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    tquinn – my son was born at 34 weeks and was in the NICU for 7 days. His only thing that kept him in there was he was not eating off the bottle enough. Then one day it does really click for them. I hope your daughter gets to come home soon. It will be all worth it! Oh, and my son is 12 weeks now and weighs 13 pounds. So hopefully your little girl will grow like him!!



    Yeah, its a bit odd though, my daughter was there for 2.5 months from the end of july to the end of sept this year and you are so exhausted by the end of it, from going to see the baby that you are just grateful to have the baby home, and then you really get the full newborn days. Even though you are there as much as you can be, you still miss things. For us, we never got to see her little belly button stump fall off. She went through two hurricanes so there were times we didn’t see her for days because they shut down the hospital and we’d come back and she’d be so much bigger. Its heartbreaking, but yet you are also so thankful.



    I must say I have no experierence with a NICU but its nice to have somewhere to go to find out about things of this nature so that it if comes down to it and i have to use a NICU then i know what to expect… Big Thanks…


    My daughter was in the NICU for 2 mnths last Nov when she was born.It was hard but the staff relly helps you. You leave there almost a nurse..Need any advice Let me know



    what’s really funny is that I took my daughter to have her RSV shot and there was another mom who recognized us from the NICU. It becomes like your family. You are sad when you hear of the downturns and excited when one of the babies gets to go home.


    I took my handsome baby boy home from the NICU exactly one year ago.He was two months early and stayed 2 and a half weeks.My other children were also premature.I know way too much about the NICU!!Luckily all of them came home after a few weeks and not months like they tell you when they’re born.I have very healthy premies,if there is such a thing.Good luck to all who still have babies away from them!!



    i found in our 2 months in the nicu dont be afraid to assist in the care for your child. my son struggled with feeding for a long time. we were able to point out that the nipple they used choked him. we also were able to point out that something wasnt right. we found out he was anemic and needed a blood transfusion. im sure it would have been caught eventually but with our help we were able to speed his progress up. i have my angel home now (he came home january 1st) im so glad this forum is here. the NICU can be very frustrating and very overwhelming.



    I was just killing sometime and came across this pic. I am SO Emotional still and this really, really touched me. Thought I would share!
    xoxo amanda



    Hi everyone. My twin boys are set to be delivered next week at only 32 weeks. Baby B has fetal growth restriction and is only weighing around 1pound 11 ounces right now. Has anyone else had this happen to them? I’m very concerned with what his chances for survival are.



    My son was born at 32 weeks by csection due to my high protien and bllod pressure. I was in the hospital on bed rest a month before he was born then stayed 3 days after. My son had to stay in the NICU for a month due to breathing issues and feeding issues as well. He was on oxyen and had a feeding tube he weighed 4lbs 7oz when he was born. He was born Feburary 26,2009 and got to come home March 25,2009 he is now 7lbs and doing good. It is very stressful to have to leave your baby in the NICU while you get to go home. I cried while he was there the whole time.I wish the best for all of you and the babies.



    My son is born @ 31 weeks gestation (weight: 1700g) due to preeclampsia, via c-section after a 5-day hospital bedrest. he stayed in the NICU for 18 days. Through prayers, the people who took care of him were great and he is with us now and is almost ten lbs after 3 months.



    I didnt even know this forum existed!! I have lots of NICU experience. My first child was born at 26 weeks with IUGR and being SGA. He weighed 1 pound 4 ounces. He stayed 6 1/2 months in the NICU. I had HELLP syndrome with him. My second child was born at 30 weeks and 6 days and spent 35 days in the NICU! She also has IUGR and was SGA. Also because of HELLP Syndrome!



    mamalala~ I have also had a child in the NICU for 7 days, it was the hardest thing I have ever had to do was leave him there and go home everynight. I am just thankful that he turned out to be a healthy boy. I can’t imagine having a preemie and leaving them at the hospital for months.



    Having a sick infant in the NICU is honestly the hardest thing Ive ever experienced.. To any of you mommies out there who currently have a baby in the NICU, stay strong and keep your head up..Try and remind yourself you’ll be looking back at this experience some time from now with a happy healthy baby..
    My daughter has only been home a week and a half and I can already see this.. Best of luck to all of you, youre in my thoughts.



    urgh i know! My daughter was in for 2 weeks and it seemed like eternity to me.. i cant imagine months. It was such a horrible pain leaving the hospital without her. it felt so unnatural. im glad your little one is a healthy babe now! Why was your babe in?

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