your home and you should repair it as soon as possible. When it comes to facing such problems at your home, it is always best option to consult with any company where you can find service is a professional plumber. In Toronto, you will find many service providers with plumbing services. If you want to find these services, I will suggest you use online solutions for it. If you will search for any good plumbing service provider company in Toronto, you will get many results for it. You can easily consult with any good company where you can find these services. If you want reliable and trusted services, I will suggest you use reviews and ratings of users. You can easily compare the reviews and ratings of these companies on Internet and it will be better for you to get reliable and trusted services. You can also get help with emergency plumber if you face any other plumbing emergency in your home. It is a good solution that you can use to get these services anytime in Toronto. They can also provide many more services for your home that will be helpful for you in regular life. I hope it will work for you and you will be able to get reliable services.



    I feel your pain. Hope things work out.

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